Kaala Teeka 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Inspector asks Yug is she your wife? Yug says no. Yug says does you wife know? Yug says she is home. Yug says let me talk to your senior. Reporter reports that police has exposed a racket. Kali and Yug are jailed. Kali is crying. she says I am punished. She is crying. Yug hugs and consoles her. It gets recorded.
Gauri comes there. Kali is dazed. Kali says Gauri.. Gauri sits with inspector and tells him something. He asks constable to release them. Kali and Yug come out of jail. Yug says thanks Gauri. A thug says well going. managed both very well. This is what women are for. Yug throttles him and says what are you saying? Kali says Yug calm down. Please leave them. Let’s go. Yug says Gauri.. Gauri goes out.

Gauri comes home and says to Leela I can’t trust all

this till Kali is here. This was all your plan Kali. Manjiri says enough Gauri. Don’t accuse Kali. Gauri says she should be ashamed. Yug slaps Gauri. Yug says never dare saying that again. Gaur says okay. she takes Naina’s hand and says swear on her head that you have no feelings for Kali? Tell me. I promise you I wont say a word again to Kali. Yug moves her hand. Gauri says so this is how you all fooled me? What will you say now manji ma? You still think I am wrong. Kali is in tears. Kali goes upstairs. Gauri leaves as well.

Scene 2
Kali hugs Naina and kisses her. Naina is crying as well. Naina says mama please don’t go. Kali says I have to. Please try to understand. Pavitra says I don’t wanna go. I wanna live here with didi. Kali hugs them both. Niana says you are mad at me. That’s why you are leaving. I am sorry. Kali says no don’t be sorry. Kali says I am sorry. Pardon me. Kali swipes her tears. Naina says dadi please ask mama not to go.
Gauri says Kali go. Manjiri says gauri could never understand kali and she can never. Leave it. Kali says I shouldn’t be living here. It will be harmful for your marriage. I better leave. Manjiri says we have to eave. Niana hugs PAvitra and cries. Naina says I won’t let you go. Pavitra says I won’t leave you didi. Naina says don;t leave me alone here mama. Take me with you. Gauri says naina you won’t go anywhere. I am your mother and I will take care of you. Gauri takes naina’s hand from Pavitra’s.
Naina faints. Pavitra faints on the way as well.

Scene 3
Yug puts strips on Naina’s head. Naina is saying pavitra’s name. Yug says her fever is increasing. Doctor checks her and says she is stressed. Who is pavitra? Leela says she is her sister. Doctor says call her. Gauri says pavitra won’t come here. Yug says she will I will bring her here. Prohit asks leela for naian’s kundli.
Yug is leaving. Gauri stops him and says doctor will give her meds and she will be okay. We don’t need permamenet problems here. yug shoves her and leaves. gauri says dont’ do that. I won’t let them come back.
Pavitra is in fever as well. She screams naina naina. Kali says pavitra please stop crying. Pavitra says take me to didi. Kali says I will take you. Pavitra runs. Kali says don’t be stubborn. Pavitra says didi is not okay. She needs me. Kali says what is all this? Pavitra runs outisde. She coems in front of Yug’s car. Yug stops the car and hugs Pavitra. Yug says we have to go Pavitra. Kali sits in the car too.
Kali recalls everything. Yug brings them back home.
Pavitra lies next to pavitra. Doctor says she is improving. Her pulse rate is better.

Precap-Yug says your brain is full of dirst. You have no family respect. Gauri says pavitra’s your and Kali’s daughter. Yug says yes she is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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