Kaala Teeka 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
The coals are burnt. Gauri stands in front of them. She is crying. She tries to stand on them but stop. Kali pours water on coals and says gauri won’t do this. Leela says means I was right. Wrong kundli. Yug comes home. Kali says its not about kundlis. Its about humans. Leela says tell me truth, is it gauri’s kundli or not. Kali says no. What different it makes. Any human would burn on coal. Leel takes out a burning rod. Leela says sinners are punished in our house. She says to vishwa you have to do this. Yug comes in and says what are you doing. Leela says shut up. Elders are talking. I am insulted for the first time in my house. She has to be punished or I will know reality of kundli; She says the future of this relation is in your hands. yug says I don’t care about

kundlis and all. I am ready to marry her. Because its about sharmila’s life. Leela says quite. You will see my dead face if you talk now. Mad says burn a little I will ice her she will be fine.

vishwa takes the rod. He comes near kali, Kali is scared. Vishwa throws the rod away. Kali smiles. vishwa says I really love my princess. But this.. I will never do this. Leela says well done. She claps. Leela says you said no to me and fooled me. I should have gotten if first. The man accused of murdering his wife, he can never say truth. One thing is clear, this relation is over. Dirty people. Kali says enough. We have listened enough. My bady papa is not a deceiver. Its all not his fault. I changed that kundli. He didn’t even know about it.
Leela says if he has not done anything why is he silent? Kali says I am daughter of that house and he cant see me getting insulted. I can’t see it anymore. You wanan punish me, you can. Gauri says kali see.. because of your one mistake what has happened.
Leela says enough of this drama. Go home. I will think and let you know my decision.

Gauri starts crying and sobbing. Kali says nothing will happen. gauri says what can be worse. Gauri says if you really cared for me you would have walked on coals. Vishwa says gauri what kali did was right. Gauri says now you are taking her sides. Where was this judgment when you killed your wife? didn’t say a word to save me. She will take yug away from me. The reason is because she hates you not me. Kali says gauri please.. I am wrong in her eyes now. I will take blame on me.

Chulbul comes to sharmila’s room and says you don’t have to get married there now. Its a good moment now. You didn’t wanna marry that neel. Sharmila says she was burning her feet.
Prohit comes to kalyani and tells her everything, she says what a good news is this. Prohit says everything is ruined. Kalyani says but they haven’t died yet.
Kali is crying. she says I can’t see bady papa this way you have to come manji maa. at least he wont be accused anymore. Light goes off. Someone comes in.

Precap-Yug says to kali no matter how you try but my relation with gauri is weak. Don’t be oblivious. You know what am i talking about. Vishwa is coming there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I feel this episode was the best episode from 2 weeks

  2. extremely late update

    and that’s two episodes in a row with no KaYu.

  3. Vishwa is becoming better while Gauri is becoming worse, even though Vishwa is responsible behind Kaali being a Kaala Teeka what Gauri is doing is worse she is taking advantage of Kaali and she is very selfish , hate Gauri’s character. I feel so bad for KaYu especially Yug, what’s his fault?

    1. Yeah …bt i thinj now u were right yug will marry kali only
      N i luv ur ff✌☺

    2. Yug has to accept this marriage because his cousin,Sharmila.He knows that he will not happy about this marriage and he’s accept his fate.
      Bhavna Dyas who is the writer had twitted that she’s writing the marriage sequence.But she’d not mentioned who will be married.And she’s warn that upcoming track will increase our adrenalin hormone.Very scared.

      1. i guess if it has to go onn like other zee tv serials we will see yug n gauri…else we will see kali n yug at the very end moment

      2. n why will she thts biggest suspense…if she opens tht trp will either bst or trip..depending on who is going to marry whom

  4. great as everyone was saying she took the blame smh…now is just for the wedding of yug and gauri to happen wont even bank on the precap cause knowing kali she will not give into yug and how he feels…shes too determine to be vishwa princess no#2….manji ma should come back too atleast to guide her because she ll continue destroying herself for vishwa and gauri…its all up to cvs now


    Aaj guari pr mushibat kali jaisi to vishwa ko ki ankhane khulne lagi… but i am happy atleast ek ghr me to andhvishwas dheere dheere kam ho raha hai but aab lg raha hai ki kahin na kahin kali or yug ki hi shadi hogi kyu ki kali hi hai jo leela ke ghr me bhi andhvishwas katam kregi…

  6. kadavule ethuku oru mudivillayaa…………

  7. to hell with gauri…this stupid gauri will never going learn anything…she only thinking about herself and always blame others…stupid a*s…

  8. That precap is just….. astonishing…. Kali shouldnt deny her love now

  9. She is always taking the blame for the stupid but i no she will end up marrying yug

  10. when is this kali going confess her love to yug….gosh how long we have to wait for that ????????????????????….seem like not anytime soon….

  11. Y this in most of the z tv serial they both hate before marriage like In kkb pragya and abhi (abhi loves tanj before marriage) hate each other but married. In tashan e ishq twinkle(she loves yuvi) and kunj hate each other before marriage and in ek tha raja rana ji hates gayatri but married to her oly. In qubool hai also same??ha in tumho to bandhu also same ajay and sanjana? hates each other but married.I don’t know y this in every serial this much hatenes will be there before marriage?. I think according to z tv serial’s history gouri and yug will marry since yug hates gouri no??

    1. lol..yess!!
      bt somehow i think this should be different

    2. This has some different from other serial…u see Yug love Kali from childhood, majari said if they married someone for sure they live happy and destiny will unite them together…and they also portraying Yug and Kali as ram and Sita……I beleive they r meaning by ram loved only one girl.,.,hopefully I believe writer mean that way..

      1. Oops I meant they don’t live happy…..

  12. ye purohit or kalyani ka chakkar kya h??? ye kalyani purohit ki biwi ya GF h kya, jo wo shuru se uski madad kr rha h or jis vishwa ka usne namak khaya itne sal ose uske sath h use ameer bnaya uske sath namakharami kr rha ??/ aajtak ye secrect nhi btaya kbhi ki ye purohit kalyani k iitni madad ku krta h.

    1. u like seeing kayu or yuri..see if u like kayu then this q. dosent make sense bcuz at the end of the day they r uniting kayu..bt if u want yuri thn this does

      1. mene is context me pucha hi nhi. mene simply pucha ki kalyani ki itni madad ye purohit shuru se kar ku rha h?? inke bich rishta kya h jo ye kalyani ka bafadar h or vishwa ka nhi.

  13. BORING…


  15. I am hoping that kayu unite and in gauri ‘ s somebody else came .. And manjri … U remember manjri said that if u didn’t abolish this superstition in a month then u have to live with her far away from then… I think one month is about to complete then what I’d happening … Anyway it is getting interesting..let’s see how they will unite kayu.. 😉

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