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Scene 1
Yug stops Kali.. Vishwa recalls how Leela insulted her. And when gauri said you murdered your wife. Vishwa asks servant where is kali?
Kali says yug what are you doing here at this hour. Yug says I know everything that change of kundli was not your fault. Kali says I did what I felt was right. Yug says what right? You hurt yourself for others. Yug says no matter how much you try but truth is that my and gauri’s relation is really weak, it cant face life troubles. So we better accept truth. Kali says what truth? He says your and my truth. Kali says I dont know you are talking about. I know God will save your and gauri’s relation. Yug says have you ever asked God something from God? Kali says bady papa’s love and respect. Didn’t you see he apologized me? I always

prayed that he considers me his won daughter. That he feels proud of me. I want manji ma and bady papa to be one. Yug says nothing else? Kali closes her eyes and says yes thats all. Vishwa is coming there. Yug hides. Vishwa sees kali. He says what are you doing here? She says i dropped my phone here. Vishwa says I think fuse is blown. He sees Kali’s hand and says what is this bruise? Sit here. He dresses her bruise. Yug is hiding in balcony. He sees them.

Chulbul says to leela if yug and gauri are not marrying then why should Sharmila marry neel. Manjiri says its better to call it off for everyone.
Vishwa gets a call from leela. She says come to temple. I have to talk to you.
Kali does pooja next day. Kali says what she said? Vishwa says she wants to talk to you. Kali says everything will be okay. Gauri says it has to be. Gauri’s wedding can’t stop. What will we say in Mithla? That Chaudhary family rejected me? Vishwa says I will try my best. Gauri says I will harm myself if it doesn’t happen. Now you have to sabe me and my wedding.

Vishwa meets Leela. He says don’t worry and get prepared for wedding. It not easy to welcome baraat from from chaudhary family. You have to do a tap. You have to do this because you are her dad.

Vishwa comes home and tells about what leela said. Kali says that is wrong.
Gauri says what do you think of yourself kali? He is my dad too. I didn’t want to marry. Papa forced me. Now when he is trying to do something you have problem? Do you want that I never get married? Kali says your thoughts are wrong. Gauri says I know how your thoughts are. Vishwa says enough. There is no other way. I have to do this. Kali says please don’t do this. Vishwa says I will do it anyway. I have to get gauri married to yug.
Kali meets yug and says please help me. She tells him everything. She says please talk t dadi. It is about bady papa’s life. He says I can’t do anything. There is no point. They are all same. Kali says I can’t let this happen. Yug says I hope they get to know how wrong they are. Kali says please. Yug says please. Kali says he is like my dad. Why is this happening. Why don’t you and gauri get married. Yug says whatever i say is wrong to you so help yourself. Kali says wont’ help me? He says no. Kali says okay but I wont give up.

Precap- Viswa is doing tap, Kali is in temple, her hand is bleeding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i think kali is only going to marry yug, not gauri

  2. Boring episode


    Toooo much superstition drama…. and how can gauri even think for her father and kali??? I just hate her, i hope gauri just gets sadness in her life as she got everything so easily that why she do not respect any one, atleast after that she values family and specailly kali and vishwa….

  4. KaYu scenes very cute bt more could be done by simran(kali)

  5. Nice episode and thanks Atiba for fast update!!!I like tashan e ishq and kaala teeka like you! ! ! ☺ Why I the only one giving comments on this page! ! ! ☺ ? ? ?

  6. Now I got the story after all these drama because of kalyani or sharmila or manjari or through leela (since she wants revenge from kali na yestdy’s episode)kali and yug will marry. Leela try to torture kali but yug will support kali .and here gouri hates kali manji ma try to unite these sisters but angry of gouri’s will turn to manji ma and again kayu Unites gouri and manji ma and vishwa atlast leela
    also starts liking kali
    Happy ending ?

  7. am eagerly waitng kali to get married to yug….thanks guyz.

  8. Plz stop this nonsense n kali accept yug n finish everything he is rite

  9. And ha along with that kalyani will make some problem with the help of mad and youth but these kayu solve all this and kali and yug both will show the true face of kalyani’s to vishwa and kalyani will go to the police station at last kalyani will also ask sorry and she some how realizes her mistake at last they all live happily?

  10. Dis kali of a girl is so senseless

  11. uh..i want TO kill that gauri…everytime she think about herself only.. She doesn’t even think about others….all she cares gauri jha…MY FOOT

  12. Yug is awesome…. And he admits he loves kali….

  13. Gaurie is terrible!hope yug and kali becomes one soon!thank u telly for ur updates!

  14. Sry atiba but u miss some part that yug is crying nd manji ask yug why I r crying then he say that I can’t see kali in trouble bcuz I love her.I can’t live without her nd she also have feeling fr me but she didn’t accept then manjhi said that I have tell this to kali but yug said that plz don’t tell her plz promise me manjhi said ok yug leave then manjhi said that sry yug bt i have to break this promise nd this marriage.

  15. Yep yep that’s my favorite part of that episode!??

  16. mujhe is serial ki ek baat pe bahut hansi b ati or hairani b, kehne ko kehte hi ki kal i100 bhago wali h dunia k sare gun or sanjog isi ki kundali mein h, or gauri me sare avgun or dosh bhare pade h, par itne sare gun hone k bawajud b kutte se b bekar i zindagi kisi or k nhi dekhi kali k itarah 😀


      Kyu ki kehte hai bhagwan ram and sita ji ke 36 guunn milte the isliye unke life me itni prblms thi bhale hi vo bhagwan ka avtar the but human life me prblms hi thi and kali and yug ko ram-sita dikhaya hai isliye unki life me prblms jayda hai…


      Or guari ka to mujge bhi samjg nhi aata…

      1. sachi me yaar, serials me ku6 b dikahte h. ek to itni ladkiya chhor k inhe yahi gauri hi mili thi is seriail k lliye . sabse bakwas lgti h ye, acting to maha bakwas. or usse bekar iski awaz


        Guari is much far better than what they have telecasted for ruhi in YHM.. i think she is the wrost girl they have found for ruhi…

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