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Scene 1
Kali comes near temple. She says to leela that day whatever happened in temple, I want to apologize for that. Leela says I don’t get all this. And for that day, you will not get the forgiveness. and Gauri’s kundli is matter of us elders. Jha told me everything. Go from here. Kali leaves.

Manjiri’s head hurts. The celebrations are on going Vishwa is dancing. Vishwa says my princess is getting married. I can’t stop celebrating. Gauri dances with him. Yug says kali.. Gauri says I am gauri not kali. She is busy in dancing. Raghu says to kali why are you not dancing. Kali says I dont like it. Vishwa sees him with her. He asks kali to come and dance so she doesn’t talk to him.
Vishwa says lets see who is better dancer. One candidate is chulbul and

other is mad. Both of them start dancing. Kali picks something. Yug looks at her trying to dance. Yug says wait a minute. He says today I and Gauri will start a new life. We are getting engaged but this relation was tied long ago. When I heard her voice first. Today I want you all to hear that voice. Gauri is worried. Please sing gauri. Leela says yes sing please. I want to heart that voice as well. Gauri looks at kali in tension. Gauri says yeah sure. I have to clean the throat once. She goes with Kali.

Gauri says please save me. Only you can do something. Kali says I asked you to tell me truth. Gauri says should I tell him here. I and papa will be insulted. i promise I will tell him later. Kali says okay but this is the last time. Gauri says everyone is waiting.
Gauri comes back in hall. She goes on stage. She starts lisping. Kali sings from behind the stage. Manjiri wakes up and hears the song. Yug says even when she is singing in front of me why cant I believe this is her voice? Vishwa sees kali singing and so does Kalyani. Everyone claps for Gauri. Kali turns back, yug is standing there.

Yug is standing in front of kali. Kali is scared. He grasps her arm and takes her downstairs. Yug takes her in lawn. Kali is in tears. He says you lied to me hundred times. You made fun of my feelings. How will ram ji forgive you? Why did you say that was gauri’s voice?
Raghu says wow your voice is really good. Leela says you sing really well. Teach sharmila too. Mad says she is super talented. Kalyani says where is yug? Has he gone out? Mad says he was here I dont know where is he gone. GAuri says where is yug? I sang for him. Raghu says maybe he has gone to mukta.

Yug says if you have a little shame confess it. I called you my friend. Is this what you do to your friend? If you are not accepting it I will tell everyone. I am breaking this engagement. Kali is dazed.

Precap-Yug says to Majiri. I was fooled. that voice is kali’s not gauri’s. Manjiri says dont somewhere you feel glad about this? The voice you were looking for is kali’s.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow amazing epi…super excited for 2morrow

  2. Its nice to see that kaali’s truth is exposed in front of yug

    Now how yug will stop this marriage??
    Wat he will say to Leela ma ?? Already Leela ma hates gauri.
    I like manjima very much because she is always with yug and with truth side.

    Bt only half the truth is out. She is a kaala teeka of gauri that is also needed to be exposed

    We can’t expect al at a time so we have to wait patiently for that

    Yesterday they showed in precap Kalyani points to manjima’s room and asking to servant who is inside the room bt they didn’t show it today

    1. Yeah even i noticed that wonder why…maybe they saw how much critisization r the viewers putting :p ..
      Yug wud not exactly stop i think it wud gt delayed n i think their marriage won’t happen….
      N they showed the truth so early..wasn’t expected …so yeah patience

      1. I don’t think that yug will stop this marriage something will happen
        If we see next 2 episodes we can able to predict something but now everything is puzzled because in all directions there are holes don’t know in which direction the writers have chosen

      2. Yeah ..n yug won’t stop..bt the marfiage won’t happen…specially the precap saying that majima saying tht its kaali voice,u should be happy….n all

  3. What is happeng? Omg..m sorry for speakimg so bad abt show yesterday …this show is amazing m luvin it…finally yug know its kaali..n now peeshi maa will actually unite them…though ik kaali won’t tell abt all prblms n being kaala teeka n neither thew will tie a knot soon but still..i loved it

  4. wow…just wow….today’s episode was awesome……..finally 1 truth got revealed…..love kaali and yug….and kaali and yug forever…….i hope manji ma will help yug to realize his feelings for kaali….

