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Scene 1
Vishwa is sitting beside Gauri and is sad, he says nothing should happen to her, he cries and says Lord take my life but spare her life, make her fine now, Kalyani thinks that Gauri’s health should deteriorate more, her health should not get fine, she should die in this situation as then no one will doubt me.
Kali is tied upside down, Yug sees her and asks what she is doing here? she sees him Ram’s avatar and says i knew you would come to save me, he says i will save you, he brings Kali down, Kali thanks him, he asks why you are always in problem? what are you doing in jail? Kali says i told you everything when i talked to your photo, Gauri is in problem, he says you both are always in problem, Kali asks him to send her home, he says yes lets go to Ram’s leela,

she says but.. he says dont worry, Ram ji with you, Kali smiles to him, they both leave.
Yug brings Kali to Ram’s leela play, his friend tells him that Champa who is going to play Sita is not found here, what to do? Yugi gets idea and smiles at Kali.
The girls who had hanged Kali upside down thinks that what if guard gets to know about their act, guard starts counting kids, they fool her by standing at two position so that she doesnt get to know that Kali is not present there, they think to bring Kali down after play ends.
Kalyani comes in jungle, she takes some leaves and says if i mix them in Kadha then Gauri will leave world.

Scene 2
Yugi brings Kali on stage as Sita for play but she has veil on her face. They start the play, they ask Kali to speak something as its her lines, other guy is shocked to see that its not Champa but Kali, yug says Champa slept so not this is our Sita, he asks Kali to speak up loudly that deer is good, Kali says say loudly how good this deer is, all laugh, Yug as Ram asks if she wants this deer? she says no its wrong to kill animals, all laugh, Yug asks her to say that you want this deer, she says it, he says i will bring it, Yug goes to bring deer and screams, Kali says he must have fell down, all laugh, laxman asks Sita to act worried, she does, she acts funny, Champa comes there as Sita, Kali says i am sita, champa says i am sita, the bully girls say that its seems like new girl is acting as sita, we should tell guard, Yug switches off lights and takes Kai from there.
Kalyani mixes poisonous leaves in Kadha and says Vishwa have to cry, Gauri will leave world soon.
Manjri sees Kalyani going out of room, she finds a leaf there, she is stunned and says this is wild plant’s leaf, how did it come here?
Yug is in car with Kali, Kali thanks him for bringing her out, he asks her to tell address of her house, she says i dont know, he says you dont know anything, how will send you home then? Kali says drop me at school then i will go to home, i will tell everyone who is hurting Gauri, Yug says no one will believe you as you took blame on yourself first, you are too innocent, you should become smart, if someone is wrong then you should treat them smartly, Kali says i will do what you say. School comes, Yug asks her to not be in some other problem next time, he wishes her luck, Kali leaves.
Kali runs to home.
Kalyani comes to Gauri, she says to Vishwa that you should eat something, she will not get fine if you keep sitting here, Vishwa says i am praying for her, when medicines dont work then prayers do, Kalyani says but you should not stay hungry, you can pray after eating something, now go and eat something, Vishwa is about leave but Gauri starts coughing, the Kadha falls from Kalyani’s hands, Vishwa doesnt see it, Vishwa says i cant go leaving her, she is in pain, he asks her to bring Kadha which Mad prepared, bring it from kitchen.
Kali comes to Manjri, Manjri is happy to see her and kisses her, she asks how come you here? i went to meet you but i couldnt, Kali says i saw you, Kali says i didnt do anything, i know who brought that scorpio, its Kalyani, Manjri is shocked, she says i want to meet Gauri, Manjri says Vishwa is there, Kali says i will see her secretly, she will get fine when i will take rounds around her, Manjri says trust God, everything will be fine but if you want then i will take you, they leave.
Kali comes in Gauri’s room and sees Vishwa sitting beside her, Kalyani is going to Gauri’s room but Manjri stops her. Kali says i wont let anything happen to Gauri.

PRECAP- Vishwa tells family that Gauri has become conscious and Kali didnt take any rounds around her. Gauri says but kali came in my room and said that she wont let anything happen to me, Vishwa is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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