Kaala Teeka 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
vishwa says this woman wont come out of room. Till then I will arrange place for her in mental asylum. He leaves. Kalyani says to bundi lock the door from outside. Manjiri says don’t do this with me bundi. Manjiri says to kalyani why are you doing this? Kalyani says you showed me the dagger? Now look at yourself. You are like a cut grass now. Manjiri says what you are doing, you will have to face its consequences. When vishwa gets to know he wont leave you. she says he knows what he had to. Now you will go to mental asylum tomorrow. She ropes her.

Kali wakes up. She looks for manjiri. She says where is gauri? She says is manji maa in trouble? Kalyani locks Manjiri. Kali sees gauri with vishwa. She says I think everyone knows the truth. Manji maa has found gauri. She sees

kalyani. Vishwa sys I dont know how to thank you. You exposed manjiri and saved Gauri. Kali wonders why is he saying that. Kalyani says don’t thank me. Gauri is my daughter as well. Kali wonders what has manjiri done. Kalyani says what did guru ji say? Vishwa says i will go to meet kali tomorrow. Right now I am taking gauri to her room. Kalyani says I will take her. You better arrange for manjiri. vishwa says i just have to make a call. I can’t separate gauri from me. Prohit says you better take care of manjiri. She can harm anyone. Kalyani takes Gauri from him.

Kalyani comes to room and sees kali on the bed. Kalyani says gauri will have to die. She takes kali with her. Bundi says dahi is roped as well.
Vishwa calls the doctor. Neel says please dont do this. Don’t send her there. She is not mad. Listen to her once. Prohit says come with me. They are elders they know what to do. She tried to kill gauri. Swami says sometimes truth is what cant be seen. Maybe we are getting manjiri wrong. Vishwa sys Gauri is my everything. Manjiri tried to attack gauri. She has to go to the asylum.
Kalyani comes in manjiri’s room and they put kali in a trunk. Manjiri says dont do this please. The leave. Manjiri moves towards the trunk. She opens the trunk. Kali unropes her.

Kalyani says I was thinking we should donate something for Gauri.Prohit says you are right. Budni comes in Manjiri’s room. She says Kalyani bahbhi gave me a lot of money and promised me a good groom. she takes the trunk downstairs. Vishwa says I am calling child home for kali. I have to keep kali with her. Bundi comes downstairs with the trunk. she says bundi go donate all this stuff.
Vishwa calls warden and says I wanna bring back kali home. She says in heart this is what kalyani called? She says please hold. she calls kalyani.
The warden says kali is not here. she ran from here. Vishwa says what you mean? You had to be responsible for them. what you mean by you are finding them? SHe hangs up.
Vishwa sy what if we dont find kali now? I have to find her. Swami says let me complain cops.
Vishwa asks him men to look for kali. She says I think the car is here. vishwa sys I have to look for kali first. Kalyani says no get done with this first. They come in room and find Manjiri is not there.
Bundi calls kalyani and tells her that kali is not in the trunk.
Vishwa says where can manjiri go? He runs towards gauri.

Precap-Vishwa asks how is my wife now? Doctor says she is critical we cant do anything atm. Steam comes out of her room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Poor manjiri…she goes to mental asylum :(:,(

  2. Feel sorry for manjari but kali will have to save her or maybe neel

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