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Scene 1
Yug says to Leela I won’t do that. Leela says you have to. She has your son in her womb. Yug says that child born with deceit wont be heir on this house, Kali’s son will be the heir. Leela says are you mad? Yug says don’t force me into anything like this.
Kali comes to temple and says please save my marriage God. Kali lits the candle but the stand falls from her hand and the rug burns. Kali screams Yug. Everyone comes there is in panic. Yug and Raghu extinguish the fire.
Leela says she has burnt temple’s stand. Has Gauri gone to kill our grandson? Yug says she won’t do anything. Kali says dadi ji is right. We can’t take her lightly. Kali places his hand on her head and says you swear on me. We have to stop Gauri from doing this sin. I will

bring her back.

Gauri is in hospital. She says I am ready for abortion. Doctor says don’t worry it will be over. Is there any family member with you? Gauri says no one. Doctor says its okay sign these papers.
Yug and Kali come to hospital and ask if there is Gauri? Kali says the report had city hospital stamp. We should go there. Yug and Kali come to city hospital. Gauri is being taken to OT. The doctor gets ready for Operation. Kali and Yug ask about the OT.
Kali and Yug come to OT and see Gauri there. Gauri says I knew they would come. Gauri says I don’t my child be called bastard. If you care so much then leave Yug? Yug says shut up Gauri. Kali says Gauri don’t put me in a situation like this. You desires are not right. Gauru says so isn’t this child. Let it die. Kali says no please. Why are you taking a life. Gauri says my demands are crystal clear. Leela comes there and says let me talk to her.
Gauri says I feel so good when you are begging. Leela says I am not begging. You don’t ask from people who only have tongue. they are just lured. Gauri says what offer do you have? Leela says my half property, Give us the child and leave. Gauri says whole property belongs to him. Leela says I have 100 acre land take it. Gauri says you think I am doing this for money? I want what I want. No compromise. Gauri says I will kill this child right now. She picks up a knife. Leela says I accept it. please leave it. Gauri says promise me. Leela says I promise you you will be my daughter in law. Give me some time. Gauri says how much? Leela says one month. Yug hugs Kali.

Leela brings Gauri home. She does her arti. Chulbuli says what did you say maa ji that she has agreed to come here? Leela says thats not your problem. Chulbuli says she is so clever. For her child we have to trust her. But don’t for one second think you can have my husband. You are not staying her more than one day after to give birth. Gauri says I will keep in mind. Right dadi? Yug says keep in mind you are just here because of dadi don’t think you can ever have a place in hearts. Let’s go Kali.
Chulbuli says Raghu, don’t you think maaji is concealing something? he says everyone is concealing something. CHulbuli says there is something.
Gauri says to bijli everyone is serving me here now. I want yug to be mine forever. This child will get his mom her rights back. Dadi is already on our sight. Kali comes there.

Precap-Gauri comes to Yug and Kali’s room. She opens the closet. Kali gets up. Gauri sits behind the sofa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Is dat blady witch gauri jha really pregnant???????I really dun understand…. @#$%&&*

    1. I’m really pissed off masz….what hell is going on this show… If this writer wants gauri and Yug married… Why did they waste their time on Kali marriage…. The should have let Yug marry gauri at the first place… So we don’t have to watch this crap…

      1. And I want to kill that old witch leela cos of her gauri easily getting into that house…. This stupid has give viewer explanation how this stupid get pregnant????

      2. I am also sick of it K.I dun wana watch diz serial until situation handled wisely by KaYu..I think what shraddha sharma saying is true… both kaali n gauri wil hve baby n kaali’baby wil be gauri’s baby kaala teeka.ohhh goshhhh so stress yarr!

      3. What?… No way I can’t watch this serial….first of all we don’t even know that she is pregnant…. It’s no fair to Kali and if yug agree to Leela then It’s sick I will never watch or even read this written episode yaar.

      4. And how can yug agree to it…. So turn to be dumb as abhi in kkb

      5. And one more thing masz…. Why did they portray yug as ram…. It’s disgusting really disgusting.

      6. Oh masz… This show against superstition and how come they want start the same shit again yaar….I don’t get it.

  2. So f**king dumb .I really hate this track.

  3. Really cant see how de storyline wil be turned to gud things… kaYu hve to fight aggresively n act smart instead of juz shouting at damn psycho gauri jha who seemed like well prepared with her low n cheap plans.So stress!!!Gona stop watching de serial at de moment…???????

    1. Real shit

  4. gauri pregnant ??? I think gauri pregnant with her own girlfriend tu?????

  5. I agree with u!

  6. Guys, gouri really pregnant or it was a fake drama?

  7. This is sick! Sick! Sick! Are kali and yug ever going to have peace? I think they should have let gauri have the abortion

  8. Stop this serial..than to create stupid idiot stories

  9. When did she sleep with Yug I think its just a drama, how can DNA samples match without the father giving his blood or so??
    Lorrrdddd fed up with all these Zeetv shows.

    1. Like I said anything possible for this dumb writer

  10. F*** that bastard gauri jha…..she needs to go in hell!!! can’t the writers please allow kali and yug to have a life also!!! they are not dummies you know….really getting fedup of this crap….i think gauri jha is pregnant with a set of shit…deciet…and lies!!!

  11. i really hate gauri jha…everything is “I AM GAURI JHA” i mean…who cares

  12. I don’t think gaudily the witch is pregnant she is fooling them again n Lela is still on her side the wicked hag n witch

  13. This is getting to be the worst serial ever!

    1. i agree worst serial

  14. indera sanichara

    Hi writers please let Kali n Yug leave the house so Gauri n Leela can live in it with her fake baby

  15. Rohan and Simran….Please quit the show….there is no point of acting in this type disgusting show…it started good now it disgusting…..let it be gauri and leela to rule it…….so no one will watch that blo*dy show…and it will go off air……..stupid gauri….really after this I hate that fenil for choosing this type of disgusting role. go hell gauri

  16. This drama is sick and disgusting.


    Bakwas drama…..
    Now yug will have 2 wives and Kali will also have baby and show will now run as kali’s baby a Kaala Teeka of Gauri’s baby..
    And now i will quit show…. tooo much

    1. How do u know this gonna go like this?? Pleas tell me.


      As show name is Kala Teeka… and this will they show for sure.

  18. DISGUSTING, another serial down the drain. After all the stunts Gauri has done how can anyone trust her. Yug please wake up and stand up for yourself and Kali. Leela is behind all this just kill her off. Well, I will wait and watch few more episodes but the way it’s going I will stop watching this one as well, just like kumkum. Writers make fun out of marriages. Makes one think India has no culture left. Stupid and disgusting.

  19. Writers need only bakwas stories only…because they makes us fools everytime…is this serial or what…? Always showing that marriage is like a big drama..please make sense..this is not our Indian culture .in fact you are still showing this type of hectic stories to make the words in real life also..its a v.big crime..serial in the sense like how they will solve the problems together and how the relationship will be..some fun some emotion some romance some seriousness etc….now a days not even one serial also directed lyk this..simply fighting for mrg and gf fighting blaming screaming cheating ..only….shit…..I hate it…

  20. not a viewer anymore

    gauri is sucha witch , disgusting girl , girls like her belong in street ,
    Pathatic Gauri always breaking a happy marriage , I wonder whose child this is now, who did she sleep with and taking blame on Yug, chi

    1. Yup r absolutely right… I agree with 1000%

  21. help authors create Kaali pregnant, and expel gauri be crazy people who beg for love. I think the role of a crazy person very well suited for gauri

  22. Same as in uttaran .what a stupid serial.

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