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Scene 1
Manjali asks Madhuri if she has seen Kaali? Mandhuri says she must be playing somewhere. Manjali says where would she go? Her world is only this house. Madhuri says come help me with clothes. JT says in heart she is going out today.

Vishwa brings the gifts. Teacher says the kids will be so happy. All the kids thank Vishwa. He says tell all the kids that my daughter is a princess and treat her like that. He leaves.
teacher says good morning everyone. We will read rhymes today. They read twinkle twinkle. Kaali is seeing all this from the box. Gauri looks at the box. Kaali reads the rhymes as well. Gauri is dozy.

Manjali asks beauty to look for Kaali. JT laughs in her room. Suddenly the dynamites start exploding and all the gift boxes are on fire. All the kids run

out. Kaali is still in box and Gauri is asleep.
Vishwa says to probhit I am always worried for Gauri. She has stepped out first time. Prohit says God has made Kaali to protect Gauri. Someone calls Vishwa that there is a fire in gauri’s school.
Kaali screams gauri wake up everything is one fire. Gauri wakes up and starts screaming kaali’s name. She says save me. Prohit says we kept gauri away from kaali maybe this is because of that.
gauri is about to go out but she turns towards the box.

Beauty tells Manjali that Kaali is nowhere. Manjali says I am really worried. Madhuri screams.
Kaali comes out of box. Gauri is surrounded by fire. She says save me Kaali. Madhuri tells Manjali that the school is on fire. JT says oh God what has happened. It was Gauri’s second day. manajali says in heart is kaali with gauri?
Kaali tries to save Gauri.
Madhuri says please drive fast. Manjali says i hope all kids are okay. JT says neel is there as well.
Vishwa reaches the school. JT hugs neel and asks are you okay? He says yes but Gauri is stuck upstair.
Gauri faints. Kaali tries to get her up. Vishwa reaches strides the class.

Vishwa, and every sees Gauri inside. Vishwa says if something happens to her i will destroy everything. Manjali says my heart says that kaali is here as well. Manjali sees Kaali inside and says this time is your test as well. You always protect Gauri. Kaali wakes Gauri up. She hugs her. Gauri says I will die. Kaali says I wont let anything happen to you. I am your protector.
Kaali takes Gauri out. Everyone is dazed. JT is mad to see them alive.
Vishwa hugs gauri and says are you okay? Did something happen to you? Kaali is standing there as well. Kaali says she is fine. Her breath is heavy. Kaali says i wont let anything happen to her. She faints. Manjali says in heart she has given your daughter life at least give her some love.

Precap-Manjali says you all saw how kaali saved Gauri. JT says this happened because of Kaali. Ask her how she wen to school? Kaali says don’t be mad at manjali. I went to school myself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. Yes me too. Innocence well portray by the children. Thks for de update too.

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