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Scene 1
Yug holds kali.. He says why do you have to stand up? Sit. Why haven’t you taken med? Kali says I won’t take it. Its too bitter. He says you were becoming tarzen there, Drink it. He makes her drink the syrup. Gauri sees them. kali coughs and says its so bitter. Yug laughs. Kali says you are laughing. She punches him and screams. He says did it hurt and holds her hand. Yug says get well soon you don’t look good like this. Kali says why? You are saying that as a human right. Yug turns off the light. Kali says you are hiding your love in the dark? Yug says call me if you need anything. Kali says gauri you can never break our love.

At night, Neel says sharmila I had been asking you what happened? She says nothing. He says your face says you are upset. Please tell me

what happened. Won’t you tell me? She says this is my fate. First because of chacha ji and now kali. Is it my mistake that kali is hurt? Neel says what happened to her? She says so you care about her more than me? He says its not like that. Does a father in law talks like this? Neel says he can’t be rude to you. There must be a misunderstanding. I will talk to him. She says leave it and hugs him. Sharmila says I’ll manage.

Gauri comes to leela and says you have done nonsense. Leela says mind your language. Gauri says you think kali saved Yug. Kali shoved him in the ditch. Leela says are you out of your mind. First you said she is kala teeka and now blaming her? Gauri says okay don’t listen to me. He is your son in law. Leela says he is my son, and your husband too. What did you want to say? Gauri says he was hit by a car. Leela says what. She says I went to police station and got to know. That car driver is caught. Someone gave him money to do this. Some woman. and she asked him to hit yug so he falls in ditch. I never married yug and I know that but I consider him my husband. Now this is kali’s benefit. Gauri says after this no one can kick her out of this house. No one will show her worth. Think about it, i am warning you.

Scene 2
Next day, Leela is doing pooja. She says can kali do this? Show us a way. I did so much that kali doesn’t become daughter in law of this house but she has become kala teeka for us. Show us a way. Gauri comes.. Leela says don’t touch me. Why don’t you bath when you wake up. Gauri says I took a bath. This is your first aikadasi. I have arranged a pooja for married. You have to fast. Gauri says oh God no. I mean yes. I will do it. Gauri says why is your face faded. You are married. get used to all this. You dont drink either. Gauri says what.. but your kundli you know it. Go get ready.

Manjiri says to sharmila you look so good. This is a gift from me and vishwa for you. SHe gives him a necklace. She says thank you pishima. She says in heart first gift.. Vishwa deserves a return gift. She makes marks on her hand with sindur.
Kali gets ready. Yug sees her. Her hand hurts. Yug comes and helps her setting it up. Kali says I will do it. He ties it. The song hasi plays in background. Kali smiles. Yug leaves. Gauri comes in and says kali.. why are you getting ready?Kali says today is aikadasi. I have fasted. Gauri says what marriage? I am Mrs. Yug Chaudhary. you know what dont be a fool. This pooja is for chaudhary married women only. You have nothing to do here. Find a pooja of your own level. Gauri leaves.
Leela says to gauri prepare the pooja plate. You know how to make panchamrit. Gauri says I don’t know what it is. Leela says are you brahmin? Gauri says yes. Leela says you are too mod. Milk yogurt ghee sugar and honey. Mix them what would it make? Gauri says panchamrit. Leela says prepare it. Place alta there. Okay? Leela says kali.. dadi.. GAuri says can I take her help in making parsad? Leela recalls what gauri said about kali.

Precap-Leela says why have you saved alta. Gauri says leave it there is a chemical in it. Leela sasy to kali it could hurt everyone. Kali says its pure. Gauri says apply it in your feet then.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What this writer? In today episode some happiness and some sad. Leela doubt kali
    Precap Is so bad

  2. stupid gowri… I hate her…

  3. KaYu scenes are so kute…. but this gauri n leela is irritating…. 🙁 🙁 how can leela do this? she is like a mom of Yug… please unite kali n yug quickly.. I don’t want they are seperate….

