Kaala Teeka 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kali says its better for everyone that I leave this house forever. Yug is dazed. Kali goes upstairs, Yug holds her hand. Yug says you can’t leave me like this. Kali says with which right have you held my hand? With the same right tell them its the same hand you held while marrying. I will stop.
Yug comes to Kali’s room.. Kali says please I don’t wanna live here as Kala teeka anymore. Its better that I leave this house. Kali picks her bag, its falls on her foot. Yug holds her.
Kali comes downstairs with her bag. Kali touches Leela’s foot and says I hope no other women in this house is humiliated like this again, Yug comes downstairs. He wants to stop Kali.
Kali is looking for auto. Gauri comes out and says won’t you congratulate me? I won.

Kali says I always considered you my sister. Gauri says so did i then i realized you are just my kala teeka. You had to protect me not take whats mine. Kali said I am leaving this for Yug to decide. I am going so I can come back in this house as daughter in law with all the respect. Wait for me. She takes the auto and leaves.

Yug is in his room. He recalls his moments with Kali. He recalls everything Kali said while leaving.
Gauri says to Leela Yug is crying for Kali. I saw him. Kali said Yug will bring her back. Leela says I will keep her away from Kali. When Aryan holds Kali’s hand Yug won’t be able to see that, We have to do something that makes him forget Kali forever. I have risked everything to keep her away from Yug. I can’t keep her away from Yug.
Kali comes home. Manjiri hugs her. Manjiri says what happened? Kali says enough happened. Manjiri says I was scared of this.
gauri comes to Yug and says headache? Should I apply bam? Yug says can’t you leave me alone? Kali says I will give you back massage. Yug says just leave me alone, go from here. Gauri turns back. yug says what now.
Leela comes to yug and says anger doesn’t solve problems. Yug says why is it happening to me?
Kali says I am tired of fighting. His love is not in my fate. I have given up. Manjiri says you have become strong her. Wait I am coming. Manjiri gives her a chunri as gift.Manjiri says even a little, he trusted you. Kali says he wanted to stop me. I wanted him to show his complete trust. I told Gauri I will return only when he takes me completely with all my right. Manjiri says it will happen. I know yug. I will give you last prize when Yug fills your hairline. That will be your seventh promise.

Vishwa is on call. He asks Manjiri how is Kali? Manjiri says she will take time.
Neel and Vishwa are discussing minister. Sharmila says why don’t you take Neel’s help? Vishwa says no no. Sharmila says don’t you trust him? Vishwa says I do. Vishwa says Neel pick this pen and paper. He tells him everything. Sharmila says in heart Vishwa will fall on you and I will get a chance to take my next step.

Yug says to Aman I dont know where to start from. gauri comes in. Yug says what are you doing here? Gauri says I made sweet for you. yug says leave it here. She says please taste it. Yug picks it and says how much oil have you put in. try it yourself first. Yug leaves. Gauri says why is he so weird. No worries I will eat myself. She eats it and says eww. Gauri sees that Yug was seeing Kali’s pictures on laptop.
Kali is doing pooja. Manjiri says I am glad you are litting a candle there. Kali says hope never goes away. Manjiri says seeta could lose hope too? Every time. Ram didn’t come back for a year. She didn’t give up. Kali says I am doing the same. My ram will come too, diminishing all the lies.
Aman says to yug we planted a statue and it was stolen. The college admin says we didn’t plant it. I proved them wrong with their CCTV footage.
Yug says to aman does cctv footage always show time and date? He says yes. Yug recalls the temple footage. yug calls temple and says I am coming right now. He says is there someone in security room? I am coming. Gauri overhears.

Precap-Gauri comes to Leela and tells her about Yug. Leela says how did this happen. gauri says contact pandit. She says he was gone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Masz

    Y must everytime gauri’s ears r everywhere but when shez talking nonsense n planning smething bad nor kaali neither yug was overhearing to it!U wil get ur worst punishment one sweet day say gauri jha! ???????

    1. Exactly that what I thought too… If writer show like then how will Yug find the truth I i don’t get masz..

      1. Masz

        If de cctv footage wil be gone Im also wondering whatz de next proof dat yug can find… next maybe yug wil happen to meet survi who was with kaali at dat nite while looking for gauri at old temple.or else yug has to look for pandit ji dat he was talking to dat day n force him to tell everything… hmmm otherwise no other proof dat i can think of K… be strong kaali!!!

    2. I thought the same!argghhhh…..cant the director change.everytime evil has ears everywhere.

  2. Once again writers will prove to be stupid. Yug will go right away to see cctv video but leela and gauri will reach before him to do damage by Wat means plane smh this will be silly if I am true.
    Happy kaali leave

  3. Finally yug woke up….. Getting interesting now.

  4. Ok… Now why this writer always want gauri to over hear whatever Yug talk…. Really this bullshit… Then how will he find about truth.. If they distroy evidence…. I’m getting sick everytime evil win…. There is no justice…stupid gauri go hell… I hate watch ur disguting face…

  5. This Gauri has a satellite or what…everytime someone talking she always hear it…looks like it ll never end

  6. I don’t get one thing about gauri…. When it come to get closer to Yug .. She is acting like an adult and mature but when it come other matter she ack like childish… It’s disgusting to watch and everyone call her she is immature….my gosh she doesn’t even know how to act…. Please writer throw her out of that house.

