Kaala Teeka 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vishwa says I am ashamed of this house. You have given so much pain to my daughter. I should kick you out of here but I wont. As the head of family I reject your proposal. Kali says no bady papa we will come and join your happiness. Because if happiness of your face there are my prayers.
Leela gets everything prepared. She says its such a happy happy day. I have to give you sari and jewelry to gauri.
Gauri says to a kid. When video plays you have to throw the ink at the girl everyone is looking at. Leela says to Gauri is it holi? gauri says I don’t know where he came from. Leela says you asked him to come. Leela gives Gauri sari and says wear this family sari. Gauri says I will wear this for sure. this is the proof of my happiness, I will insult that kala teeka one last

time tonight as a farewell gift.

Kali recalls marrying yug. Kali says on wedding night after everything you made me your wife, this will only become mine when yug makes me wear it himself. Manjiri sees her and says oh God where have you made me stand. One daughter’s face would be happy and other’s sad. I have left everything on you.

Scene 2
The party starts. Leela welcomes the guests. Gauri says to Kali you came? I thought you would be depressed. Kali says everyone is not envious of others’ happiness like you. Some people are happy in other’s happiness too. See my hubby. I think he has something to ask me. I am going to him. Gauri comes to yug and says lets go. yug holds her hand and comes downstairs.
Leela says ladies and gentlemen my husband Yug wants to make an announcement. but before that I wanna show you something. yug says play it Gauri.
It plays Aryan’s video with the girl. Aryan says I have never been married to Kali baby. The yug, he is her husband. Everyone is dazed. The girl says what? Aryan says it was a job. I am an actor. I had no work. I wanted money so I did role of Kali’s husband. That gauri, Kali’s sister she paid me for it. She wanted to marry yug. I am sorry I am not married. The girl says this is so cheap. How can you play with someone’s life. She leaves. Aryan says where did he come from. I was catching a big fish.
The child throws ink on Gauri. Gauri says how dare you. He says you said i have to throw it on the girl everyone is looking at after the video. Yug says enough of this gauri. The child did what I should have done before. You are gauri just by name. There is only blackness inside you. Yug says like I said I will introduce my wife to all of you. Meet my wife.. Kali. Everyone claps.
Leela and gauri are standing bewildered. Yug says you’re exposed Gauri. You tried too hard to stay my wife. Kali’s prayers worked. Yug says sorry pishima I will never doubt Kali again. Yug says Kali I am your sinner I will accept whatever punishment you decide for me. He bows down to his knees and says will you marry me? Kali holds his hand. Yug smiles.
Leela says in heart go in hell Aryan. He will die like a dog. Gauri runs upstairs in tears. Leela says in heart gauri didn’t expose me. She must be planning something but at least I have time.
Leela says why didn’t you tell us before? yug says who would believe me without proof? Leela says how long did you know? yug says since Kali came in this house. There is truth in her eyes. She always took care of me and my family. i wanted one proof to give her the respect she deserves.
Yug says Kali i made a mistake by not trusting you. you fulfilled six promises. Let me fulfill seventh. So miss Kali? Will you be my Mrs. yug chaudhary? Kali nods. Yug says i promise, I will fulfill all promises with you all my lives.

Precap-Manjiri says Kali’s thing was with me. She gives sindur to Yug. He fills Kali’s hairline. Kali smiles in tears. Yug makes her wear mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. It’s so funny watch when leela curse aryan…..Hahahaha!

  3. yay finally im so happy

  4. Nilanjana Banerjee

    lovely I just like it

  5. kayu become one . I am so happy ♡♡♡

  6. woooow finaly…. gOod newz….
    FInaly kaliyug unite….

  7. So sweeeeeet yug,,kaali…this your happiness,,love love n love

  8. Ashwathy Nair

    hello everyone I am Ashwathy Nair in short Achu. I am new to this page so will u all accept me. After a long period of time could see something good in this serial


  10. well guy am new he a bt hope dat we cn cool t off by ourselves since am xo happy dat kayu are one again

  11. Finally i can watch this serial today rating will pick up if it continues like this, Suhani ki ladki’s ratings are down ha ha

  12. God Damn !!!
    Finally !!! I hope leela eil expost like gauri next.
    How i happy seeing this epi.
    Be careful kaali, leela will always watch you.

  13. Fibally yug wake up n good for gauri she has mo one now

  14. Ashwathy Nair, welcome!!! We are so happy to see Kali n yug together….. FINALLY. Gauri jha, you looked like an idiot in front of the guests!!! Your countenance was priceless….. Thanks writers, for giving us the viewers something to cheer about ➕➕???➕➕

  15. Hats off writer… Unexpected twist….please do us a favor… We don’t want to see gauri wearing wedding chain and vermillion anymore…

  16. I am new for this group. I am FROM Malaysia . I can’t wait to watch this episode . Usually at here it was 1 day delay and some of the parts cuts. Hands off to Yug. At least he can find out the truth about Gauri’S plan but miss out great mastermind ” LEELA” to expose.

    1. Masz

      Thomas.Welcome aboard!u can watch online 1 epi ahead n no cut scenes.Lets wait n watch together for de biggest exposure of LEELA dadi soon.Duno how yug wil take it as his is very close to dadi.

  17. Wow i am very happy that kali and yug together

  18. Atlast the most awaited day came.. Kayu together.. What will b that gairi’s next planning.. She will not sit simply.. Maybe suicide drama or something else..

    1. oh today going new twist…im so affraid…gauri is trying to do something with cover her face with saree…i hope this nothing bad happen.

  19. Nic ep with precap….Love u kayu

  20. Farid Choudhury

    I was so good feel when yug introduce his wife to everyone with Kali…..I also claps and Thank u so much yug to insult gauri..bast of luck yug and Kali and manji ma..

  21. Really today episode is the best episode of kalla teeka

  22. One slap was needed for gayri.. But no one gave..

  23. Chaitali

    oh God oh God!!!That was something i was waiting for ages…at last yug declares kali as his wife…that gauri got exposed…wow..can’t tell how happy i am today!

  24. Chaitali you need not say bcz from your words itself it is visible how happy you are dear…. The day for everyonewaited came atlast

  25. Shraddha Thakur

    wow …finally kayu ( yug and Kali) are together….. so sweet and cute jodi :):-) 🙂

  26. Oh guys iam so scared gouri doing harm to kali. How can she escape

  27. Naughty (fathima)

    Hy m very happy to c kali nd yug unite hip hip hurrah..:-):-):-):-) finally somting gud happnd bt donoo wat gauri vil dooo

  28. very excellent yug… at last you found the truth… but be carefull Kali lady villain leela is not exposed yet…

  29. Aaj ka episode kue update nai he???….its too late …plz update fast

  30. plz update today’s episode…


    PLz update today’s episode was … can’t wait


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