  5. wowww! superb yug.. love u. Finaly the truths out what wil guari nd vishwa say now??? They r traped

  6. Wow…i like it..i like it….very happy…finally yug found the truth:):):)

  7. EXCITED MEIN ADDA!!!!Woooohooooo….am soooooper excited…..kayu…umwah!!!

  8. Oh my finally yuh knows that its kali voice not gauris

  9. nice episode keep up the samd spirit

  10. Yug shouldn’t take kaali out of house
    He should have exposed her in front of everyone
    If he done so Leela ma will doubt vishwa that what al fraud work he has done so far
    It would’ve been easy to stop marriage too

    1. See..if he would have dome tht..imagine what vishwa wud hve done to kaali…n gauri also…n leela wudnt have cared much she is all concerned abt kundli
      N yug said if she dosent tell the truth then he will break but if she then

      1. Leela would’ve not cared much bt she will start to doubt vishwa in each and everything
        And I don’t think that yug will tell the truth to al
        Just a silly logic if he tells to everyone in precap they would have showed big bt they didn’t so what I think is kaali would’ve told something and covered up and she will ask yug to marry gauri as fixed before because of Sharmila and neelkhand
        Bt I strongly feel till Kalyani and prohit is there this marriage won’t happen. Kalyani is thinking that she is spoiling gauri’s life bt indirectly she is helping kaali.

        My biggest doubt is y yug and gauri’s engagement has fixed first I meant wat abt Sharmila and neelkhand??

      2. That u shud ask writers…n yeah true

  11. awesome wowwwwwww. i just loved it. Waiting for 2mrw epi

  12. good the truth came out… happy!

  13. Woow superb epi ,i like kaali yug

  14. i have a serios doubt i used to watch kt before noe i dont have zee.i have started following via tely updates..

    my doubt is is manjeri and mukhtha same….. who is she to yug where is yugs mother. doesnt she rem old memories

    1. Before 14 yrs manjima saved yug’s for that she is staying in yug’s house and yug’s dad has accepted her as his sister
      Ya manjima and mukhtha are same
      And she lost her old memories
      I don’t know abt yug’s mom

    2. Manjiri & muktha are the same..she like a sister to yug’s father coz she rescued yug from some accident or smthg.but Keele and rest of others consider her as a servant\”like” a family member..they don’t likes her…and abt her memory I don’t know.. She’s wearing mangalsutra.. Which means she remember s her marriage…… At the same time she is not recognising the name Kali,gauri…..

  15. Awesome epi waiting for d next epi. kayug roczzzzzzzzzzzz?

  16. NYC epi awesome waiting for d next one kayug roczzzzzzzzzzzz?

  17. Yayyyyyy…..alright I love the episode today…. I wish levels find about the kudali …I know it’s not going happen right away… Go hell Gauri… How dare ask favor to kaali… She is not a property for u do what u want…yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  18. Oops.. I meant leela find about kundali:)

  19. Hahahaha i said they must make gauri sing. Thank u writers.

  20. But I know one thing….Yug will be terribly disappointed @ Kali. He will question everything she has ever said or done. But he does love her n its gona be a whole new ball game for Kali now. Poor Yug has been betrayed n dis farce of a union btwn GaYug needs to be put to rest.

  21. Ohhh Finally awesome scenes r going to come n we can see sooo much of romantic scenes.
    love kalyug………………..

  22. Superb….awesome epi love Kali-yug

  23. Oh wow awesome episode KaYu rocks Kaala Teeka is awesome now finally the truth is exposed

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Me too yaar I have watched that show yesterday epi was superb I think yug will tell infront whole world that it is kaali voice so she will become star and gauri will be become zero

  24. But its quite surprising how the truth is out so early…I was very shocked ..but I loved it …bas kayu k scenes hona chahiye ….I really like yug

  25. At last bro you kicked on ..my dear cousin…rohu..you r da best…

    1. Is rohan ur brother

  26. Oh but plz dnt make gauri the evil alongwith kalyani ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ she can play a good girl role as well and just kalyani be the evil. And Vishwa madhuri also as they wre from beginning

  27. Good atleast yug find out the truth about kali n gauri for himself

  28. Nice episode…. Vry happy wid d writers

  29. Awesome epsiode….this seems a good love story btwn yug n kali…thanks n plzz..get some romance btwn yug n kali..

  30. Woww, finally kali got bold, yes friends .
    Viswa will tell Kali that she is nothing but kaala teeka, kali angrily pushes his hands away and says she is not kaala teeka and cant withstand his superstition further and kali walks away .

    Well done kali. Waiting for that to telecast on air.

  31. I was watching Kaala Teeka with my cousin and when we saw Yug getting to know Kaali’s truth we gave an hi-5 to each other ;P

    1. that’s funny dr… anyway awesome… me too in that much excitement… hi-5 fatarajo ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. read at some website tht yug wants to marry kaali instead–spoiler

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