Kaala Teeka 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kali says in 3 weeks I will get my husband back and this is kala teeka’s challenge. Ravan was there in sita and ram’s life too. Whole world knoww what happened to him.
Kali does her arti. She sings that song. Leela comes to temple. She says do pooja after me. Kali says I will be careful next time. Leela says put this coconut in temple. To save yug. Kali says okay I will.

Manjiri gives tea to vishwa. He says what have I done. I ruined two lives for gauri. Manjiri says you didn’t sleep all night. Your bp is high. Don’t think too much.
manjiri hears aryan talking. He says yeah I am coming. Near the temple right.
Manjiri tries calling but her number is off. Manjiri says what should I do. Vishwa is not well. I can call yug.Manjiri calls yug. She

says if you ever considered me mom then go to temple. Something is not right.Kali’s life is in danger. Just go.Yug says okay. he leaves.
Kali plucks the flower.someones graps her and shoves her to the wall.Kali says what are you doing. Stay away from me. She says you are my wife. Kali says I didn’t know you were this disgusting. Aryan says you have no idea what I will do to you.
Manjiri is worried for kali. Kali picks a rod and says stay away from me. Even if my ram doesn’t come I will kill you. She hits him. aryan says yug.. He takes the rod from her. Aryan comes close to kali. She says leave me. He says you will own ravan yourself. Kali screams for help. Kali is crying.
Gauri calls yug. She says why is yug not picking up. Does he know about my plan? Kali says leave me please.
Yug comes there and hits aryan. Yug says are you okay? Kali nods. Lets go home. Kali says why you saved me if you think i am his wife.Yug says because marriage doesn’t mean man has right to do anything to that woman. I would have done this if it was anyone at all. Dont think that you mean anything to me. Kali says I don’t mean anything to you? He says no. Now go home. I am waiting in the car. The song batoon ko teri plays in background.Yug recall his moments with kali.

Kali goes in home. Yug says in rain you have no idea how much it hurts me. I can’t accept that you are someone else’, i can’t fight myself. Someone hugs him from back. Yug says i love kali. its gauri.he goes in anger. Gauri says enough i am your wife. You can’t do this to me. He says i can’t change my feelings. yug locks the door. Yugt breaks a glass and it hurts his hand. Kali says to gauri why are you shocked? You should understand what truth is. Gauri says what truth. Kali says that yug’s heart is mine. You became daughter in law, but yug’s love is for me.

Precap-Kali says its God’s will that yug’s love is for me. gauri is about to slap her kali holds her hand. Gauri says you will lose. Kali says lie has to lose. same will happen this time too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What is wrong with Yug!he’s terrible right now!steupssssss

  2. TQ so much for fast update ms atiba!eventhough itz stil in progress.?????????? satisfied with todayz epi.cant wait for next scene.



    1. Ya.. Gauri do you know the meaning of injustice??????

  4. I’m sure gauri will give up and kali will get her ram but leela will create prblm 4 kali

    1. True.but if yug luv n barosa strong back to kali…they both can fight for their rights… ram n sita.leela also wil give up later.. itz juz dat she will create scenes b4 giving up.

      1. yes masz I’m also thinking the same

    2. Me too guys .stupid gauri.hate her.

  5. Do anyone remember? Once prohit told tat gauri’s kundli wnt even last fr 6mnths with yug.. the same s happening now.. aftr she s thrown out of the house her whole life s spoiled and she deserves it. Today’s episode showed little positivity its just smethng normal.. and its bettr to end this storyline as soon as possible.. ths s not dragging. Bt i dn want it to be dragging like other zeetv shows.. love ths show a lot just fr kali yug n manjiri.. and vishwa atleast realised his mistakes now and its good to have vishwa in positive role.. i want aryan and gauri to get married lol.. gauri deserves only aryan.. Gauri just makes yug realise kali’s love and bring them closer

  6. gauri plllzzz stop naa ur bakwas thingsss….wy u r going too close wd yug……his hear allways beat for kali..they are da raam melaaye jodii……rabne banaadi jodiiii….

  7. gauri is getting the right punishment…. gud Kali… love u….

  8. This is not the precap. It’s already done.. In precap yug tries to cut apple with cut in his hands. So kali tries to help him. But he ignores her. Then she tells him something while gauri watches them…

  9. precap is nice….
    ram loves seetha only… not surpanka..

    1. yees gauri is the surpanka she should be punished

  10. Ive seen one scene uploaded in rohan’s insta.he did a stunt scene himself for next² epi which he wil be hit by a car… ohhh noo must be gauri’s next idea to separate of yug n kali..


    Now show ks getting intersting again….
    Precap is wrong…
    In precap- yug tries to cut apple with bandaged hand but in vain, kali tries to help but her thumb cuts and yug worries.. she ask him to hve food but he refuses and kali becoz it is made by me, but you do not consider me special, i am ordinary like others?? Gauri is watching all this

    1. Thatz must be interesting.TQ so muchh for de precap written correction update… ?????????? at least im uptodate… in Malaysia its one epi behind n eagerly cant wait for de precap full epi.


        U r welcome Masz and Fatarajo

    2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n dehleez fan)

      Thanks for the Info Shraddha 🙂

  12. Wat the hell is wrong with gauri kali has n been always rite

  13. I hate you gauri. u r a devil go to hell.

  14. Yug can’t hide his feelings hahahaha!

  15. Dear writer yesterday episode is good but yug don’t know the truth. Pls reveal the truth . Don’t drag this serial. In zee tv every serial so irritating. In every serial evil win over good. So writers pls change your thoughts. Most of the people like to win good than evil

  16. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n dehleez fan)

    Loving Kaali’s charcter these days

  17. wow. nice..

  18. I know yug cant hide his feelings…..Thank god that yug still love kali . I am waiting for the day when yug will throw gauri out of the house…….

  19. Gauri please stop ur english… Better u speak in Hindi…. It’s so annoying when say ” what hell, shut up, gauri jha ” bla bla bla? … Don’t u have any other word or dialogue to say….I’m hearing these from u in so may episode….no expression nothing…it’s so irratating.

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