Kaala Teeka 19th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Jethi says keep standing there. They hide Manjiri. Jethi says what is happening in this house.
Jethi sees Manjiri but her vision is still blurred. she says who is this weaing colored clothes. This is madhuri. All the kids laugh. She says I used to wear the same clothes. I had so many dreams. She sees mad and says what are you doing in the house Manjiri. And why are you going upstairs? Mad has cucumbers on her eyes she cant see anything. Jethi says you ate my rights I will kick you out of this house. she takes her hand and says come to me to the car. She takes her in the car somewhere. The kids come out with Manjiri. Kaali says thank you ram ji. They all sit in the car and leave.
Kali says in heart this is all I want manjiri maa. Never wear white clothes and keep smiling. I hope bady papa

doesn’t get mad at you. Manji ma is so nice. I hope you and Bady papa always stay together.

Prohit and Vishwa welcome the guests. Prohit says the conractor didn’t pick my call. Vishwa says dont give me excuses. Kids and manjiri come. Vishwa and prohit are dazed to see her.

Mad takes the cucumber off her face. she says where is this car going? Is parlour too away? I will be a little late but I am the wife. Who else will Vishwa marry? Prohit?
Kali says get bady papa married to manji. Please let it work.
Prohit says what is manji doing here she should be in widow asylum and in white.
Prohit gets a call and says the contractor has started working.
Prohit goes to a side and call Jethi but she doesn’t pick up. Manjiri starts coming in. Vishwa says what are you trying to do? Why are you wearing Mad’s lehnga? Manjiri says but you sent it for me so I can come here? Manjiri looks at kali. Gauri says this was our plan. Sorry badi mama. Kali says sorry. It was our plan. Will you both get married again? Please. Manjiri says what are you saying kali. Vishwa says let her complete. Prohit says leave what kids are saying vishwa. Kali says you both are upset and I dont like that. Gauri says please fulfill our wish papa. Manjiri says you dont have to listen to them. I will go home and convince them. Prohit says to Vishwa lets go from here.

Manjiri starts walking towards the car. gauri takes the mic and says on it, papa. you all don’t know me. My papa said that he will take me to a wedding today. So I said that I want to see your wedding. He listens to me. He said okay this is why my badi mama has come in wedding clothes so she can marry bady papa here. Everyone claps. Vishwa and manjiri are dazed.

Precap-the host says our wedding has been graced by the presence of such honorable guests and now he will marry his wife here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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