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Scene 1
Manjiri is in temple. She says i know what you are punishing us for. I promise you i will stand in way of all injustice for Kaali. Please bring our kids back home.

Kidnapper says we will have to take her home now, kaala teeka but you wont go. Kaali says i will go as well. Kidnapper says nazar batto’s are burnt afterwards They laugh. Jethi comes home. Manjiri says where were you? Everyone is so worried. I didn’t even see you. Jethi says who are you to ask me? Vishwa comes and says where are you coming from? The time you should be praying, you were enjoying it out. Why?
They pick gauri, up. Kaali says leave gauri.
Madhuri says I doubt she knows where Gauri is. Jethi says you are doubting me? Madhuri says yes. My daughter is lost, we all cried but you didn’t.

Manjiri says we are just waiting for you answer. She says i went to bring my daughter Gauri back. I went to temple. Prayed for her. She shows her hands. They are little burnt. Vishwa says I am sorry. Jethi says once my gauri comes home, i will forget all this. God will send her back here. Guard comes and says sir come out please. They bring in a troller Gauri is on it.

Jethi says My daughter is back. Manjiri sees the blood marks on her hand. Madhuri says but there is no bruise. Vishwa asks prohit to bring doctor. Manjiri says this is not gauri’s blood? Then? kaali?

Kidnapper brings Kaali in jungle. she throws soil in his eyes and runs. The kidnapper looks for her.
Manjiri says to Vishwa gauri came to this house fine, but Kaali.. She is not home. And this blood on gauri’s hand, this is kaali’s. She ahs protected Gauri with her blood. Jethi says my daughter kaali is not home. I forgot in gauri’s worry. Vishwa send men and find her. manjiri says please ask gaui maybe she knows. Vishwa says doctor has asked Gauri to rest. Let her rest now. Manjiri says she risked her life to save gauri. Vishwa says its her duty.
My daughter is princess, and that kaala teeka, I wont let anything risk because of her. Till now you have seen only good in me. Don’t force me to show your dark side.

The kidnappers find kaali and drag her with them. They want to shove her off.
Vishwa locks Manjiri in a room. She says please open the door i have to save kaali.
The kidnappers shoves kaali in water.
Jethi says fate wants to kill her what can we do. Manjiri says some miracle will save my kaali. in one face or other.
Kaali is drowning, she screams for help. Someone comes and pulls her our. He is in Ram’s attire.

Precap-Manjiri says after to many proofs vishwa didnt tell cops anything. Kaali is alone in world. Kaali is in market.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Children r supposed to enjoy their childhood n their innocence. Y use them to violence n suffering. We have that daily in the world we r living in. Show something that we can learn from this show.

  3. The western world, as far as we know, would not encourage such atrocities. Jethi is a wicked witch and Manji is a puss. A man like Vishwa is not a real man, no way. What the hell Manji? Break the blo*dy door down. Explain all the prayers and abounding wickedness.

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