Kaala Teeka 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Aman says to yug don’t worry you can meet her tomorrow. Kali and gauri come out. Aman says gauri must be in this college as well. Kali says gauri you have to submit this project today. She says kali you do it.
A girl comes to yug and says please give this file to sharmila. He says sure. Yug collides with kali. He picks her file and papers. He says why you come everywhere? What were you doing in recording studio. She says college. He says sponsors for event? did Kumar agree? He didn’t know that yesterday’s event was possible because of you. He says thank you for saving my event. I owe you a treat. Mithla’s best cafe. She says I did what was right. I don’t need a treat. He says come there at 4. I want to talk about somethings too. I will tell you there.

Kali comes to yug again/ Yug says you came to say yes. She says you took my file. They exchange files. He says thank and leaves. He says I will wait. Aman says she wont come. Yug says she will. She says this is where I wanted to do nail art. You go to cafe cocopit and get pastries. Kali says there? Gauri says yes.

Dadi does Sharmila’s shuddi karan. She is crying. Dadi says if you did something good we would have sparkled flowers on you. Manjiri sees this, she says maa ji what re you doing? dadi says I am doing her shuddi karan. We should have done yours too. But my brother made you his sister, that doesn’t make your our daughter. You’re a servant. Stay in your limits. Dadi says to sharmila now go and sit like this in room. And shower after sunset.
Kali and gauri are on their way. Tire punctures. Gauri says let me call neelu. He will send another car. Kali sees the cafe in front of her. She says what game fate is playing with me.

Kali comes to the cafe. Gauri comes there and says what are you doing here? They wont give you for free. She gives her money and says get them packed for mad and tai as well. Buy good pastries. Gauri leaves, yug comes in as well. Yug says to kali come sit. He says so what will you take? She says anything. He says thats not on the menu. He says to cappuccino. He says you are being shy? And is black your favorite? Every time I saw you you were wearing black. It suits you. He says thanks. He says do you think thanks cancels the treat. I don’t understand if its heavy or light to say thanks. The listener understands its worth. I told you about this girl Gauri. She says in heart, I have to talk to gauri first. He says are you listening? Kali says I have to go. I have to parcel pastries. He says sit, I have ordered cappuccino. He holds her hand. He says sorry. He keeps talking kali smiles. The song ‘kon mera’ plays. Kali points at the coffee on his upperlip.
He says shit, I have forgotten my valet. She says I have money. He says I can’t ask you to pay on my treat.

Precap-Neel is on call. Gauri says we can go home now. Go bring my bag from the parlour.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode waiting for Kalyug marriage

    1. I think sofe it ll definitely take time for kali n yug marriage cuz first yug wants to know abt voice is kali’s nt gauri’s n yug grandma want to accept kali n kali need to knw that manjima is still alive n Sharmila cuz of kali n gauri ly she got such a punishment how ll she allow yug to marry kali
      On the whole it ll take time for there marriage
      V ve to wait patiently for that
      And me too eagerly waiting for yug n kali’s marriage

  2. Varsha Darshini

    I hope Gauri’s truth comes out and Kali n Yug marry each other as they are made for each other. Hope for the best…

  3. Actually I don’t understand this what is the meaning for Kala teeka ???? Why Kali doing gauris work ??? Yesterday only I started watching this show … So can anyone explain me ???

    1. Kala teeka means black spot that’s y kali always wear black dress
      Kali is doing gauri’s cuz kalis work is to b always with gauri and to save her frm all problems
      Its a superstitious belief of gauri’s dad that whenever kali is with gauri, gauri ll b safe

    2. Actually i also strt to watch yesterday.

  4. This episode was superb
    Bt don’t know whether kali will able to tell or nt that she is his childhood sita and the voice he was searching is hers

  5. Thank you shobana …

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