Kaala Teeka 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Vishwa says the engagement was well done. Lets prepare for wedding now. Manjiri tries to walk. All the guests leave.
Gauri comes to her room crying she throws away her jewelry. Gauri says you forgot me in front of your will. Yug comes to Manjiri. She says you got engaged and forgot me. I wanted to meet Gauri.
Kali says Yug saw me singing. I had to tell him truth or he would have broken the engagement.
Yug says I have been deceived. It was not Gauri’s voice. It was Kali’s.
Kali says I didn’t have a chance. Gauri says you wanted tell him truth before me. Yuhg was so rude to me, if this wedding calls off you dont know what I will do.

Manjiri says aren’t you happy about it? The voice you were looking for is Kali’s. Yug says I don’t

have an answer. More questions come with answers.
Kali says he kept asking me questions. Gauri says enough. She picks a knife and says I will kill myself. I love him I can’t imagine my life without him. Kali says you wil get married to yug and I will do anything to make it happen. Gauri says really? Kali says yes. Garui hugs her in sobs.

Yug recalls what Kali said. Manjiri sits with Yug.
Kali is crying in her room, she hugs manjiri’s picture. Manjiri says if there is love, house becomes heaven.
Kali says I never wanted to come between yug and Gauri. I couldn’t do a thing. I had to tell truth. I lost a friend today. Yug says now whatever happens, I have to marry gauri for sharmila and this house. Kali says I will talk to yug and try to fix everything.

Kalyani says I have to get leela in my control. Vishwa says on call I want everything perfect on call. Don’t worry about leela. I will go temple later.
Yug gets a call from Gauri. Its kali calling him. Gauri comes and sees kali using her phone. Gauri says I had been trying to call him. He picked and said I am busy. This is all your fault. you ruined my happiness. Kali says I will talk to him and fix everything. Gauri says yug is mine and will always be mine. You made a mistake and now you have to fix it. You have 48 hours. Or I will tell everything to papa. He will never talk to you again.

Kalyani comes to temple and says now see what I do there.
Leela says to mukta what do you want. She says I came to pray for yug. Leela says he is getting married stay away from him. I am going to do pooja. Dont come in.
Yug sees thank you ram ji written on his car, which kali wrote. She writes sorry on his car. She tries to apologize. Yug sees her and ignores her. she stands there. Yug drops his cup of coffee and goes in.

leela is doing pooja. Kalyani comes and says pandit ji.. I came to give you sankalp. We have to do pooja in name of gauri for her wedding. Leela sees her. Pandit says send us all the stuff of pooja. Leela says it must be the pooja vishwa was talking about. Kalyani says she has a lot of troubles in her kundli.
Kali waits for yug in garden. He sees her from window. Kalyani walks past manjiri. She collides with her. Manjiri says be careful. Kalyani is shocked by her voice. she says this voice is like manjiri’s.

Precap-Yug comes downstairs running. Kali is about to faint. He holds her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So small episode

  2. Wow Kalyani has done a great job. Kalyani confused Leela ma. This is a fantastic. Now Leela ma will be thinking only abt Kalyani’s words which will enroot to kundli exposure.

    Wishing to happen it soon

    1. yeah u r rgt shobana!!
      and we can get more kalyug scenes…….

  3. Wow.. Nice precap.. Am waiting for next episode of kayug scene.. Pls unite Kali and yug.. How gauri can say its kali’s mistake??? Its her mistake but always put blame on kali.. I hate gauri..pls go to the hell.. If kalyani sees manjiri wat will happen next.. I think she won’t see manjiri instead of she will turn.. At last kalyani will not see her again bcoz b4 turning to see her leela will come there.. I think so.. Wst u think guys?? Am I right..I love Kali..

    1. I too think that Kalyani won’t see manjima

  4. I think after this we can see more of Kali and yug scene.. Am waiting for that..

  5. oh my gosh…gauri is threatening kaali..gauri go to hell. I wish yug never marry you ..so no one is in show to help kaali…..doesn’t kaali deserve some happiness…always gauri has to be happy. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate this show. I’m frustrating when I watch this show..

    1. Kalyani is helping kaali in disguise
      She wanted to ruin gauri’s marriage with yug which is an advantage to kaali

      1. Ya but on other hand Kaali told gauri..she will do anything to that marriage happen.

      2. Kaali has even said that she wont sing hereafter but she sings

        If Leela ma comes to know about kundli automatically the marriage will be stopped

      3. but she wont stop the marriage either..n she will help bcuz gauri said i ll die n all those ridiculous stuff…from precap its sure tht yug luvs kaali n he will come to know tht soon…
        bt idk there is some expectation from the show tht they wont show what always happens in mainstream..
        all the new show of zee r good

      4. Ya she wont stop that’s y I said Leela ma ir Kalyani will stop this marriage
        But kaali will try her best to make yug and gauri’s marriage successful

        One more thing still now kaali is thinking that vishwa veer jha has told Leela ma that the kundli is hers and not gauri’s
        May be aft kaali comes to know about vishwa’s lie that promo scene will come
        And i think according to that kaali will try to tell abt kundli

      5. which promo scene?

      6. Kaali spoke against vishwa that she will tell truth and no more a kaala teeka

  6. WoW.. let’s wait n c.. will yug forgive Kali.. if yes then how…

  7. Great gauri is blackmailing kali ….. So now kali will do everything to make tis wedding happen…. My hope now lies in kalyani… i hope she dont see manjiri though i want kali to see her first

  8. Actually I am excited for Monday episode bcz I think so it will be nice episode bcz of precap…gaur is very selfish she consider yug a property which only belongs to her and kaali having sympathy will help her …I hope yug saves kaali from selfish vishwa and gaur .nd there manjiri is treated badly by dadI. ..

  9. Precap KaYu love KaYu scenes now only hope is manji

    1. ya manji maa is the only hope… i think she will set everything fine…

  10. fr d 1st time…i am grtfl 2 dis kalyani…

  11. I hope Yug forgive Kaali but not to listen to marry Gauri. I wonder when Kaali going realize about her life and likes n no matter what she does for them…viswa and gauri never accept her as her part of their family for sure….Gauri already mention in this episode if he don’t accept her..she will told that viswa n he never forgive her…that threatning..i HATE gauri.

  12. i think its time for the entry of a second male lead. wat do you guys think?

    1. Ya…save gauri from some danger so that she can fall for him……that way yug will be free to marry kaali…its sooo funny that Gauri fall in love with yug in 2 days nd she can’t live without him……hahaha mental gauri….

    2. yh ur right.

  13. have u guys not realised what yug said that now whatever happens he has to marry gauri for sharmila’s sake and his home…….

    1. Bt if Leela ma comes to know about vishwa veer jha’s kundli fraud then she will stop both the marriages

      I want Sharmila to speak about what has happened in exam hall to her family members after kundli exposure
      Aft hearing al this Leela ma will definitely stop the marriage

      This is my assumption lets see what happens

      1. yeah..after this she will try to find out..bcuz kalyani also told her gotra n all

  14. Yea manji ma is the only hope I agree it’s time for a next guy to enter . What do u guys think ??

  15. I really Love this show I’m hoping kali can have some happiness cuz she deserves it and yug will do the right thing and forget abt gauri but you guys know there’s alot of drama ahead!!can’t wait for Mondays episode

  16. Waiting for kayu scenes

  17. Atiba you like tashan e ishq and kaala teeka!!!Love pre cap!!!?????????????☺☺☺⛲⏰??⌚????⛲????⌛⏳⏰

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