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Scene 1
Kali is making a small locker. She says Neel write thank you on it. I dont know how to write. He writes in on it. Kali says I am kala teeka so I wear black but why manjiri maa wear white? He says when my dad left my mom she stopped wearing colored clothes. If papa is with mummy only then she can wear colored clothes. Kali says so bady papa has left manji ma? Neel says yes. Kali says they can’t separate. I want them both. I can’t let this happen.

Mad is taking rounds. Vishwa says what are you doing? She says I am killing bad eyes on me. And you don’t give me time. I will do second marriage if you don’t. He says have you find another man? She says no I will marry you again. You’re going to function tomorrow you will marry me again there. He says I

have some name in society. Mad says people will respect you for this. Vishwa you are great. He leaves.

Vishwa comes to manjiri’s room and sees her asleep.He sits next to her. He covers her with a blanket. Mad says I should give this milk to manjiri didi. She sees vishwa with Manjirii. Bai says you sister is very clever. You had to marry him tomorrow but he is with his first wife. First love is unforgettable. I told Jethi Manji will kick you out. Mad says I will always think good of her. You better mind your own business. Are you getting it? Never interfere in our matter.
She goes in. Kali sees Manjiri and Vishwa together. She says thank you ram ji.

Next morning, Kali says can’t we find another way. We can’t lie. Gauri says its bad to steal and lie. Neel says my teacher says if you tell them then its not lie. Gauri says whom will we tell? Kali says will you help us dahi bundi? Dahi says we will do anything for bhabhi ma.

Mad is getting ready. She says beauty where are you? You had to fall sick today.
Kali says in temple ram ji we are doing this idea for you. I hope you will help us today liked you help me that day. Mad says to Jethi press my lenga. Its my wedding returns today. Jethi says you will return your wedding? Mad says you have lost your mind before 50. the next part is return. got it now? Gauri brings clothes an says give it to manji maa.
Jethi sees sweets in kitchen. The kids have placed it there. Dahi says we did it. Lets go now. Our plan will work now.
Manjiri says to kali what it is? Kali says they called and said everyone has to wear clothes and come in function. Manjiri says they have invited me? Why does he want to take me?

Mad asks Gauri to ask tridevi to check if her lehnga is pressed. Gauri says wear it later. You should go to beauty parlour. Mad says you are right I should. Gauri says I will take care of your jewelry and dress. Mad says thank you.
Manji says how can I go there? They could call Mad there.
Kali says in heart manji maa is thinking too much. I hope she doesn’t find out our lie.

Kali says we will get mad mama married as well. I am very happy when both mama’s are happy. Neel says look there. Manjiri comes out in the lehnga.

Precap-Jethi comes and stops Manjiri. Neela says look there. Jethi says what is happening.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope he don’t marry mad

  2. What wrong with Madhuri? Now Vishwa has cool down but Madhuri?
    Kaali Guriya u r so adorable. I feel bad when I see message shows – Ishq ka Rang Safed and Kaala Teeka for Dhaani who has to wear white for her entire life and Kaali Guriya who has to wear black for her entire life . 🙁

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