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Scene 1
Kaali says to manjali i will go to see the world with gauri today. Kaali says it will be so much fun. Have you eaten food outside? It will be fun. Manjali says okay do whatever you want. Tell me how is this dress? Kaali says this is so good. Manjali says gauri has given it for you. Kaali says gauri is so nice.

Vishwa wakes gauri up. Kaali comes in. Gauri hugs her and says we will both go out today. Kaali says it will be fun. JT says why should we take her? Where will she sit in school? On floor? Manjali gives her a cloth from temple and says you can sit on it. Its clean like your heart. Madhuri says if she had sat on bench what would people say. She says go give bath to my princess beauty. Madhuri says kaali come here see school stuff. Madhuri shows her stationary. JT says to

madhuri what if she takes all this from Gauri.Madhuri says to Vishwa. Manjali says she wont do anythin that would annoy others. Madhuri says but why should we take her? Manjali says even Gauri wont like to leave her. Who will do gauri’s work. Madhuri says yeah you are right. JT says we can hire servants for Gauri. because of Kaali we were insulted yesterday as well.

Vishwa makes Gauri sit in the car. Kaali is waiting outside the car but they leave her. Kaali runs after the car. Gauri is crying. Kaali says i wanna go with you kaali. I wanna go as well.I wanna see the world as well. Kaali screams please stop badky papa. She cries. gauri is crying. She says i wanna go with kaali.
manjali and kaali turn and see kaali running towards them. They are astonished. gauri makes runs in with kaali and sits down on the ground.
Vishwa comes out of the car and says you have to convince kaali. That gauri will go to school alone.

Kaali says to Gauri I am not beautiful like you, that is why papa doesn’t see us. Gauri says he drove the car. Kaali says he must be playing a game. gauri says no he did in intentionally. Gauri says no he loves us both. School is for kids but I am a rat, rats dont go to school. I wanted to see the world. Gauri says i wont see the world or go to school without you.
Kaali says to manjali gauri loves me so much. Manjali says come here. I love you so much. This is why i want to say something. Will you listen to it? Kaali says yes. Manjali says then listen, You cant go to school with gauri. kaali says but why? Manjali says you said you will listen to what i say. Kaali says she wont go without me. Manjali says you have to convince her, that is what badky papa want.

JT says to Vishwa you should have keep them away from each other.
Gauri says i wont go to school without you. Kaali says what if i dont go. You are going, you can teach me everything when you come home. gauri says who will open my lunch box? kaali says you can ask your friend. I will wait for you on the gate.
Kaali sees off Gauri for school and says don’t cry there. I will wait for you. Gauri leaves.

Precap-Gauri says to kaali you will sit in that box and come to school with me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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