Kaala Teeka 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Naina packs up for the journey. Chulbuli brings yogurt and sugar. Naina says this is superstition. Chulbli says no no it keeps you calm. Naina says these things grow and then one girl is made kala teeka of other. Like what happened to mama. I just need your blessings. Chulbuli says they are always with you. Bring pavitra home this time. Naian says sure. Dimpy says I ate all this yogurt and sugar. Naina says lets go. Chulbuli says take care. she hugs them.
Naina and Dimpy sit in the car. Dimpy says there is no place we will take next bus. Naina says we don’t know when it comes. The bus drives, Naina and dimpy run after it. The bus stops. There is no space inside. Naina says we can sit on the roof. She gives them money and they both climb up the ladder.

Pavitra meets

Kajri’s mother. She says at least we have money now. We miss her. Her siblings are going to school now. The man announces the next girl will be chosen today for the ritual of river’s bride. Pavitra says I hope I get chosen. Mai and Chutki will live a prosper life.

Scene 2
Next morning, the bus stops somewhere. The driver says sit in the bus everyone. The bus is going to Luckypur not mithla. She says but it was for Mithli. driver says the roads are broken. We will have to spend this time night in luckypur till the roads repair.

Kali is preparing a herb. A man comes to her and says is the herb ready for thakur. Pavitra stands up and the bowl slips from her hands. Thakur is there. Pavitra says I am sorry that it fell. He says thakur’s meds spelled? I should tell your mom. Pavitra says I will make it again. Thakur says you have one hour and I will forgive you. Pavitra says but the herb is in the neighboring village. the man says bring it anyhow if you want to stay alive.

Pavitra runs towards the village. she says if it happens I will ask him to choose me.
Naina says I don’t believe we are not going to mithla. Dimpy says we will. Pavitra is breaking

Naina and dimpy are on their way.
Pavitra is in jungle. She is plucking herbs. She says I should get more for thakur.
Naina says to dimpy I wait every year for holidays so I can find Pavitra. I can’t wait for the moment when my sister will be in front of me.
Pavitra says I have to rub this herb. I hope everything happens in time.
Niana says once I find her I will never let go of her.
Pavitra feels burning in her symbol and so does Naina. Pavitra trips over a ditch. Pavitra slips and says didi.. Niana slips too.
Pavitra falls on road. Naina says stop the car. She jumps out of the car. Naina runs towards pavitra to save her, Naina asides Pavitra. They symbol sticks together. They both look at each other.
Naina says are you okay? Pavitra says yeah. Dimpy says naina are you okay? You are too much. You think you are a tarzan. Naina says driver who gave you license? Didn’t you see this girl. I will call police. He says I am sorry madam. Dimpy says leave it. Naina says he should be punished. Pavitra says leave it he did that by mistake. It happens. Naina says don’t drive like this next time. Driver says won’t happen again. Dimpy takes out her stuff. Pavitra says are you staying in this village? Naina says we had to go somewhere else but bus brought us here. We have to stay here tonight till we get a bus tomorrow. Pavitra says everything happens with God’s will. Naina says your face reminds me of someone. Pavitra says whose? NAina says I don’t even remember her face. Anyway whats your name? Pavitra is quite.

Precap-Pavitra says your hand is bleeding. Naina says I am fine. Pavitra takes out her herbs and treats her. Naina says these leaves can’t do anything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what z dis?Pavithra is look alike of Kali den hw cum naina can’t recognise her?

    1. u mean doppleganger of kaali.

  2. what a stupid episode she don’t remember her mom face

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