Kaala Teeka 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Chulbuli says someone save me please. My dress in one fire. Badki runs towards her and so does Naina. Naina pours water and it falls on pooja material as well. Naina says chubs are you okay? She says yes. Mahant comes and says what did you do stupid girl. You ruined all the pooja material. and this was gangajal. Naina says but she could be burned. He says Goddess saves everyone in her temple. A woman says she doesn’t believe she is just fooling. She is here to oppose her. Men come to hit Naina. Badki stands in front of her and says please don’t harm her. She was trying to save her aunt. What if anyone of us was burning. A woman says she saved Chutki as well. she saves lives. Mahant ji give her one chance. He says okay.
Mahant says to badki you can’t live with

someone who doesn’t have faith. Goddess would be mad at you. Badki says but she is my guest. Mahant says you can’t have any relation with her. Or we will choose someone else. She has to stay out of your house. Naina says I will. I don’t want your family to suffer. I will leave her house. Dimpy says yes. Mahant says okay. Naina says we will leave.

Naina chubs and Dimpy come to jungle. Dimpy says you should have told me its camping trip. Chubs says what if something happens. Naina says we be careful.
Krishana and his friend are in jungle. they see a candle and get scared. Krishan says its a ghost. They see its Naina.
Naina chubs and dimpy sleep under the tree. Badki comes and covers them with sheets.

Scene 2
Thakur’s thug come and wake up Naina. Naina says what happened? He says you can fool our women but not us. Get out of our village. Naina says otherwise what? She says I will call police and you both will be arrested. Thakur and Mahant are overhearing. Thakur says she knows her rights. If she calls police we will be exposed. We have to play this safe.
Thug says don’t threaten us. We can’t let your stay here. Dimpy says your mahant asked us to stay outside Badki’s house. Thug says this is our village and we can kick you out. Thakur comes and says is that how you talk to your guests? You forgot all the manners? When its about Goddess they lose their minds. For your safety there is just one place. My palace. Mahant says what are you saying. Thakur says they are our guests. We apologize on behalf of our villagers. you can stay in our palace. Dimpy says something is fishy. Thakur says I am giving you an invitation. Naina says I will come there for sure.
Krishna and his friend are overhearing. Krishna says he has something in mind I am sure. I know my dad. Thakru says pick their stuff. NAian says we can pick it ourselves.
Krishna is on a tree. He drops a fruits it hits Naian. Thakur says there are a lot of monkeys here. Krishna’s friend says he is calling you monkey.

Badki says to thakurain it feels so good when someone comes. She says I think of all the parents whose daughters leave the village and them forever. Badki says but this for village’s better. I just know that Thakru is very nice. He would take care of all the girls there. Mahant says you are right. He is so nice that he brings home people who stand against him, as guests. Badki is shocked to see NAina.

Precap-Thakur says to Naina you met my son? He introduces her to Krishna. She says she believes in our rituals and now you do as well. Naina tries to read on Thakur’s phone and says what is this written? Thakur takes he phone from her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think naina will see something there or the tattoo n she will start to investigate about the village

  2. i hope we are not in for a love triangle i do not want pavitra to like krishna and i want naina to expose thakur as soon as possible please please do not drag this serial

    1. Mona146

      we cant expect this from our soaps esp this one. But even i feel krish-naina are a cute couple.

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