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Scene 1
Kali says that trunk was here. Manjiri says I think she has doubt. She has hidden it. Manjiri says she can’t take it out of house. It must be somewhere in the house. They start looking in the store. Kali sees it. She tells manjiri. Manjiri says it has old clothes and it was never locked before. Kali says this means it has that trunk.
Kali says kalyani has locked this that means the key is in her room. Kalyani is going towards store, Neel says papa is calling you. Come with me.
Manjiri asks kali to stay in store. She says lets find the truth and then we will expose her. No one should see you till then. I have to go find that key.

Everyone is celebrating outside. Kalyani comes running in. Manjiri stands in front of her. Kalyani says in heart what was she doing

in? Manjiri sees the key in her locket. Manjiri says bhabhi come with me. She takes her out and dances with her. Manjiri tries to get the key from her locket while dancing. She takes it and goes in. Someone holds her hand. Its Kalyani.
Kali says Manjiri ma has asked me not to go out. I have to do something. Kali trie3s to break the lock with hammer.
Kalyani asks where are you going manjiri? I didn’t do your tilak. Manjiri says sure do.

Kali breaks the lock. She opens the trunk. Kali wears a mask and goes out.
Manjiri comes in and sees kali isn’t there. She sees the trunk is open. Kali sees all the stuff in it. She says what is all this. Kalyani stops Kali.
Manjiri sees birth certificate. She says its the same day Gauri was born. Mother’s name Kalyani.
Kali says snake. Kalyani says where? Kali runs. Kalyani runs after her but kali escapes.
Kalyani is looking for her. gauri says I saw kali. Vishwa says no she is not here. Kalyani says that child is kali. I have to catch her. She looks for kali everywhere. Manjiri comes and says kalyani come taste sweets with me. Kalyani says let me do my work then I will eat all the sweets. Kali runs from there. Manjiri says don’t worry you can eat it later. Kalyani says we will eat it together later.

Kalyani comes to store and realizes she doesn’t have her key. She says where is my key? She recalls manjiri taking her in dance. She says well played manjiri. She opesn the trunk and is shocked. She says manjiri took the certificate. Manjiri gets a call. The warden says your girl from here as ran. Did she come there? Manjiri says no she didn’t come here. She says we are sending our people to check. manjiri says we will send her back if we find her. Don’t worry. She says are you madhuri? Manjiri says yes Madhuri. She says we will have to inform police tomorrow. Manjiri says in heart we don’t have much time.

Gauri says I wanna go play. vishwa says no. Swami says no let her go, she will feel better. Neel helps her. Swami says Vishwa come here. Can I ask you for something? Vishwa says i will never forgive kali. Swami says elders have to be benevolant. Vishwa says I have to attend guests. He leaves.
Gauri says to nee I saw kali. Neel says but she is in jail.Gauri says what? Gauri says trust me i saw her. But why is she in jail? Its not her mistake. She came to my room and I got better.

Precap-Manjiri says i dont know how useful those papers are but we have to let her speak truth. We have to find a way. Kali says can we make her drink something like we did with Jethi and she spoke truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So dat means gauri is kalyani daughter

  2. Gauri cnt be kalyani’s dota

  3. No dont think so if in that case why does kalyani want to kill gouri

  4. so what means i dont got it who is gauri’s maa

  5. Beginning of the show gauri never.born in an hospital it was outside a temple these writers always change the stories

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