Kaala Teeka 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Yug goes to shiv temple. Leela asks Gauri on call to change the CD.
Kali is sitting sad.
Neel gives Kali candies. He says they are your favorite. Kali says yes. They both eat it. Neel says you can have them all. Sharmila says you keep your mood good Kali. My brother can’t tolerate Gauri much.
hSarmila asks Neel did you do your work? He says yeah i hope so. Kali says can I help you neel? He says yes sure. Sharmila says in heart no this will ruin my plan. She goes inside. yug has come too. Gauri is dazed. Gauri hides. She wears a red chunri.
yug goes in security room. He asks the man for the footage CD.
Gauri follows Yug all and comes to temple. She says what if Yug sees me? She sees a hermaphrodite and says gives her money. She says make that guy wait on signal for 10 mins. He keeps annoying Yug. gauri reaches the temple.
The security head says to Yug you can sit here and watch the footage. i don’t have glasses but I will manage. gauri comes in too. She tries to change the CD. The man is reading the file. Gauri hides behind the shelf. The man takes out the CDs and plugs them in.Yug sees them, Kali is marrying Arayn. He says there is not date and time on this. The man says I don’t know about it.

Doorbell rings, Kali goes running downstairs. a vase breaks and her feet is cut. Kali still runs. Manjiri goes after Kali. Kali opens the door. Its no one. Kali sits there and starts sobbing. Manjiri tries to console her.
Leela says to gauri you ruin everything. Gauri says God gave me two mother in laws in you. yug comes in and says what were you doing in shiv temple Gauri? Leela says she went there for pooja because I asked her. Yug seeds hi wedding photo. In which bride’s face is covered. He says I am coming in a moment. Gauri says to Leela you don’t have to worry. I changed the picture of Kali is sindur bowl. Leela says what if yug inquires from the photographer.

Precap-yug asks the photograpger can you tell if this photo is moffed? He says no the reflection is of this madam. this is real.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Really how will the truth ever be revealed cuz gauri and Dadi is always a step ahead of yug!when will Kali have some peace! I feel so sorry for her waiting for her ram ji while he’s terrible detective

    1. He is terrible detective cos he knew there is no date… He should ask for another video to check if that also recorded with date or not… He never thought about just left and that’s stupid….but precap he has hint that he gave the picture to photographer to check if that original or photoshop..then he overhead that photographer call someone and say work is done… Then Yug thinking there is someone behind this but who???… So I believe deffenetly Yug will find out the truth… We might see the result next week.

  2. Really how will the truth ever be revealed cuz gauri and Dadi is always a step ahead of yug!when will Kali have some peace! I feel so sorry for her waiting for her ram ji while he’s terrible detective!

  3. Really how will the truth ever be revealed cuz gauri and Dadi is always a step ahead of yug!when will Kali have some peace! I feel so sorry for her waiting for her ram ji while he’s terrible detective!!!

  4. Ohhhhh sorry guys for duplicates don’t even know how it happened lol

  5. Stupid writers. Why they r dragging the thruth this much. Every time yug try to find the truth that stupid guari and dadi spoils it. Fed up with this track. Plzzz reunite kali and yug soon.

  6. Precap is confusing …who’s pic did yug show the photographer? If it is Kali’s, and the photographer first says it is real pic and later talks on the phone, it looks like kali is going to get trapped once again….
    And what’s up with sharmila…. I guess she never learned her lesson

    1. OMG…. U r right …its Kali picture that he showed that photographer…I’m so afraid now….. I don’t want Kali to trap in their plan?…

      1. But on the second thought…. Gauri might think Yug will show that photographer her picture… And might tell that guy to say it’s real but she has no idea which picture is that Yug showed…I’m sure that he showed Kali picture when he said its real Yug suppose think Kali is right.. He just left cool… Hide overheard that guy call someone…I think he might going right track.

      2. And remember gauri said Yug Kali picture is photoshopped… Her is the one is real….so this guy said Kali picture is real… I Think Yug show that picture purposely to find out who is behind this… Let wait and watch?

  7. Y does evil always win get a life gauri

  8. Poor Kali going such hard time…. Stupid gauri and dadi… Go to hell… I was wondering what kind of punishment will gauri and dadi get after truth reveal… For sure this writer has give some punishment to regret the mistake…

  9. I really want kill leela and gauri if i can
    Oh good they both get me anger.

  10. I’m tooooooooooooo confuse ….yug show that photographer is kali’s picture….I remember he tear off and throw at kali face….how did he get that picture again….kali picture is original but that photographer said original as well…..something is not right?????….how will yug find the prove????why this writer giving favor to gauri and leela???uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I feel like I want scream. ,

    anybody know the answer for these questions????

  11. I know guys this writer didn’t reveal the truth in this week. He is dragging the story. Iam so upset.

  12. U stupid Gauri stop saying mission accomplished….ok u r not acting in Hollywood movie……..I so irritating me when u say that……….u stupid ur playing an innocent girl life….play like game….go hell…..:/

  13. in the precap one more scence also there. photographer talk to some lady on phone and said that work is over.yug hidly listen that .he got the doubt someone behind all this


    Only dragging…. in every show of zee truth never come out on tym…. it comes when evils win completely and goodness is destroyed or with after 25 yrs or 50 yrs of leap…

  15. Hey guys I read the spoiler today and it said that yug will get to know abt gauri and leela involvement in the marriage swap and he and Kali will work together to expose them


      Its only a dream… sach kbhi asani se samne aata hi nhi hai zee tv show me…

      1. Ur right it only in dream we can able see Yug an Kali United

    2. Guys… Yug didn’t believe Kali… He is inviting Kali to the party … That he is going to introduce his wife to everyone….that spoiler is wrong…gauri and leela frame Kali is the one who behind all this.

  16. Oh god don’t happened like that guys. So again evil win. I can’t see this show

  17. yes after Monday(cos I have little hope) …im quiting to watch this show………………I hate it

  18. Chaitali

    yaar..now i feel like killing gouri with that Leela!Really this show is dragging too much now.How much time will they take to reveal the truth??And how come always yug fails to know the truth?I am not just getting anything!

    1. But there is some piece r missing…… Yug saw aryan propose another girl in the bar…he might have realized Kali is right about aryan… But what I don’t get it when he got home with drunken state… He complaining to leela about Kali portrayal….it does not make sense…..I’m not sure whether he is acting or saying for real?

  19. I think its all yug’s plan to expose gauri and leela…he would have gone back to the photographer to knw d truth which they didn’t show us (as he stops the car and reminds the situation)…..n one more thing is that in the party, he might tell kali is his wife…(because in the precap, she tld tht she would attend the party)

  20. Masz

    If dat soooo… I wana temporarily quit watching de serial at de moment… I juz cant see kaali being manipulated by dat foolish leela n gauri jha.Yug is forever being their puppet…Datz it

    1. Me too for sure gauri is going insult Kali by say she win… I hate to watch that?


    Where is the today’s update atiba???

  22. What abt today episode…?? Y no update still…??

  23. Pls tell me anyone todays epis

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