Kaala Teeka 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Manjiri says lets go tell everyone. Kali says no nandu won’t trust us. Manjiri says we will tell him we saw the kid going there. Kali says this battle is going to be ugly and I will fight it.
Devri says to Deva Kali has seen you I have to kill you. We have to hide you. Deva says but we wil need naina for her. Devri says I will bring her to the spot.
Devri says we can’t do it here. We will do it in our cave.
Everyone is doing prayer in temple downstairs. Devri and Deva come to Naian’s room. Kali comes and says come downstair. There i a pooja. She gives him a head band form temple and says wear it everyone is wearing. He says my wound is not dry yet. I can’t. Nandu says no worries come lets sit. DEvri sits there in temple. DEva comes there and

says what to do now? how will we get Naina out of there? Devri says I will do something.

Naina hears an animal crying in the sleep. She see a cat and goes after it
Kali drops the pooja plate near devri. He says I am sorry. Kali gets busy picking it up. Naina passes from her back and goes outside the house following the cat. Devri says I knew this would happen.

Naina is walking in the jungle. She comes near the cave. Naina sees a cat it turns in to Deva. Nana is dazed. He tries to do some magic on Naina. Naina faints. Deva says hurry up devri we don’t have much time. Devri comes and says I know. Deva says prepare the black sand. Devri is doing some tricks. Naina is lying there.
Manjiri sees some footsteps. She says Kali come here. Kali is doing pooja in the temple.
Deva says hurry up Devri. Devri lits fire next to Naina. Deva says we need your powers back This is very important.
Manjiri and Kali see the footsteps. They run upstairs to check Naina. Kali sees Naina is not in her bed. Manjiri says where is Naina. Kali says he took Naina. He took my daughter. He will kill her. Manjiri says nothing will happen don’t worry.

Deva says hurry up devri we don’t have much time. Take her blood out. DEvri takes out Naina’s blood and pours in on fire.
Kali comes and says he took naina.. Nandu says who? Kali says your brother devri. Nandu says why you accuse him all the time? Devri is sitting there in the temple. Kaliand Manjiri are dazed. Kali says how is this possible. Nandu says this is the truth. See him he is here. Kali prays. Devri suddenly looks like a shadow.

Precap-devri lies on the fire. Kali and Manjiri are in the jungle. They look for Naina. Devri says after today you will do what I ask.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am fed up with devri n deva I hope this time Nandu put an end to his brother

  2. Boring no education in it full of crap

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