Kaala Teeka 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Gauri and kali come for audition. Yug says I will meet kali today finally. GAuri coms in and meets company owners. They say we have four studios in this office. You have to record your voice. 2 and 4 are empty. They take her to studio no. 2. Gauri goes in studio. Kali goes in studio 4 and changes the console room wire to 4. Kali sings and Gairi pretends. Yug is buying flowers. Yug comes upstairs. He walks in and collides with Kali. He says what are you doing here? I would never have thought that was your voice. There was a connection between you and me. Why you never told me I was looking for you. A man comes in and asks why is this studio open. Gauri was in studio 4. Yug says is she still there? Yug runs. He goes in console room. Gauri has left. He runs Gauri isn’t there. Yug

comes in photoshoot room, she has left from there as well. Yug collides with speaker. the manager is mad at him. Yug says let me talk to her. I want to see her please show me her photos. He says go out. The photographer asks him to go out.

Manjiri calls him. She says couldn’t find her? He says I couldn’t. Go find her.
She says go to sharmila’s college, she has not gone. Its her last day to submit fees. Yug says why hasn’t she gone? Manjiri says I don’t know.
Dadi slaps Sharmila. Principal says I told you so you can talk to her. This is wrong.Dadi says keep it to yourself. Principal says if she does it again we will have to rusticate her. Dadi says who is it? she grasps her hair.
She says you were getting married after two months yet you did this. Sharmila says please listen to me. He did this. She says you must have attracted him. Chulbuli says maa ji leave her, I will talk to her. Its better he came home. Don’t ever do this again. Sharmila says this is not my mistake. Chul says quite now. Dadi says we have to do her shuddi karan. Vishwa says we have to go with proposal today. Vishwa says neel you should come too. Neel says me? Vishwa says yes you have to come as well.
Sharmila says this is neel’s mistake. Dadi says you are not old enough to question my order. Take her in room, we will shower her with cow urine.
Sharmila says I wont leave anyone.

Kali comes home and sees all the prepartions. Mad says I saw her face, unlucky. Gauri says she is my kala teeka, whenever she is with me, everything good happens. VIshwa sys I want to talk to you. She says no I have to charge my phone.
Vishwa asks mad is haldi ready? MAd says yes it is. He brings shagun from temple. Kali spills haldi, her hands get stamped on shagun. Vishwa says gauri put haldi on these shagun. Gauri says I did this already. Kali lets go to college. Kali says thank you to gauri.

Precap-Kali sees yug in college. He picks her papers for her. He says do you love me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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