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Scene 1
Doctor says to Yug I don’t know what happened to her. Gauri says that doctor is clueless. Baba says somethings are beyond wit. He has to go away from this house. Kali says but he can’t away from house forever? Baba says not forever he has to stay away and do the pooja and stay out until I take the phantom away from this house. Kali says can I do it in his place? He says no he has to stay away from you. Kali says I can’t go with him? He says your presence can distract him. You can’t even talk to him amidst all this. Kali looks at Yug in shock. Baba says to Yug if you bow then you will be succeeded. Look at this woman, her breaths are in your hands now. If you leave it she will die. Nothing can save her. He says what are you thinking we don’t have much time.

Yug goes in his room. Kali follows him.

In room, Yug says I have decided Kali I will listen to that baba. Kali says what are you saying? How can you even think that? Don’t do that. We will prove that baba wrong. You know he is lying. Gauri will make everything right. If you listen to him superstition will win again. You forgot after how long I made it our of supersition. How you made me a human from kaala teeka? Now you are walking on same path? Yug says yes. But I am helpless in front of dadi’s pain. I don’t know if this right or wrong but I know as a son this is responsibility to protect this house. So I have to go. Kali hugs him and says please don’t leave me Yug. I won’t let you go. Yug says there is no other option. This separation is a test, Ram and Seeta gave this test too. Kali says that was because of Ravan. Yug say sometimes our situation is our Ravan. Kali says if that’s so then i promise I will finish this ravan.

Scene 2
Sharmila comes downstairs and pretends slipping from stairs. Everyone rushes towards her. Manjiri says ar eyou okay Sharmila? Stand up. She makes her sit on sofa. Sharmila says you and Neel had to go out. You will be okay in a day or two. Vishwa says let me call doctor. Sharmila says no I will go with Neel in evening. Manjiri says let me take you to your room. Sharmila says no you eat your meal, I will go. Manjiri says to Vishwa later now you get it why she is doinjg this so she doesn’t have to go on trip. Vishwa says yes I got that.
kali calls Manjiri. Manjiri says why are you crying? Kali tells her everything. Manjiri says so much happened and you didn’t inform us? Don’t worry God is with you.
Gauri says I am very happy bijli. She dances with her. Chulbuli sees them. Bijli says this is how you talk? Bijli says chachi ji she forgot she is a servant. Gauri says what else are you? They start fighting. Chulbuli says do you think I am fool? You were dancing. Bijli says my slipper will dance with her. Chulbuli says why is your face glowing today Gauri? Why are you so happy? I am not getting your game. Why are you kicking out Yug? Gauri says you are asking wrong question from wrong person. Chulbuli says what you mean. Gauri says you should know how long will it take for me to kick you out. Chulbuli leaves in shock.

Leela brings her luggage. Kali says where are you going? Leela says I am leaving this house. I can’t let yug go. Gauri says please don’t leave us. Raghu says we will all be orphaned. Chulbuli says please maaji don’t do this. Leela says this shouldn’t be an arguement. I am leaving. Leela says I am leaving. Yug says I have to go and you packed why? Leela says that is not needed? Where will you go? I will find an asylum. Yug says this house needs you. You won’t go anywhere. Manjiri comes in and says he is right. No one has to go anywhere. Neither maaji nor Yug. I can’t believe you are doing this because a baba said. We can find a solution of this. Neither of you has to leave. You are the elder of this house and yug is the future. Neither of you can go. Raghu says she is right maa. Kali says don’t stop Yug Manji maa. Yug’s sacrifice is better for this house. Yug has to leave thats the only way to save dadi. Manjiir says are you out of your mind? This is against how I brought you up. Gauri says manjji maa is right. You were always against supersitions. I and your bady papa left all this and now you believe this? Kali says something we have to compromise with our own thoughts. Yug will leave. Gauri says this is wrong. Yug doesn’t deserve this. She says to raghu please stop her. Raghu says Kali is right it better for Yug to leave this house. Manjiri says to kali what were you saying downstairs. Kali says I and yug know there is someone behind this. And that person is very celever. He doesn’t want me and yug to be together. That is why we planned this. So he can think he is winning. And we can catch him. Manjiri says thank God. I was so scared.
Someone knocks at the door. Its chulbuli she comes in and says I think Gauri is behind all this. Manjiir says then why would she stop Yug? Chulbuli says it was her drama. She told me she will kick me out of this house. Kali says you said her something? Chulbuli says I told her to stop this drama. manjiri says she is just outspoken. Chulbuli says its in her nature.

Precap-Gauri is giving money to that baba. Yug is leaving the house. Everyone is sad. Kali says in heart this will not fade our love away. Yug says in heart this will make our love stronger. Kali says in heart I won’t let your trust be broken.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    These r all gauri jha’s plan to separate KaYu.she had metioned previously no matter what she wil own Yug.she really became a psychotic.No one get clues yet except chubuli chachi… Kaali i know u wil do smething N plz do it fast! ?????????

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