Kaala Teeka 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vishwa and rest of the family reach Yug’s house. Yug says this is the house for my daughter. Neel says I will stay here with the car. What will I do with elders. Kalyani says he is right. He will come in and says something, it might create problems. Mad says she is right. Vishwa says okay if you all think thats right. Neel stays outside. Vishwa goes in with Mad and Kalyani. Vishwa says what father wont want a home like this for his daughter. Mad says I am glad she will have everything here. Servant comes and asks whom do you wanna meet? Dadi comes downstairs with Raghu. Dadi says vishwa you came here with your family. I have heard about you. Come sit. Dadi says we don’t like guests standing. Please sit. Vishwa says we actually.. Dadi says came with proposal? How many daughters

you have? Vishwa says only one. Dadi says I thought you are here with some other proposal. Or for a boy, we have a daughter too. We have fixed her wedding. SHe is getting married in two months. Vishwa says congratulations.
Raghu asks servant to bring tea for them.

Neel says why is there so much bull’s crap here. Sharmila is in balcony but she doesn’t see him.
Vishwa says I know you rejected this proposal before. I know that you don’t like the fact that I was in jail for 14 years. Kalyani says anyone would have said no but we came here still to tell you that our daughter is one in a million. I have raised her.
Manjiri is working in kitchen. She says I think there are some special guests.
Kalyani says I loved her like a mom. Dadi says what was her mother doing? Mad says I gave her love too. Kalyani says a girl, whose dad is in jail. People ask stupid things about her. She needed more love and attention in family. Kalyani says vishwa calls him princess. dadi says I don’t care if he calls her princess or maid. Manjiri is coming out with the tea. She goes back in to clean the tray. Dadi says I made you sit because you came to our door otherwise you know my answer. Vishwa says listen to me. Dadi says I don’t like talking much. A girl whose dad was jailed, I will not make her my daughter in law and my decision wont change no matter how many times you come back. The tea is here drink it before leaving and take your sweets back too. I am diabatic. Kalyani says she wants to take us down. We are not that low people, that we will stay at a place where we are insulted. Lets go. They leave.
Dadi says I will never let her become a girl like this part of my family.

Vishwa comes home. He is really mad. he throws away stuff. Kalyani says calm down. He says how can I? That leela chaudhary rejected my daughter. Kalyani says let it go. Kalyani says they are like this before wedding. How would they be afterwards. Vishwa sys I saw hundereds of kundlis, my daughter is meant to be happy with that guy. I will convince that Leela. Gauri will only get married to yug. Come with me prohit. Mad says I didn’t like that family at all. She had no sense.
Vishwa doesn’t listen to me.
Kali says in heart how could this happen.
Manjiri sees a red cloth in corridor. Raghu comes to her and says some people came with a proposal. Maa ji insulted them. because her dad was in jail. They were really respected here. vishwa jha was a good jotish. Manjiri says I feel like I never heard this name. Raghu says Maa rejected such a good proposal. A lot of people go to jail for no mistake.
Manjiri says I see these hand marks on the cloth. I feel like that girl will be lukcy for our family. I think it will happen.

Gauri tears Yug’s picture apart. She throws it away. Kalyani says you didn’t even see his face. Gauri says I am not getting married to so why? I am glad that its not accepted. Kalayni says should I support you or vishwa. I wish you both wanted same thing. Gauri says he was away from e for 14 years how would he understand me. Kalyani says don’t say that.
Suddenly Manjiri leave the cloth and it lands on vishwa’s face. Kali joins the torn pieces of the picture. Its yug’s picture. kali is dazed. She recalls meeting yug.

Precap-Manjiri tells yug about the proposal. He says I am glad it got rejected. Manjiri says you will find her if she is meant for you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Such a boring epi

  2. so manjiri is having memory loss

  3. but if she is suffering memory loss how she remembers that she is married i mean she still wears manglasutra and applies sindhoor.

  4. but this is also true that she is suffering memory loss because if she would be normal then she would have saved kali from that bastard family and also exposed that kalyani

  5. Today boring episode

  6. Kali yug jodi best

  7. V boring episode

  8. Xo brng 2day

  9. Manjari having memory loss was already mentioned episodes before. She says yug that I don’t remember anything from my past life. It was episodes before guys.

  10. Yug informs manjiri about girl singing song that manjiri sings. At that time manjiri tells yug that, she is surprised how girl sings same song sung by her, after that manjiri tells yug, she just remember that song from past life .

  11. Oh wow kaali’s manji ma is back, now only she can reunite KaYu

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