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Scene 1
Yug asks who made this? Gauri says Kali. Lights go off. Gauri says turn on the invert-er. Kali says this is sure some plan by vishwa. Vishwa brings in candles. Mad says invertor is not working. Vishwa says to mad I know what I have to do. He takes a candle and move towards yug. Kali says another wrong blind belief. He walks with a candle towards yug, kali shoves the candle. Yug says what happened? Kali says the candle was about to fall on you. Yug says I should leave now. Vishwa says to kali you dare coming in my way? Kali says what were you doing was wrong. He says you got such courage? Kali says this is all blind belief. He say if this had worked, all troubles on gauri would have went away. Kali says he will be Gauri’s anyway. this is all useless. Vishwa says let that happen, why

did you become a hindrance? Kali says I did that for better of Yug and Gauri. Yug is against these beliefs. If he got to know he would have lost his mind. You loved manji maa. Did that have anything to do with all this? She won your heart. For gauri, she has to do the same. The day she wins his heart anything else wont be needed. Please try to understand. Everything doesn’t have solution in some trick. Human feelings matter too. Mad says I think she is right. Mad says if yug got to know it would have been a trouble. Kali says truth is that there is only one way to have someone, to love them. Vishwa says you are saying all this.. you have to prove yourself then. Gauri comes in. Vishwa says bring yug near gauri. He ignores her and she is tensed because of this. Kali recalls gauri saying that yug doesn’t seem happy with her. Vishwa says you have to get her yug’s love. After today this is your responsibility. Kali says this is more than that. Gauri is my sister and friend. Her happiness is mine. kali says my life has only one mission to make gauri and yug one. Vishwa says but keep in mind, dont make a mistake. It would be better for you. He leaves.

Gauri says I am perfect I don’t have to fit it to be with someone. Kali comes in. She says are you mad? You are spitting it out on this moisturizer. Gauri says you were proving that I am not good enough? Kali says I was saying you have to make adjustments. Gauri says I wont. He has to marry me this way. Kali says two people have to be well balanced with each other. Gauri says I have my life too.

Next morning, kali says Yug and gauri’s story will be a fairytale. Kali says to servants start working. The wedding is so close. Kali says gauri here. Tell me which color do you wanna go with? She says Yug likes this color. Gauri says how you know? Kali says I guessed from his facebook. Kali says I can call and ask him, Gauri says no I will call him. I am going. See where my and his taste matches.
Kali says should I send yug and gauri to choreographer today? Vishwa says in heart its eclipse today can’t send gauri. He says ask them to practise in house. Kali guesses is it because its eclipse today?

Leela says no one will use knife or scissors today and everyone will bath after eclipse. Nd no one will cut teeth. Chulbul says yug is eating nails. Yug says yu asked not to use knife and stuff. Yug says can we fast? Because I can’t eat all this. Sharmila says the pakoray on street are better than this. Raghu says they are really good. Yug says yeah I see you there and then you say I am on diet. Leela says wedding has brought all this happiness in our house. but I am worried all this time. At this stage in life.. Yug says dadi please. leela says I wanna see your kids. This is my last wish.
Yug says manjiri your kali is right. love changes everything. He gets a text and says no Dance.
Gauri says to kali it will be so much fun. Yug is coming too. Gauri says thank you. Mad says to vishwa I was planning a dance with you too. Yeh mera dil you just sit and i will dance. Mad says you are a mom. she says I am young. Vishwa says take water in a metal container and place it in corner of house. this will suck in all the bad vibes. I will drink that water. Mad says no. That would affect you. He says nothing will happen to me. Don’t worry. Mad says kali shouldn’t know. Vishwa says okay.
Kaka places water in a metal container.
Kalu drops some stuff, she picks it up. Yug comes and slips because of the beads. He falls on kali. Garui sees them.

Precap-vishwa is about to drink that water. Kali stops him, he says what are you saying. He drinks it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Where is the remaining part…

  2. wht yr show ws aired on 7 nd still no updates not fair

  3. Atiba plz update fater??

  4. I love this show…

  5. Love this show

  6. why its taking so much time to upload

  7. Hurry up with the update

  8. I don’t know y this Kali always making promise to make sure Yug and Gauri happen….Kali deserve happiness. She should be the one atleast once in her life happiness…which is Kali marring Yug. Or else there is no point of watching this show…. Looks like Gauri getting everything but Kali can’t…

    1. That is because tv dramas in India revolves around sacrifices. Indian women are made to believe that it is better to make someones life happy than making your own life happy. Indian women are never encouraged to make their lives happy. Make budy papa happy. Make sis happy. Make MIL happy. Make everyone happy except yourself. That is always the theme of these stories.

  9. Can anyone clear my doubt why gauri doesnt remember manji maa whereas kaali who is of same age as gauri remembers everything???

    1. Ha ha .. I want to know that too…. Can anyone clear that ?

    2. Shraddha Sharma

      This is becoz kali had made her manji maa picture and she used to remember her and kali had only manji maa memories and other side guari since childhood had many memories with many people so she did not remember manji maa and became a stupid and spoilt person…

  10. Something should happen to his ass for drinking the water n good gauri see kali n yug together


  12. I hate this Vishwa, instead of explaining his daughter he is making te situation worse. He is a pandit right? And if the kundlis don’t match not only Yug, Gauri’s life is also in danger, Vishwa is creating troubles for Gauri too by using Kaali’s kundli, why don’t he just make Gauri Marry with some other guy and Kaali with Yug as before going to jail he took a vow that after Gauri marry he will make sure Kaali gets married in a good family , so conclusion is Vishwa is creating troubles for Gauri indirectly

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