  7. Guys yug try to find truth but gouri and dadi destroy everything definitely. What happens next? I am so worried about kali

  8. Meghna kashyap

    Just go to hell gauri…..bullshit

  9. Guys this writer again Making viewers as mad people. All viewers are thinking yug will find truth but this writer never happened like this. Somebody told yug wakeup. He never wakeup guys.

    1. You must todl the writer to make yug wake up
      I get emitional to watch epi tonight.

  10. Fed up with this Gauri n dadi. Please stop this its getting bored

  11. Come guys complete the episode how long will it take


  13. really its right.

  14. AAYUSH

    Finally yug came in his senses and started thinking on his own instead of listening his evil daadi

  15. really I want to know….writer if u can read this message please answer my questions???..why r u giving so much important to gauri?????? why r u making lead hero to be dump in your show?….Rohan has so much portential to act good but u making him dump and dumper:/

  16. Masz

    Chill guys…hopefully Yug wil be on action as what he used to do last time throughtout started knowing kaali.Fight for kaali Yug!!

  17. Hii frndz i m new and this is my favorite serial and kali and yug is my favorite jodi and i m very big fan of kali and yug

    1. welcome come to our club…most of the viewer from this side r kali and yug fans..

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    Finally Yug kinda did the right thing and this Gauri-Leela drama is dragging too much

    1. I know know eh!….why this much of important to leela and gauri??????

  19. plz get ride of leela and gaurii…

  20. this plan also going to fail.. surely leela and gauri will do big drama to stop yug…plz reveal the truth soon..

  21. Good episode, finally yug shows some compassion to kali. However, the writers need to do something about gauri listening and finding about what’s going on. Writers should start showing yug a little bit of the cunning side of gauri and daadi. I don’t want this show to end, but please stop the crying, show more strength Yug should start finding bits and pieces for the real gauri and daadi. More beating to Aryan, he is so sicking.

  22. This gauri is such a annoying b***h…..everytime hang her tongue outside like dog and going after Yug. I really want to know after truth come out what kind of punishment they going to give to gauri cos kali suffer a lot….they can’t just show us after that she change to good….we need see her punishment and want to see her regret for what she did to kali…..like how now vishwa paying for his sin….that’s how…

  23. CCTV footage is the only way to prove Kali is innocent…. Now this gauri overheard it…dadi and her will do something to distroy it.. How will he going find the truth…I’m little scare…

  24. That evil woman called leela I wonder what yug will do when he finds the truth upon how Kali saved her from being humiliated
    by famiy

  25. Poor gauri.
    She’s devil now.
    Shes forget who they are.

  26. Gosh if gauri front of I will tight her neck maaaan… She is such annoying and I hate the smile of her… stupid doesn’t even know how to act.

  27. I hope yug find the truth before it too late n bring kali home n kick gauri out n leave leela the devil alone in that burden house

    1. If that happen…..I will celebrate!

  28. I think the Author of this story have exceed its limits for what they did to Kali in yesterdays episode that was too much for her,i cannot stand to see that.Leela,Gour and Aryan should not even appear again on the show for what they did I don’t want to see them again they are so lyard and can make up stories.Kali is so wonderful.

  29. So all India story are the same grandparents conspire to destroy their family why

  30. Guys I think this writer again betraying viewers. He just shows yug try to find truth but this writer again betraying viewers

  31. Any body clear my doubt Sharmila is changed her behaviour or not. Pls tell me

    1. seem like she forgive kali and neel….but still she want take revenge on vishwa…but I don’t mind he deserve it…..all thing he has done to kali….he need a punishment to right

  32. About time Kali walked on that dotish Yug…sigh…any level headed woman would not have stood for that nonsense in the first place.

  33. it is painful that kali is away from yug ,but its ok yug finally realised .hope yug will pick the truth up.now kali taking some rest and waiting 4 her ramji

  34. Guys I watched today episode…as usual gauri change the video…but precap little interesting cos he gave Kali wedding picture check if it’s original or photoshop and he went and hide listen to the photographer… Said on the phone madam ur work done… Yug thinking he is right… There is some behind this but who?…. For that we have to wait for that guy ?

    1. Masz

      L… who is in picturez reflection???kaali or gauri… i cudnt see clearly.

      1. I’m bit confuse.. Look its its to me Kali picture but I remember Yug tear that off and throw to her..

      2. Masz

        Datz Y im also confused K…

  35. Y their s no episode of today????

  36. Hey guys no update yet?

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