  4. When Yugs love is true for kali and when he does not have vishvas for undvishvas what makes him to be away from kali

  5. molita gabriel

    Leela is praying to God while doing evil things with gauri…why can’t God punish leela for her bad deeds…..
    If I am the writer..I will. Make sure I write this kind of scenes..and also make Ramji himself reveal Yug actually married his love kali….and the whole damn facade was created by the old hag dadi n dumbo gauri

    1. U r right!…until now God didn’t punish gauri or leela..besides leela praying God for bring Kali there as kaala teeka.

  6. Evelyn Anthony

    I cannot stand all the badass .of kaala teeka

  7. Hi guys I am new here. Can I join with U all.


  8. This is really stupid stupid I’m so mad at gauri and leela??… How can she believe gauri… Her own grand son said that Kali saved him… Now she has doubt…. Gauri u b***h I want to kill u… U doesn’t deserve to live in the world…. What is this writer they more supporting to evil then good…. Now how Kali going to do now… Really it’s sick to watch it. Please remove gauri character from the show… Like she had and accident. Kill that gauri.. Kali won’t have any problem.????????????

  9. dear writer one request…please remove gauri from this show ….she is such annoying my gosh she is irritating me with her acting.. First tell her learn act. When is kali going prove her innocent ..all most 3 weeks after kali wedding not much improvement. When is yug going realize that kali is not lying and when r u going ripe that gauri nose and throw out of the house..

  10. hey guys…I saw a video Fenil Umrigar aka Gauri of Kaala Teeka talks about her NEW LOOK in the show…..have u guys notice any new look in kaala teeka??? its funny that I don’t see any different from beginning until now she is in a same old looks…b4 she wore modern clothes and now she is wearing saree…maybe for her wearing a saree make her think she is in new look…..hahahahaha!

  11. Just when I thought Leela was warming up to kali she fall for gauri lies and have no shame in calling her Yug wife like really woman what God do u really believe in….and this sharmilla is turning out to be more wicked than I thought I wanted her to get back at gauri and Vishwa if he didn’t change but now I actually like his character I don’t like the fact that she’s going to cause a rift in his family


  13. Why can’t yug over hear gauri and leela so the truth can come out and he can trow gauri out the house. It should have a camera in the house that catch gauri putting chemical in the the parsad .and i am sure that gauri mother pay the driver to hit yug and she will say her name is kaili

  14. I need a job writing serials, I guarantee I’ll do a much better job than the ones in that position at the moment. All one need is a logical head n mind and the rest follows. Kkb n now this kaala teeka….going down the same road.

  15. i like manji ma.she is so caring,so loving

  16. Again this writer wrote the story to support evil. What is this? This is so disgusting. No one are support or help to kali in yug’s house. How can she prove her innocent? It’s very horrible. I can’t understand what writer tell to viewers? He never change the thought. In yesterday episode I got one doubt when accident occurred in that place kali and yug are there remaining members are not there. How can find out gouri that car driver? It’s very disgusting. Again this writer disappointed me.

    1. U r exactly right…no one didn’t complain to police station about this accident… How can the police know this driver is hit Yug… Really this writer fool every one.

      1. Not de writer is fool… gauri jha is fooling leela dadi.. Y must she belief in her crap stories which smeone get hired by a woman to hit Yug n let him fall into de cliff but dun until became fatal… dadi shud think harder!

  17. Im soooo worry… so many negative roles in diz story…leela dadi…gauri n mad mama… sharmila n chulbuli chaci… how kaali wana fight alone with them all to get her right as Yug’s real wife n to get back yug’s trust which wil make her stronger… ohhh goshhhh!

  18. i was just wondering this serial God is in which side .. Good? Or Bad? Cos leela front of God she tried her hard not bring Kali as daughter in law…she distroy that girl dream…but still God helping leela and gauri… Where is justice????seems like God also in evil side????besides how long she has fight alone and when she will live peace and happy. In the old age????in the meantime evil enjoy everything and get punish at end…

  19. Hey guys what’s up how todays update taking so long before its

    1. Yeahhh im also waitingg… no romantic scenes n lovely songs today.but good win for todays epi.gauri was setting up to blame kaali on mixing some chemical in alta for todays ekadaashi pooja so dat kaali wil be chased out from de house but as usual kaali is very smart… again de things turned n twisted… gauri got shame in front of all instead of kaali.Yezzzzz! 🙂 🙂

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