Kaala Teeka 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Yug says if you don’t say truth today you will insult Ram. Was that your voice or not? Kali says I swear on ram ji that Gauri jha in winner of voice of Mithla not me. He leaves her arm. Kali says I hope God makes you meet gauri soon. can we go to Patna? He says as I promised. Sanyu says but you have to go to hospital. He says I am fine. Kali says in heart I am sorry ram ji. You know why I did all this.
They come out and find a jeep going to Patna. A car drives past them its of Vishwa and prohit.
Yug and Kali settle in the jeep.
Prohit asks vishwa to stop the car. He says I want water. Kali’s jeep stops next to them. Their jeep leaves.

Yug gives some money to kali. Kali says why would I need it? He says I might. He says today you I can say you are my

best friend. Thanks to your bady papa’s princess, I met you because of her. He extends his hand Kali shakes. She says thank you. He says no thank yous. He says you look good in colored clothes. don’t wear black all the time. I don’t like it. He says come lets buy shoes for you. She says you? He says I will buy some for myself. He buys bangles for her and says these are few colors for you from my side. Kali takes them. He says all the best. Now you will go back with you bady papa’s princess. Next bus is at 11 maybe we meet there. bye. Kali leaves. She looks back at him. Yug sees her looking at him.

They come to registrations center and ask did gauri jha come here? The men say yes she came. She registered and left. She said I have to go to Mithla. She took morning’s bus. Vishwa says that means it was safe. She should have asked me. Kalyani says she must be scared of you and that kali would have suggested her. Kali comes there in rickshaw. Kalyani says its better than I brought you here. Vishwa sys I wont sit in peace unless I talk to to gauri. He says prohit call home. Vishwa says we should check bus stop before leaving. They leave. Kali inquires about Gauri. She asks watchman where should I look for gauri jha? Those men sees her and say we should kidnap her too? They say she is in audition room. Come here.

Sharmila says on call, you should thank yug. he is not here and everyone is worried for him. Can’t even tell anyone that he is out because of me. Manjiri is there. Sharmila is shocked. Manjiri says you know where yug is and you didn’t tell anyone? Someone else is being blamed. Sharmila says should I listen to dadi’s swears by telling them? If they get to know that yug is out because of me, ma and dadi would kill you. He must be coming. Please dont tell anyone and don’t worry he is fine. My friend told me there was a girl with him too. Manjiri says who is that girl? Sharmila says must be some friend. She is shocked to see dadi on the door. Dadi comes in and says you both care about anything? yug is missing and you both are standing here and talking. She says to Manjiri did you call yug? Shamrila says I called but his phone is off. Dadi says oh God.

Kali says how can audition be here? No one is here. They say come with us. He grasps her arm. Kali says leaves my hand. Kali says who are you both and where is gauri? They say we are taking you to her. They shut her mouth and take her towards the car in which gauri is there. Kali sees gauri and says leave me. She screams for help. Kai says she is bleeding. He comes from back, Kali hits him with speaker. She runs with gauri and takes a rickshaw. Kali tries to cover gauri’s face. The kidnappers run after them.
Yug says dadi must be so mad at me. Kali reaches bus station. The kidnappers are in front of her. Kali is scared. He says where will you go now? yug comes there.

Precap-Kali is in bus. Dadi comes to vishwa’s house with police. she says tell me where is my son or police will arrest you. Yug makes kali sit in the bus.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Todays episode was okay. As we all expected kali didn’t tell about her. Hope it will not turn as s triangle story… ? and also I don’t like those storylines…

  2. I can’t believe why kali didn’t say that she is the one he is looking for. Soooo close…….. They are just dragging this story now. Yug needs to know that it is Kali he really loves not Gauri

  3. OMG.I thought things would be better,too much of this kidnapping and goons and will Yug see Gauri?Kali lied and i don’t know how Yug will react after knowing the truth?I think it will take sometime until he discovers the truth.And can’t Yug atleast think that his childhood friend has the same characteristics as Kali?I wish Manjiri regains her senses.By da way thank you Atiba for da fast update.

  4. Snikdha Sheikh

    The story is going good but I feel both kaali & yug’s acting needs to be developed! When they fall or bump into each other it doesn’t look real! I’m confused whether itz direction problem or the respected actors are to be blamed!

  5. Oh wow KaYu scenes were fab looks like it reminded Kali of her childhood when she wore colorful clothes and escaped from the goon with her Ramji/Yug 🙂

  6. Vishwa and the love for his daughter,getting insulted by that buddi all the time. Idiot.

  7. This show is interesting….waiting for kalyug’s marriage….

    1. this scene would be awesome……………hope it happens soon….

  8. The best scene was when yug arrived on the vegetable cart in the end. It was too adorable.???

  9. Episode was gud
    Kali didn’t say truth and yug too didn’t see gauri’s face

  10. supeb episode.yug smile was awsome.

  11. kaali and yug scenes are adorable………just love this pair….kaali did not reveal about herself……….friendship has begun between kaali and Yug………….waiting to romance but guess it is going to quite sometimes before we see it happening,,,,,,,,,,,now the new twist would definetly be Yug meets gauri and Gauri fancy Yug ,and the crap and blah blah blah,,,,,,,,Gauri becomes famous with her hungama and fake singing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. Wonderful show……..kali and yug both are rock

  13. fatarajo i think u should write a ff on this kaala teeka bcoz u r a great writer.plz think about it.

    1. Two of my ff are ending soon, so instead of those two I may write two ff on Kaala Teeka and silsila Pyaar ka but I m not sure yet by the end of March

  14. Can anyone plzz tell me what is gonna happen at the end?? Plzz plzz… Will Yug get to find his true love at the end ?? Or will Gauri get indulged in Yug ?? Oh God!!! Will the truth at last be revealed?? Will Kali get married to Yug ??? Plzz say something…

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