Kaala Teeka 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kali sees gauri and says I should take rounds around gauri. It always helps her.
Kalyani says to manjiri I am going to give gauri the drink you made.
Suddenly phone rings and vishwa who is asleep next to gauri wakes up. Kali hides under the bed. She sees same kalyani’s box. Vishwa picks the call.
Kalyani says I have to go now. Manjiri says wait.. Kalyani says i am sending vishwa give him something to eat.
Kali takes the box. She runs out of the room. Kalyani says in heart i have two weapons. How will you save gauri now. She looks under the bed. The box isn’t there. Kali is hidden behind the pillar. She spills the bowl of team.

Kali shows the box to manjiri. manjiri smells it, its the same she did in vishwa’s milk glass. She says this

is poison. Kali says I saw the scorpion in same box. When police was taking me. I wanna show you something else too. She takes her to store and shows her the box. Kali says kalyani was hiding it. there is something in it. Kalyanio is coming there. Manjiri and kali hide. manjiri drops something. Kalyani comes in and doesn’t find anyone in there.

Manjiri hides kali. Vishwa comes and says gauri is conscious. And that kali didn’t even came there. gauri opened her eyes and i talked to her. Doctor said its a miracle. He says its maa’s birthday tomorrow. We will celebrate tomorrow. Swami says sure. we will pray for maa and gauri both. Lets go see her. They all go upstairs.
Manjiri says i will come after handling all this. Kalyani says no i will take care of this, you should go. Manjiri is worried for kali.
Kali is locked in the closet. She says I can’t go out. I should stay here. I will keep seeing what tai ji is doing.

Next morning, manjiri says i couldn’t even go and see kali. Vishwa comes with gauri. Swami says may God always protect you. When God can forgive us, we can forgive others too. Vishwa says that is what this event is for. Gauri says where is kali? Vishwa says i have sent her somewhere. Gauri says but she came to my room last night. Everyone is dazed. Vishwa sys what? Gauri says she came to me and said you will be okay now. Mad says must be your dream. Don’t take her name. She brought scorpion.. Manjiri says don’t talk all that in front of her. Vishwa says let me show gauri preparations. kalyani wonders if kali is in home. She says swami i was thinking we should send some sweets to kali. she is part of this house. I think I should go myself rather. Vishwa says you wont go there nor would you send any sweets. If someone does this I will stop eating.

The party starts. Kalyani calls the jail and says can you call kali.. He says please hold. He gets indulged in TV. He says she is having breakfast can’t call her. He says this to avoid getting up. She says this means kali is there.
Manjiri says how can i take kali out.
Kalyani comes to mnajiri and asks where are you going? She says i was going to bring juices. Lets go sees food. Manjiri says bhabhi do pooja with everyone. Kalyani says stay here i dont know anyone here. Kalyani sees that manjiri is gone. She sees someone’s back with same as manjiri’s cloths.

Manjiri takes kali out. She hugs her. Manjiri says i am sorry i took too long. you must be hungry. She gives her sweets and water. Kali says we have to see that trunk.
Kalyani sees that woman isn’t manjiri.

Precap-Kali says that trunk was here. Manjiri says she has hidden it. Lets find. Kalyani is looking for manjiri. She sees kali and manjiri in store.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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