Kaala Teeka 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Yug is setting up event. He says to the man everything will be perfect. Have you called winner of that competition? he says yes. Gauri comes in with kali. Gauri says I will sing on stage and you on backstage. Aman says all idols are here except seeta. Kali sees seeta idol in the boxes. She takes it out. She takes in it. Aman says yug seeta is there. Kali comes in. Yug says thank you very much. Place it near ram. Kali places it there. Flowers sprinkle on him and her.

Gauri is in life. She says don’t you have a vip line? Sharmila sees her and says she here?
She sees her card and takes it out. She hides the card. Gauri says I have been in line. receptionsit says your card is not here. Gauri says I got a call. This is not possible. Sharmila comes out and says what happened?

Gauri says whats your problem? Sharmila says I don’t need to explain you. Receptionist says she said her card would be here. Sharmila says kick her out. Gauri says who are you to say this? She says my brother’s company as arranged this event. Gauri says I got invitation. I was told I will get my card on desk. Sharmila says go and tell cops. Sharmila says you cheater. get lost from here. Kali waits for Gauri. Yug says please wait till the event is over. He says to guard don’t let her go. she says why are you not letting me?He says you will go and wash stairs of temple. You can go at 8:23. It is good time.

Kalyani calls gauri. Gauri tell her everything. Kalyani says this is so wrong. Don’t come from there. Make a mess. Don’t let it happen. Ruin everything. Gauri provokes some religious people and they go. They start hitting everything inside. Sharmila goes out. Gauri says now see how I ruin your event.
Prohit shows Gauri’s picture to yug’s dadi. He says the girl was without her dad for 14 years. He has just come back. dadi says from where? Prohit says he returned from jail. The men come in and start hitting people. yug fights them. Kali says the decoration ruined can be placed on left and the things okay can be placed on right And keep ram’s idol in middle. It will look like he makes everything okay. Yug claps and says thank you once again. Kali helps them with redecorating. He says to kali I didn’t know you are creative and talented.
Yug shakes hand with her. He says I don’t make everyone my friend. can we be friends? Kali is about to shake hand, she sees that written on her arm. She says in heart how can I be his friend? I am no one I am gauri’s kala teeka.

Dadi says this kind of family and my yug? She says how could dare bringing this kind of proposal for my yug. Get out. Prohit leaves, he tells kalyani on call. Kalyani is gald.
Yug says when will I meet gauri? Why is she not here? He says I am leaving. kali says your event has started. He says its over for me. Kali says in heart how can I tell him that I am the voice he is looking for.

Precap-Manjiri says ram got seeta after struggle too. How can you give up?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Plz kya koi bta skta hai ki jo song kali sing krti hai O Ram ji vo kahan se download kiya jaa skta hai as I like this song but mujge mil hi nhi raha hai…
    Plzz koi bta do

    1. Well I am not sure about the audio download………but there is a full O ram ji song uploaded by R-ya Srs on YouTube, which you can download by going to the site en.savefrom.net and entering the following site in the box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y5oE1mjeag

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        Thank you so much….
        And thats the audio song at you tube..
        Once again thank you

  2. I thought manjari died but how come she there n sharmila will help kali

  3. Yug is searching for Gauri bt he cares more for kali

  4. Update today episode fast

  5. Atiba pls update todays update.

  6. Very nice episode

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