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Scene 1
Kali screams yug’s name. He is hanging from a stone and says kali.. Kali says hold on I am coming there. She ties a rope and says give me your hand please. He gives her hand. Kali says please hold on I am trying to get help. Kali says I won’t let anything happen to her. She ties her hand to a tree and gives her hand to yug. Yug comes up.Kali pulls him. Kali hugs him and says are you okay? Kali says are you okay? I won’t let anything happen to you. Kali faints. yug says kali… He says what happened to you. Yug picks her up and takes her home.
Yug says call the doctor. Leela says how did this all happen. Why is your head bleeding. Yug says we met an accident if Kali wasn’t there I won’t be alive. Kali risked her life and saved mine. Leela says thank

God you are okay. She says I am glad I brought kali in this house. Kali will stay in this house no matter what. She says call the doctor.

Chulbuli calls sharmila and tells her. Chulbuli says you aren’t hyped. Sharmila says i am chilled. Cold hurts your more than fire. Vishwa hurt me through neel. I will ruin this house. Chulbul says very good.
Yug comes to kali’s room and sits next to her. He recalls the entire incident. He holds kali’s hand. Kali says are you okay? He says yes Iam good. He picks her up. Gauri says they are all into kali. Gauri says yug I think Kali should go back to her room. You need rest too. yug says how can you talk about rooms in this time. You rest Kali I am bringing your med. Gauri says to kali I didn’t know you do this good drama. Now get out of here. Kali says I will calm down when you leave from here. Gauri says you.. Yug comes in. Gauri says Kali I will take care of you. You will be fine. Kali says who does better drama you or I? Gauri says you started flying yug took a little care of you. He is just mine.

Chulbul says let me do this maa ji. Leela says she saved yug’s life I can do this for yug. Vishwa comes in and says where is kali? You didn’t inform us. Yug called us.. Chulbul says didn’t want to disturb you at night. Vishwa says because of you kali is here. you accepted some terms of manjiri and brought her here. I thought you would keep her happy here. Like we are accepting your daughter. Accept kali the same way.
Yug comes downstairs. He says I am taking care of kali she is better now. Vishwa says take care of yourself too. Manjiri says I know you will see and accept truth. I am glad you are taking care of kali.

Chulbul tells sharmila everything on call.She says I know what to do. Vishwa and manjiri come home. Sharmila says on call so what else kala teeka means. She should be used to this. she is servant. Vishwa says what are you saying. She is our daughter. Shamrila says don’t argue with me because of that third class girl. Vishwa says stay in your limit. Neel comes in. Sharmila says I forgave you after all that you did and you are saying this to me. Sharmila says this is divide and rule now see what I do.

Kali tries to get up. yug says you want something? She says water. Yug gives her water. Kali says I am better now. Using your room has made problems. I should go to my room. She is about to fall. Yug holds her.

Precap-Kali says no no I won’t eat it. Yug makes her eat medicine. Gauri says to Leela this is all happening because of you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Gauri stupid plan against kali fall great this will bring yug and kali more closer

  2. Great episode!!!!?????

  3. I know it, kali saved yug, the power of good can’t be defeated by bad, gauri’s plan failed and it’s showing reverse effect favouring to kali

  4. I’m so glad this backfire on gauri I just hope they continue along these lines and don’t be a cliche of zee serial


    So nice… atleast this accident made yug and kali to spend good tym, and gauri is burning waawo???????…
    But plz do not dragg too much, ram and sita cannot be far for long….

  6. How long dey will take to bring the truth yaa?? Don’t show dis gauri with yug ya.. Its so disgusting.. Pls bring ram and sita closer as u portraying d character of yug nd Kali… Pls do some favour.. Ram has suffered a lot during DAT vanavas period.. Like DAT now yug s suffering na.. Am so worried for yug… Kali Ur acting s nice.. Keep on rocking… Guys….

