Kaala Teeka 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Naina and rest sit in the cart and leave. Krishna says why does my heart pound. He says if she likes me too she would looking at me. Naina looks at him he smiles.
Naina Chulbuli and Dimpy come to Badki’s house. Chutki opens the door and says naian didi. She says badki didi is at work. Mai comes. Mai says you are back here again? Stay away from my daughter. Don’t enter the house I will burn your feet. Naina says I wanted to apologize and be part of the ritual. That is why Thakur and his men let us in. MAi says we can’t trust you. You saved badki’s life thats why I kept you in the house. Thakru allowed you but this house is mine. I wont welcome you here. Chulbuli says we don’t wanna live here either. There are other places in this village as well. Your

own daughter asked us to come. Mai says chutki close the door. Chulbuli says lets go. Naina says we can’t be rude to them. We have to change their minds. Chulbuli says sorry. She was rude to you. Okay I will do anything you want now. Your happiness matters the most. Naian hugs her she. She says lets go look for badki. Naina hears badki’s voice. But a cart come between them. Chulbuli tries to see badki’s face. The cart stumbles and all the chilies in it fall on Chulbuli’s eyes. She starts screaming. Chulbuli says take her home Naina didi.

Mai dresses Chulbuli’s eyes. she says her eyes will be covered for a month. Chulbulu says one month? Chulbuli is crying. She touches Badki’s face and says your voice sounds so familiar. Badki says I will talk to mai. Naina says we will go from here. BAdki says lets eat. Chulbuli says I came here to see you and now I will have to wait a whole month. Chulbuli says after one month I will be gone from here.
Mai calls badki in kitchen.
Naina says to chulbuli we will accomplish our mission. Badki overhears she comesand says you lied to all of us? Naina says listen to me. Badki says I won’t listen. Naina says yes I lied to chulbulu. She was so excited. I am here to spend time with you. Badki says I am sorry. You think so much for me. You feel like family to me. She hugs her. Naina says chulbuli wants to live somewhere else. Badki says come in lets have food. She tells her about the rental near temple.

Scene 2
Naina chulbuli and dimpy come near temple. Naina hears a woman saying chutki is drowning someone save her. Naina jumps in the water. Mai comes there and says someone save my daughter. Naina swims towards Chutki.
Badki is walking. She says where is didi? SHe hears mai crying. She runs towards her.
She is shocked to see naina and chukti in water.Niana sees chutki is fainting.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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