Kaala Teeka 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Pandit asks Yug to make Gauri wear mangalsutra. Yug makes her wear it.
Nandu brings Kali outside Chaudhary house. He says madam Chaudhary house is here.
Yug picks sindur. He fills Gauri’s hairline.
Shand says madam ji get up? He says she slept again? She sleeps a lot. What will I do now. He says let me talk to that watchman. Nandu is mentally ill. He says what if he shoots me? I can’t talk to the guard. I promised her I will leave her inside the house. He makes horn sound the guard is distracted. Nandu takes her inside.
Yug makes Gauri wear garland and so does Gauri. Nandu hears the wedding mantra. Yug takes the rounds around fire with Gauri. Nandu peeks in. Nandu says marriage? Bride and groom? Vishwa gets a call he comes out in garden. Nandu says

wedding is done. Vishwa hears him. Vishwa comes forward to see who he is? Leela says the wedding is about to end give them your blessings.

Nandu takes kali from there and comes back to his village. The kids say who is she? They say she is Nandu’s bride. Nandu says shut up and run from here. Nandy says they call you my bride? I feel so shy. Will you become my bride? Will you marry me? Really? I am getting everything ready. Nandu lits fire and says my couple is made.

Gauri and Yug take blessings from Leela and Vishwa. Yug says in heart you are nothing to me now Kali. Nandu picks up Kali and takes rounds with her around the fire. He reads the mantra himself. A woman sees them. She says Nandu.. He says amma. She says don’t do this please stop. He says just last round. Amma says what are you doing? Leave her. Nandu places her on the cart. Nandu says she is my bride. Amma says what have you done? She fainted, you married an unconscious woman. She is really injured. Lets take her to hospital.

Kali is being treated in hospital. Doctor says she is in coma. Nandu says when will she be conscious? she says we can’t say anything.

Inspector says Manjiri we looked everywhere and couldn’t find her. some animal might have taken her. Manjiri says she is alive my heart knows that. Inspector says we are marking her dead in our records.

The nurse says no one comes to meet or ask about her. Just that mad person and always asks the same question. Nandu comes in and says Nandu’s bride is up? The nurse says no. Nandu says you look even more pretty today. He places a flower next to her. He says let me read you the news. The nurse says when she gets to know she lost her child how would she feel. The other nurse says I am thinking the same.

Gauri says baby see there are so many preparations for you. Chulbul says to Yug packing Veerpur is so close why are you taking so much stuff? Yug says Gauri can need anything. Chulbul says there had been no complications in seven months. Yug says to Gauri why are you walking under the ladder. Its not a good side. He asks the servant to take it from there. Gauri says don’t worry the baby is fine. Leela says I made her wear the thread, everything would be fine. yug says thank you. Vishwa comes and says I have talked to the doctors, and seen the kundli. The child will be born on right time. Yug says I want to talk to you papa. Sharmila says to Chulbuli Yug has become his puppet. Chulbuli says there is nothing more important than this child for Yug. And Raghu made Vishwa partner and now Vishwa is the owner of this house.

Yug and Gauri leave. There is a cat. Gauri says what happened? Yug says the cat passed by its not a good sign. Manjiri says this is all in your mind only. In seven months you have changed so much. Aren’t you the one who fought the against superstitions. Time changed you. Gauri says you do this mala all the time then whats the difference between you and Yug. Manjiri says difference between right and wrong but you can’t understand. Daughter and Father made Yug like them. Yug says we are doing this for our child. You are doing this in hope of Kali’s life. Manjiri says i am sure she is alive and she will come back. She will fight the death. Her fight is not over yet. Watchman says the gate is opened. Yug says lets go Gauri.

On the way, Gauri starts screaming with pain. Yug says are you okay? Gauri says its really paining. Take me to a doctor. Yug finds a hospital and stops there. Nandu is there with flowers for Kali. Yug says is someone here? My wife is in pain. Nandu gives them wheelchair. Yug says thanks. He says I am Nandu I help everyone.
Yug calls Vishwa and tells her. Vishwa says the child shouldn’t come before time this isn’t right. Yug says I couldn’t do anything. He is standing outside Kali’s room.

Precap-Nandu is fighting the staff. Yug can’t see Kali’s face. Vishwa comes in there too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow… Very good!! The writer is really doing a great wrk…Though a husband in unsound mind…see how well he is taking care of kali…10000 times better than that idiotic yug!!!
    They did a good thing by making kali loose yugs child… hope kali stays a peaceful life with nandu!!

  2. Kavita chattergoon

    Everytime kali does have to lost guari should lost her baby of wht dey did to kail

  3. Writer is fool

  4. Nonsense.

    1. I think Yug is a very stupid man to have subjected Kali to this hardship. Knowing the type of person Gauri is. Am sure Gauri will loose the pregnancy because of her bad reads.

