Kaala Teeka 16th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Doctors check Gauri. He says she is not well. If we had that injection she would have been stable. We have to give her that injection in 12 hours or we have to shift her to ICU. Vishwa says nothing should happen to her. He says I will try. Mad says my sister ate my daughter. God will never forgive you.

Kali is jail. A girl orders other girl to bring her water on one leg. Kali says why are you teasing her? I will complain warden. The other girl says we will see you tomorrow.
Manjiri says in temple, why is this happening to both of my daughter. One is fighting with death and other is in jail. I can’t really do anything. I can’t even go meet Kali. Tell me what to do God. Lights turn off. She says I will go to meet Kali. Vishwa has asked me not to. Kali and gauri

are equal for me. I will go to meet kali. I will come back soon. she leaves. Vishwa stops her. Kalyani says to her don’t move.
She says what vishwa? he says what about that drink? Kalyani says manjiri made it. Kalyani says don’t you trust manjiri like mad? He says manjiri broke the injection. Kalyani says it was not intentional. Talk to mad, i have gotten that drink that manjiri made. He says okay i will talk to mad.
Manjiri says I am sorry bhabhi. I was going without telling anyone. Kalyani says you have to go, its important for you. Swami wants this as well. Don’t tell vishwa. anjiri says I will be back soon. Kalyani says in heart i have nothing against you and kali but you have to be part of this.

Kalyani mixes something in the drink.
Manjiri comes to jail and says please once meet me kali. Warden says no you can’t. The time to meet is over. Manjiri says please. She says please. Warden says no
i can’t let you go in. We have a function too, everyone is busy in that.
The girls put a cloth on Kali’s mouth. They say you were saying you would complain? now do. The warden is busy on call, manjiri steals an entry card from her table and leaves.
The girls are taking kali to a corner. They lay her down.
Manjiri gives the watchman some bangles and says please let me go in. He does.
The girls are forcing sweets in kali’s mouth. They say it has insects in. Kali spits it. The girl says would you interfere in our matter now?
Manjiri is looking for kali. She sees a sketch made on the wall. She says I am sure kali has made.
Kali is crying for help. The warden comes and sees manjiri. She says go out. Manjiri says please let me meet kali. Kali tries to call her name. She shoves away the girls.

Mad sees the drink. Kalyani says why would Manjiri try to kill gauri? She knows that vishwa will kill her if she tries to harm gauri. Gauri is Vishwa’s life and manjiri knows her. If I were gauri’s mom i would have made her drink this tea. Kalynai says in heart this will be great.

Kali runs from the girls. She jumps on a tree. They start throwing stones at her.
Kali is crying. They rope kali’s foot and hang her inverted. They now see how can we punish you. Now eat the sweets. We will put insects in your nose.
Mad says to vishwa I dont think manjri would do anything that would kick her out of the house. She opens he drink and I about to give it to gauri. dahi says doctor asked her not to give anything till an hour.

Kali is hung. Ram kid comes there to participate in the function.

Precap-Vishwa asks kalyani to make gauri drink the tea. Ram kid sees kali hung.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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