Kaala Teeka 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Madhuri says you remember Sinha aunty in neighborhood? She used to burn her son’s hand to punish him. We should do the same with Kaali. Vishwa says you are right sometimes we have to punish the culprit. Manjali says this is not right. she wont go out of this house. I will talk to her. JT says if we don’t stop her in childhood she will do whatever she wants. She says Vishwa go do your work I am here to see all this.

JT grasps Kaali by hair. Manjali says please stop. Please do don’t this. Neel says please leave her ma. JT says go in. Kaali’s feet are burning. She says please bady papa manjali save me. Manjali is watching all this in tears. JT binds a cloth on her mouth. She makes a circle of sand around Kaali.JT says you should not come out of it. Kaali

says but what have I done, I saved gauri and I always will. JT says you speak so much. She goes in. Kaali says please manjali.. Manjali says this is wrong. JT says vishwa wanted this. She made a mistake she has to pay. Madhuri says please come in, we will bring her in after a while. JT locks the door. Manjali says its Diwali today don’t do this. JT says no one will go out until I want. Manjali says please take her in. Madhuri says please don’t cry that would give you dark circles. Give her water, she asks the servant. Manjali says please give me the keys. JT says no I wont. MAdhuri says why are you fighting over the keys, its not locker’s key its just key of a normal lock. JT says in heart you are right.

JT says to neel why do you talk so much? Don’t be foolish. Neel says what have I done? She says nothing, go take bath.
JT says now I will play the real game. I am the queen of chess.
Kaali’s feet are burning, she jumps continuously. Manjali looks at her in tears from the window. She says what should I do? I couldn’t even protect my daughter. Beauty gives her a drink. Manjali throws it away and says I should be punished as well. She takes iron from a servant and burns her feet with it. She goes and sits in the temple. she says why did I let this happen. Do something God please, save her.
Gauri wakes up and looks for kaali. Manjali sees her. Gauri runs towards the gate and says who has locked the door open it. She asks manjali where is kaali? Manjali says she is punished. Gauri says I wanna meet Kaali. Madhuri says what happened? Gauri says open this gate. JT says she made a mistake she should be punished. Don’t go out. Gauri says what has she done? JT says she went out of the house without telling anyone. Gauri says I asked her to come with me. And she saved my life as well. I would have been burned if she didn’t save me. Open this door i don’t know anything. Manjali says if Vishwa sees Gauri like this he will be bugged open the gate. JT opens the gate. gauri and manjali run towards kaali. Kaali is about to faint, gauri holds her. Manjali takes her inside.

Prohit says to Vishwa they are doing this deliberately. Vishwa says he can’t do anything. All the curses are over. Even if he finds out about kaali? then what? Find another one like her. Prohit says what has happened to him.
The man who used to discuss everything with me, why he doesn’t want to listen me today.
Gauri asks Kaali are you okay? You always help me. Let me help you. You like sweets? I will give you a lot of sweets today and then will do fire crackers. She asks manjali will kaali celebrate diwali this year? she didn’t celebrate it last year? Madhuri says gauri come here. Gauri leaves and says come out then we will do fire crackers. JT comes in and says manjali there is a lot of work left. get ready and come. Kaali says manjali you should go. Manjali says i will come back in a while. Rest till then.

Gauri says to vishwa why this happens with kaali? She is never with me when something good happens. Vishwa says she has got bruises how can she come. What can we do? This is all in hand of God. Lets go for pooja. If we are late God will be mad at us. Manjali comes. Madhuri says you look beautiful. JT says come its time for pooja. Vishwa says smile, its diwali. Vishwa says lets go, my daughter will do pooja with me. They all do the pooja.

Kaali sees the firecrakers and says its has started where is gauri?

Precap-Manjali says to JT these are from government, they want to know how many people live in this house. JT says go from here its diwali today. gauri says badi mama bring the cake i wanna eat with kaali? They ask who is kaali?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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