Kaala Teeka 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali says I wont do any tap. I won’t believe all this. Yug says enough Kali you have to do this. Kali shoves his hand away. Kali says you can’t force me. My belief is strong towards God. God always protected me and my daughter and will always do. I won’t do anything for his superstition. Leela says its about Naina as well. Manjiri says you promised there won’t be any pressures on Kali. Lets go Kali. they go in. Dewri says in heart my power can change anyone.

Naina isn’t drinking milk. Kali says Naina why are you not drinking milk? manjiri says she might not be hungry, Kali says no I think she is not well. We should call the doctor. Manjiri says no consult on the phone. You know how everything is in the house. They would force you to do as Dewri asks.

asks dewri where are you going? He says to do saadhna. Jamna says where you do you go? He says I wont tell you. Jamna says I feel like your intentions aren’t right. Nandu comes. Jamna changes her tone and says do sadhna in the home. Nandu says ma why were you mad at him? She says I was just asking him to do the sadha in house. Nandu says I should go say good night to bride. Then tell me some story bro. Dewri nods.
Nandu comes to Kali and says why don’t you listen to my brother? He knows a lot. What if die. Kali shouts Nandu.. Nandu leaves crying. Yug sees Nnadu coming out of Kali’s room.

Scene 2
At night, Dewri is doing his tap.
Dewri recalls when he used to do the tap in childhood. Prohit said very good do more. Dewri says in heart I did that tap for Vishwa now I have to do that for myself. I have to create danger for that baby and scare Kali. I have to show my power. He keeps doing the tap. Naina starts crying in her room and rocky barks. Kali says don’t cry naina. Leela comes there. Everyone else comes as well and asks why is she crying. Kali says she was asleep then she started crying. Dewri comes and says kids have a stronger sixth sense than elders. She has a sense of danger coming her way. Kali says don’t cry naina. dewri says there is a dark evil soul in this house. Before it gets so powerful you people decide if you want to do the tap or not? Kali says don’t scare people. She is a kid. Manjiri says I will make her sleep. Dewri says stop. Answer me one thing, if you trust in God then why not in power of evil? Ram is there because Ravan was. What you call superstition is the truth of this world. The dark truth. This girl is kirhsna but she has to face the evil. Leela says save my baby please.
Kali says don’t cry Niana mama is here.

Gauri sees Naina’s shoes all burnt. She shows them to everyone. She says see Naina’s shoes are burned. The candle in temple blows. Dewri does something and Naina stops crying. Leela says to Kali do you have any answer? Kali says naina had pain and she was okay when I walked with her so she stopped crying. Manjiri says she is right. Yug says we know thats not the thing Manji ma. He is right if there is God there is evil. Raghu says there is nothing to argue about it. Its about Naina. Gauri says dadi you gave my baby to Kali and saw what happened? If anything happens to her I won’t leave any of you. Manjiri says enough. Kali go make Naina sleep. Yug says this is not done. Manjiri says we will talk tomorrow.

Manjiri says if we seek Nandu’s help we might find something about Dewri. Kali says yes I should ask Nandu. Manjiri says give Naina bath. kali takes Naian to washroom. Naina’s toy slips in the tub and Kali sees the water is burning hot. Manjrii asks what happened. kali shows her the toy melted. Manjiri says how did water start boiling?

Precap-Dewri holds Manjiri’s hand and says don’t be stupid. Convince your kali she is shoving her daughter in death. Manjiri says nothing can harm her no matter how powerful evil is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Most of the people are waiting for kayu reunion only otherwise they stop watching this show earlier only.reunite them otherwise no one going to watch this show.

  3. Reunion happens in last five minutes of last episode of the show… Until then bear all these rubbish

  4. yes they all r ryt……we need kali nd yug as much as possibl togtr…..bcz…they bouth find the wright path for nina’s safe…nd pllz kick out dat crap gouri…?…..she is the big evil of dis show…?

  5. I think nandu will help kali n dewri will pay for his sin

  6. Change the name of serial. It should be “kaala tantra” or “kaala viswas” means andh-viswas. What the name kaala thika stands for? Only few episode shows it is kaala tika show. But then? Stop it. Why people make show which makes you belive that there is an evil. plz show something which help us to overcome such stupid theories.

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