Kaala Teeka 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vishwa and Mnajirin make each other wear rings. the kids are really happy. He makes her wear the wedding locket.
Prohit says what are you doing vishwa? This is wrong. she is making you do this.
Vishwa and Manjiri sit down. Pandit ji asks Vishwa to fill her hairline. Manjiri says I didn’t want to get you in trouble. Don’t fill my hairline. I wont be able to see you sad. If you don’t want to do this without a heart. I might have made mistakes but never sinned. Once before you trusted my truthfulness. Today, this is another test of my truthfulness and your trust on it. Kali says in heart bady papa please do this. He fills her hairline. Prohit says in heart our game is ruined.

Neel says our plan is successful they married. Prohit overhears it. Kali says

we lied to mad, jethi and Bady papa. Jethi will punish us all.I can stand in sun but you both can’t. What will jethi do now.

Jethi wakes up in the car and sees mad. She says where is manjiri? She says where are we going driver? Jethi says you didn’t tell me. Jethi says you are driving and didn’t ask me. And prhit has been calling you, you didn’t pick up.
Jethi calls prohit. He says where were you? Why were you not picking up? Why did you send manjiri in place of Mad. Vishwa has married manjiri again.
He tells her that vishwa has married manjiri.

They come home. Vishwa says Manjiri, I want to talk to you. She says yes. He says it can only be said when you enter this house with me. Because I have to talk to my wife. Come enter this house with me. Dahi bundi welcome them in the house. They say but who will do the arti? Jehti and mad are not here. Kali says can I? Dahi says yes you got them married. Kali says come in manji maa.
She enters the house and takes Vishwa’s hand. She enters with all the bridal rituals.

Kali says thank you ram ji. Vishwa and manjiri come to room and see it all decorated. He takes her hand and takes her in. They both speak together. She says like a fish dies in the pond when it dries but doesn’t leave the pond, my love is like that. I just want you to believe that. He says you have made me believe that. I know that I made a mistake. Forgive me if you can. she says don’t embarass me. I cant see you asking for pardon. He caresses her face. Vishwa says give me a chance to atone. You can ask me anything. Manjiri says Accept kali as a member of this house. Give her home and love. Vishwa is dazed. She says dont let her be a kaala tekka anymore.

Jethi comes home and hits Neel. He says forgive me please. She says i raised you all alone.I am your mom and this is what you have done. Mad says why are you mad at him? You are the perpartrator. Mad grasps Gauri’s hand and says why you lied to me? I am your mom. Jethi says kaai i will make garland of your bones. Kali says this was Ram ji’s idea. Jethi says dahi bundi you too. Prohit says dont waste energy on kids. Jethi says come mad, lets find your husband.
Manjiri says i know your heart is not agreeing but she has made us one again. She deserves happiness too. I wont ever disappoint you.
Mad and jethi come. Jethi says look with your eyes. You are such a fool. You forgot that a woman can ditch her sister for her husband. She is sitting at your place now.

Mad says darling jee, you lied to me. Mad says it was my idea to marry again. You fooled me. Manjiri says mad, Mad asks her to be quite.

Precap-Mad says you have done this intentionally. She says when I wanted to marry in front of everyone you did this. Kali says i did all this. Mad is about to slap her. Vishwa says stop is Mad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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