  5. Nice!! Yug ka asli chehra dhika hi diya sabko…Ramji will make kalis life setright now…Yug doesnt even care about kali…Gauri did so many mistakes still he could forgive her just because of that child…and kali she dint do anything still he hates kali!! Mindless creature yug!

    Writers good work…Go on… Make it a sensible story now…Mayank aur kali ko ek kardo aur plz phirse yug aur kali ko ek mat karna!!


  6. how is gauri pregnant i didnt saw that episode

    1. even I wonder that. When yug never loved gauri and they were never to have stayed together then how come he and when he slept with her. Sorry to use this kind of language. Yug was saying kali is insecure of his illicit child. Seriously will yug accept kali’s child from someone else.

  7. sushma sharma

    Nonsense dirty serial

  8. It would sound nice if gauri lose her child not kali

  9. Plz nandu or Kali ki jodi bna do bilkul ran sita ki tarah Kali k ram ji nandu hai na ki wo ghatiya cheap yug usko wo kamini gouri hi diserve krti hai plz ab koi bhi yug ko Kali k sth nhi dekhna chahta h

  10. Is marriage is a joke for the writter? Is love is based on a paper? How can Yug believe gauri and can’t believe kali. the person he loved ,he cant believe her now. wow

  11. The story is about Kali and Yug, so will meet again. Hope Kali rejects him
    Both Kali and Gauri are in the hospital, I’m sure they will meet here. Too bad Kali’s baby is dead. It would have been better for Kali to refuse giving her baby to Chaudry familiy.


  12. I’m not allowing my bp to rise as I read the update…..yug, I HATE what you said, that Kali is no more in his heart,you know what, you don’t even deserve Kali. Nandu is more sane than you, you and gauri belong together. I hope Kali NEVER take you back, you lying, cheating moron. So the nurses sorry that Kali lost her baby, all they have to do is give Kali the baby, tell gauri her baby died, and I hope that child isn’t yug one btw….. The only person I can tolerate in the serial is manjima, hope she finds Kali and they both take revenge.

    1. Totally agree wth u Naz!

  13. QueenB

    This serial has turned out to be utterly sad, inhumane towards Kali and disgusting!!!
    Yug’s character has turned out to be such a dog
    Nothing makes sense
    Kali should turn into revenge Kaali and take bitter revenge for making her lose her child

  14. Hahaha…Gauri will definitely loose her child…That is d reason why she git pains today!!! I don think so fenil wuld have agreed playin d role of a mother nor it is a major leap!! So gauri also aborts for sure!!
    And kali lost her child…this was necessary so that kali wuld move on in her life and the last piece of connection between yug and kali is nomore!!
    Also That idiot yug wont believe kali now even if she says d truth that she was pregnant right!!
    All he believes is a piece of pharmacy bill paper…and proofs not kali!!
    Writers Bring on some positivity in kalis lofe in d form of nandu!
    Mightve nandu and uski maa ko leela ne hi baahar nikhal diya ho coz she was like kali???? I read somewhere nandu is yugs younger bro!! Os it true??

  15. I dont think so k kisi girl se koi boy thoda b pay kre to use itna bhi trust na ho or uspe trust krega kiski itni sari concipyracy reveal go chuki ho. It can’t happen k jisse pyar kiye ho w/o Bura ho to bhi use death pe dukh to hoga hi n yha yug kp Kali ka lover dikha k use thoda sa bhi uski death news pe sad nhi dikha rha …. chhhiiiii
    Disgusting yug character . Yug se better guru he atleast dusmani honesty se nibha rhi lol.
    Writter don’t you have mind ?????

  16. Oh man…. First that tai ji…. Next they made gauri the villain…. Now whats the need to transform the once intelligent hero into a foolish villain???? There are already 3 villains in the serial…. Now whats the need for a new 4th villain and a new hero???? Hmmm…. If this goes on…. They will even make manjima a villain one day I guess…. Then there will be no good person in this serial except kali….. But the writers have done one intelligent thing…. They have made the yug character as bad as a monster so that almost all viewers who once loved that character will hate him completely and support the new hero…. Pretty clever I must say

  17. I missed a few episodes.. how did Gauri become pregnant with Yug’s child? Is it really Yug’s child? Is Gauri pregnant or is she just faking?????

  18. Guys I’m afraid Yug might make Kali to protect the child like kaala teek….

  19. Sooooo this is what I’ve been waiting for. Kali lost her child and she will get to know that when she is out of coma and then the bitter revenge will start. Wish you bad luck vishwa you’re so dead!!! And this dog yug wtf that means he never loved kali if he says that kali doesn’t mean anything to him. And that b***h gauri I hope she loses her child ass wel. Now I’m just waiting for kali to take revenge

  20. There is exactly five good people and five bad people in the show.



    1. Correction… Only manji maa and Kali r good….neel, sharmila and chulbuli they change time to time so they r not counted.

