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Scene 1
Devri does his tap.. Deva appears. Kali is sitting on a chair with Naian and playing with her. Suddenly Kali’s chair starts revolving. Kali gets scared and starts screaming. She tightens her grip on Naina. Kali says someone save me. Manji ma.. Is devri doing all this. All the dias around Devri blow away. Deva disappears. There is a cyclon of wind around devri. Kali says to Naina nothing happened. Thank God. Suddenly devri feels exhausted. Deva comes back. devri says I called you so many times. Deva says the more you get close to your family I will go away from you. Devri says my attack was vain. how? Deva says because Kali did that tap and Naina got all the powers. You can’t kill her. Devri says but how will i break Kali then. Deva says Manjiri is away from Kali. Think how

can Naian be gone away from Kali. Who can help you? Devri says Gauri. Devri says it will be fun.
Kali says Naina.. your relation with me is like Kanha and Yashoda. Nothing can separate us. You will always be with me.

Scene 2
Next day, leela is preparing for pooja. Leela says we will weigh Naina with gems today. Leela says where is naian? Gauri comes and says she is with me. Leela says what is she doing with you? gauri says I am her mother and I will sit with her in the pooja. Leela says give her to Kali. GHaur says why is my lap full of pricks. Leela says Kali call Yug he was saying he won’t come to pooja. I don’t want to argue today. And you gauri place naina in the balance. Gauri is troubled. Leela says I will do it myself.
Kali comes to call Yug. Yug comes near her. Kali says you are not mine and whatever she is, she is my sister anyway.
Leela and Gauri weigh naina. A scorpion is coming their way.
Gauri says Kali why are you not back? She goes upstairs. Yug says what about my love? Kali says where was your love when you married Gauri?
The scorpion is coming in Naina’s direction.
Kali says Gauri listen to me. When they come downstairs they see scorpion near naina. Kali runs towards Naina but Gauri shoves her and saves Naina herself.Kali says is Naian okay? Leela says where did this scorpion come from? There is some black shadow. Gauri says this kali is the black shadow on me my daughter and my husband. WHo saved Naina today? Kali was busy with Yug. she has a habit of hitting on him. She lies so much. Kali says listen.. Gauri says why should I listen to you? Leela says enough. Don’t do this on festival. Gauri Says I wish you could see what is she doing. I gave birth to naian. you all took my daughter from me and gave it to an outsider. Manjiri says no.. Gauri says what did she give you besides insult. I am not your daughter I am your sister’s daughter. I was your enemy always. Gauri says Naina is my daughter and she will stay with me and you don’t dare to take her away from me or I will go to court.

Devri says how is that possible? Leela says I was so scared. You said this was all happening because Yug still wants to be with Kali. Devri says I will find a solution don’t worry. Devri says in heart Kali will get married to nandu.
Kali is crying in her room. Yug says do you want Naina? Own me Naina will come to you as well. Kali says how can you even think that. Yug says I love you. Kali says it was just selfishness. Yug says yes I am selfish but don’t say it isn’t love. Devri overhears.
Devri says to Nandu who else can help Kali get Naina back? Kali can’t get Naina a father. She can be her mother and this thing goes against her. She doesn’t have a husband. You always protected Kali and Naina then why are you stepping back from your responsibility today. He gives him a plate of sindur and says pick it and fill her hairline. Nandu says okay. He takes sindur.
Manjiri says Kali I will get Naina back to by yug’s hand.

Manjiri comes to Yug and says its better Gauri took Naian. Kali couldn’t take care of her. Its better she can leave with whoever she wants. She is off her responsibility now.
Gauri is playing with Naina. SHe says naina leave my hair. She is about to slap naina. yug comes and takes Naina from her. Gauri says where are you taking her? Yug says to her mom. Gauri says I am her mom. Yug says giving birth doesn’t make you a mom. Kali is her real mother. Go to court, you will end up in jail.

Kali is in temple she says I can’t live without Naina. Please give me my daughter back. Nandu comes with sindur.

Precap-Nandu tries to fill Kali’s hairline. Kali shoves his hand away, and slaps him. She says what were you doing? Just because I don’t live with my husband doesn’t mean I am not married. Yug comes and gives Naina to Kali. He says no one can part Naian from you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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