  7. Sorry guys.. Ram has suffered a lot during the period of sita’s separation I mean..

  8. A step towards yug and kali’s love.

  9. I loved the episode today! but bit scare what will happen next?????

  10. I’m happy that viswa doesn’t even care about that gauri?… She has to realize what she was doing wrong But I’m sure she never going to realize cos the abscess she has on Yug will blind her… Stupid gauri????

  11. In the precap gauri tells Leela that kaali was behind Yug’s fall off the cliff. You guys are right.. They are unnecessarily dragging the story. Irritating

  12. Today episode is so good but yug didn’t know the truth. So sad

  13. Precap doesn’t make sense cuz yug remember how he was hit…will she plot Kali for the accident?

    N the flashbacks yug got was of dream sequence…what a memory…

    N the most stupid thing is that yug got hit by a trick and fell so badly…he was able to get himself up….n he got just a lil injury…whereas Kali who saved her got badly hurt….amazing isint it….kaali merely got hurt….n such a big bandage…I feel they mistaken the blood of yug n Kali head as her injury…ROFL

    1. well atleast that they are getting close that’s all the matter…that’s what we see:)

  14. According to leela yug life is important. she know gauri gundali is bad.. no matter what gauri tried brain wash leela. I don’t think leela will not that easily send out kali from that house.

  15. I think kali is faking to get closer to yug n good for gauri

    1. True.

    2. Sorry, I’m confuse… What’s wrong with Kali faking to get close to Yug????? n why is good for gauri??? I don’t get it????

  16. Well if she’s faking good job kali cuz she have always done what’s best for others and forget about herself!!???

  17. When i see gauri face I’m frustrating cos she sounds like angry but I can read her face if she is angry or not…can’t she know how to show emotions on her face… she sound angry but when they show face nothing but staring.?

  18. Really gauri is irratating me…I hope leela doesn’t believe gauri that Kali push Yug from the cliff… This is stupid….????????

  19. Gaurie is really horrible cuz she’s really going to the lenghts of saying kali push for Yug of the clift in the precap???

  20. Precap is not good guys. How many days they will dragging this story? When yug know the truth? Pls writer reveal the truth infront of Yug. Atleast yug believe kali support her

  21. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n dehleez fan)

    Finally Kayu scenes actually I m enjoying Kaala Teeka these days 🙂

  22. Hey guys anyone pls tell me in yesterday episode of kaala teeka serial one song is played when kali and yug together. Pls tell me that song pls

  23. Hi guys anyone pls tell me one thing guys. In yesterday episode of kaala teeka serial one song is played when kali and yug together. Pls tell me that song name Plssssssss

  24. Hey guys..um very much afraid that if Leela believed Gauri’s words again…it will be very difficult for kali and yug to get together..i dnt feel like watching that episode yea…instead it will be good if Leela suspect Gauri….

    1. Same here I’m also bit afraid what if leela believe gauri but Yug told her clearly that she save him… One thing for sure no matter what Yug is not going to believe gauri for this…I hope leela believe Yug word and ignore gauri.?

    2. I too want to know tat song….did u got it…..if so plz tell me also…

  25. why they are dragging the story? when yug know the truth? I think it take some more episodes… gauri n leela is irritating so much.. manjimaa n kali r nice..

  26. Waw Wat a cool episode. all I want is Gauri …….to be caught…… ####yug

  27. Loved the episode……..kayu scenes were awesome ……. plz morw kayu scenes n no neel and sharmila scenes …… plz guys didi u like neelu n sharmila scenes in between kayu scenes….. by the way precap wad worst…… leela must believe yug not gauri as yug clearly said that kali saved him……

    After all episode was awesome ……..can’t wait for today’s episode. ….

    1. I mean not didi it’s di

    2. I hate neel and sharmila scenes cos its useless..viswa said sorry and feel bad about what he did…she has to accept that but she didn’t. she think her life is destroyed..she also lied too …she didn’t tell yug about kali stop neel from harass her…but she lied that neel raped her and she is talking about her life is spoil because of them…anyway I only like to watch KaYu scenes only and I love majari cos she only defend the right thing.

  28. No one are give reply to my request

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