  21. this gauri and yug’s marriage is not valid.becuase yug has his first wife…. drunk type story

  22. Is serial me negative role me ab gauri se jyqda yug lagne lag gya…but writers ko nandu ki jagah koi aisa dikhana chaiyeh tha jo yug se bhi jyada paise wala ho tab yug ko gauri ki sachai padne par aur jyada pachtawa hota…lekin ab Kali ko in logo se aur yug se badla lena chaieh

  23. what is point of this story? gauri always win and kali always loose this is nonsense .

  24. Zee TV copied this from Suhanie si Ek Ladki where they thought Suhanie died and married the hero to another woman because she was pregnant. this is ridiculous. Kali will take care of Gauri as a teekah again in the hospital. Kali shud come back as KALI MATA avatar… and kick some a$$.

  25. Serial name is kaala teeka. Now i guess, gouri hd difficulty in delivery as her mother had. Vishwa see kali in hospital nd made her kala teeka of gouri as before. Baby is obviously born and babies cry wake kali from coma.
    Then guesing….

  26. This show has always been full of massive plot holes. Anyway Kali is not vengeful, like Manjima she is peaceful. The true villain is Vishwaveer I hope his ugly face gets eaten off by a rabid animal.

  27. Very sad

  28. First of all, sharmila and chulbulli ain’t that good…..only conveniently, so both in my bad books. Gaurii got pregnant for the ?just to let Mala know coz she was wondering,like how all of us wondering how she got pregnant when yug was drugged and couldn’t possibly get it up. You see how stupid writer are at times, by now they don’t realize that their viewers are INTELLIGENT……..i agree with every comment on this page today.

  29. Thank God,Kali lost the child…
    I felt happy when in vishkanya , apu rejected malay yesterday..
    Same way feeling happy Kali lost child of that spineless, senseless, brainless ,inhuman and now superstitious yug.
    Wish kali takes revenge and dont act like mahaan fool.
    Wish she doesnt become kaala teeka again to that toilet faced gauri..
    Come back kali, not as kali as Kaali maa and punish yug,gauri,leela,viswa in such a way that they cry tears of blood..
    Kindly dont leave that fool yug.Wish u slap him,kick him but dont kill him..Insult him and make him a helpless dog…

    Writers are great , they easily made us hate Malay of vishkanya and yug of kaala teeka

  30. The writers are brainless idiots who think the viewers are not intelligent to see the bakwas storyline. ZeeTV employs substandard third rate writers and directors who are useless mentally retarded people.

  31. Kali even though didn’t do any mistakes she has all prblms in life and on another side gauri even though she did all bad things she is happy in her life how far is this fair .

  32. If nandu is yug’s Bro then it’s turning to sapne suhane when kt Bro fell in love with rachna , but I hope writers change this story

  33. Sweety is right am also in these comment

  34. Stupid story. In India you can bribe anyone, from police to judge and even the priests, how funny. In India one can pregnant with out s*x unbelievable. How did Gauri get pregnant? In India they make fund if marriages, they marry more than one woman a time. Please just end this stupid show. Every show on Zeetv is evil, as evil always wins over good. Evil Evil Evil, SHAME SHAME SHAME

    1. I can understand how u feeling but this writer didn’t even care about viewer…they only make story for themselves and torture viewers…..no matter how we comment here they don’t even care as far as I know.

  35. Oops such a bad story even I can’t say any one as good except kali.. since yug is dumb gouri is mindless and manjari even as mother not teaching lesson of gouri(since her mother mad is mad oly)a when she got to know that gouri again came back she could try to take to her home but she din’t she know that she has done only thinking of kali but she only indirectly made gouri as enimey of kali??she is also responsible for this kali’s position .. till before manjari came back gouri and kali as sister only …and this kali is also mahan fool believing all this people? and vishwa became blind in his princess ufff…. I know now gouri will die and kali will grow that child and teach lesson to everyone..

    1. I don’t agree with you that manjari is bad mom here….first of all manjari is not gauri’s mom…second gauri will never never listen to anyone cos kalyani spoiled her that much when manjari was away….first take a look at all the episode and comment about manjari….kali is not manjari child too but she follows what manjari taught.

      If you want to blame ….blame kalyani and viswa they r the one who made gauri this bad. calling himself princess…ugh! I hate when he says that.

  36. I hope Kali should forget her memory and make a new life with nandu make him good since anyway who ever tell yug could wait for kali till some day but he doesn’t and how can he married gouri ??though a name given and gouri should die and her child should taken by nandu and raised by Kali…atleast since nandu is 100 times good than yug ?? he accepted gouri child is ok but he could teach her a lesson but no he don’t do it??no one taught lesson to gouri ufff …..

  37. Debangana Sarkar

    Utter nonsense.. Kali ut hve to look behind just slap them and take revenge marry nandu and i am sure your love will help him to become a normal guy… And just kick the bullshit bastard f**king yug for whose foolishness u lost your child. Viswaveer should just be murdered by you

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