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Scene 1
The snake bites Vishwa, Manji takes his hand and suck the venom out. Kaali says manji maa is with you nothing will happen. Gauri says she kept sitting with you even when snake was here. Neel says she wasn’t even scared.
Jethi says call doctor prohit. she would be happy to see him drying. So she can live here. Manjiri faints. Jethi says dahi bundi take vishwa in. They take manjiri in as well. Kali says please take care of bady papa I’ll be with Manjiri. Kali says in heart why did the snake bite bady papa? He is no nice.

Doctor checks Vishwa and says he is fine. Mad says manjiri didi doesn’t care about herself. She loves selflessly. Mad says look at her vishwa, she take cares of you. She would do anything for you. Doctor please check her as well. Jethi

says why are you saying that about her. Mad says why do you have to talk in everything? She is my sister.
Jethi says I have to set this manjiri prick aside. Jetji says mad bring milk for Vishwa.
Gauri says to Vishwa let me go meet badi mama. Jethi says you will be fine Vishwa.

Kali asks manji did you eat medicine? She says yes. Kali says why are you sitting out? Manji says i cant go in, its your papa’s order. Kali says he wont say anything. Gauri and neel come as well. Neel says why are you sitting outside? Manji says i cant. Gauri says no you have to come. Gauri says lets pick her up.
Jethi says to prohit is this a good thing for a snake to bite? Prohit says not really. This happens because of magic sometimes. Jethi says how is manji even alive after sucking the venom? I guess she is a witch. She ate her own child. She says now she wants to eat Gauri. Jethi says vishwa throw her out of this house to take care of Gauri.
Mad comes to manji and says to manji why are you tolerating all this. sanyu says i will save kali and this family. The kids come as well. Kali says we have brought milk drink it. They clap for her. Jethi comes in. Jethi says you are making the snake drink. A woman like you, no one should trust. You curse your husband. All these kids are so stupid. They wont understand. And this mad, she can’t see. i can see everything. For you there is only one place, shamshanghat. Some woman come in and try to take manji with her. Gauri, kali and mad try to stop them.
Prohit makes her sit in the car. Jethi stops the kids. Manji says i dont wanna go anywhere.
Mad says what are you doing? Jethi says i am doing what vishwa wants to do. Manji says I want to talk to vishwa once. Jethi says he even hates your face. Kali stands in front of the car. Jethi says drive the car prohit. Prohit says how can I? Jethi says find a way. Jethi asks her to reverse. Prohit starts the car. Vishwa comes out. Kali is standing in front of the car. Vishwa says manjiri wont go anywhere prohit.

Precap-manjiri is in bed. Vishwa covers her with a blanket.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Now he realize wat will happen if she had left him

  2. More than this Vishwa , JT is worse, she is the main reason of all the problems of Kaali Guriya. Manji risked her life for Vishwa, and this JT is jugs doing her usual job. Finally got to see that Vishwa has a soft corner for Manji and he also do have for Kaali Guriya , but gets influenced by JT.
    Kaali Guriya, you are so adorable

  3. cn any1 plz tel me kaala teeka’s repeat durin day time

  4. I hate this show. I always ditch it everyday now. I take my laptop and look at lajwanti episodes instead .

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