Kaala Teeka 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali is surrounded by fire. Gauri says you have to die Kali. She laughs and says you both will burn. I was burning in fire of insult. Kali says Gauri don’t do this. What have we done. Gauri says I will let you die here. You deserve this. Pavitra tries to call Yug.
Manjiri says where are Kali and Pavitra? Yug says I forgot my phone outside. He goes out and sees the door is locked.
Kali pours water. Pavitra’s hand burns a little, Naina feels the burn too. Kali says Gauri dont’ do this please. Gauri says you deserve this. Naina realizes Pavitra is in trouble she runs downstairs. She comes out, she says pavitra.. Gauri stops her. Naina says leave me. Gauri says I am your mom. Naina says you are so bad. I hate you. Yug Manjiri and Leela are seeing them from window.

bites her hand. Kali says dont’ come here. Please. Niana says I am coming. Gauri says don’t go Naina. Kali says naina don’t come here. Naina enters the room. Gauri starts pouring water. Kali says the fire has approached house. Go and save Yug at least. Gauri runs there.

Gauri comes in the house. Yug throttles her and says what did you do. They all run downstairs. Kali covers Niana and Pavitra and say you two go out. Naina says we can’t leave you here. Pavitra says we won’t leave you.
Kali says you two have to be together and be responsible. Pavitra says I am scared. Kali gives her idol and says God will protect you and always keep everything I taught in mind always. SHe hugs them both. Naina and Pavitra go out from the exhaust hole. Kali asks them run with each other.

Yug sees the main door burning. They are scared. Yug runs upstairs and opens the tap.
The fire goes near cylinders. Yug attaches the pipe of water. But the cylinders explode. Manjiri and Yug and leela are all burnt. They lie there in fire. Gauri sees them in shock. She tries to pick up Yug. But his face is burnt. Gauri screams and cries. Gauri says this all happened because of you. My husband has gone away from me. I won’t leave you and your daughter now. She covers herself and goes out. Gauri comes out and sees Kali is hidden in the house surrounded by fire. Naina and Pavitra are running from the house. Gauri sits in her car and wants to kill Pavitra. Kali sees her going and says Gauri don’t do anything to my daughter. She tries to go out.
Pavitra and Naina are running. Gauri drives after them. Kali faints as well and falls on the floor.

Precap-Gauri’s fuel tank is leaking. Her car blasts and she falls out of car all burned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. whole family died ???wat a crap!lost interest in serial

    1. There s rumour that kaala teeka s gonna take 14 years leap….is this truee?????if so im not gonna see this crap anymore…

      1. It true…. This writer is out of mind and really mental.

  2. if this serial is going to take a 14 year leap, you’ll be seeing crap wrapped around in a new jacket.

  3. leisa s morris

    Wat d flippin frapjack is dis…really writers dats all ur intelligent minds could come up with. U have ruinef a whole serial u all should b ashamed. Dont tell me pavitra is gonna grow up lookin like kali and naina gauri right? Stueps im so mad right now im aghast at d audacity of these writers

    1. Ur rite pavitra s gonna look like kali but naina will be replaced by some other….i wish yug is retained

  4. Nonsense. Just crazy . I dont know why this make such nonsense story.

  5. i am not a violent person but puss like this wants me to puke what the f are these directors doing are all the serials that they are directing will take leaps and the main characters are dying please pack up your f——-ing bags and leave cuz you are now directing pussies excuse my foul language people

  6. Oh Donna always the same crap again the leap hate it’s writers pls quit the show stupidity has a end I lived it’s show then all black magic Devi ruined the top old don’t do too want Kali yug back even Mandi ma miss u??

  7. Sorry *i loved the show it’s not Mandi ma *manji ma

  8. Leslie-ann daniel

    What ah shame.main characters dying .no way..the whole serial had gone mad..not interested anymore..

  9. I love Gauri and Yug both equally I also want to see other show.

  10. Mumtaz Badroodien

    Kali really suffered alot she never got happiness from yug or both familys it was so stupid of the writers to let gauri get him it started nicely but the story line turned crap they might as well end the show

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