Kaala Teeka 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali says this man is responsible for everything. Everyone is dazed. Kali says how can you play with my daughter’s lives. You will always remain evil. Nandu is about to slap her. Devri stops his hand and says what are you doing? Don’t you have any shame. Its a sin to beat a woman. Nandu says she is doubting you again brother. Kali says in heart this time I can’t break his web like this otherwise I can’t expose him. Kali says okay I agree he has changed but listen to Naina once. She is saying she didn’t do it deliberately. She doesn’t remember anything. Nandu says I would have listened if it happened once. This has harmed Paivtra’s life so many times. What should I do? Kali says you know that Naina is in problem. Naina is our daughter. If we

don’t care for her then who will? We have to be patient. Nandu says I can’t be patient. Keep naina away from my daughter. Naina goes crying in her room. Kali goes after her. Manjiri sees Devri’s fist folded.

Kali comes to Naina. Kali says naina is he here your friend? When he comes this time tell me and don’t tell him you told me. Kali says but mama he will know. Kali says play this toy. I will know that he is here.
Kali comes in and sees Manjiri in deep thoughts. Manjiri hits her hand on the iron. Kali comes in and says what are you thinking. Manjiri says what are you thinking is right. Kali says devri is the evil.
devri puts his hand on iron. Deva says I can’t take it anymore. Devri says I asked you to win Naina’s trust and now she doesn’t talk to her. Deva says look at her up bringing. Kali has brought her up. Devri says I am giving you last chance. If you come back this time empty handed I won’t leave you. He sees pavitra taking Nandu somewhere.
Naina is looking at her picture with nandu’s picture. SHe says papa why are you mad at me? You were my best friend. Pavitra says you have hurt didi now you talk to her otherwise I won’t be talking to you.
Nandu comes to Naina. Naian says papa go from here you don’t trust me. I have learned to take care of myself. devri is looking at all this. Kali is on the door pavitra. Pavitra says mama papa will talk her and sort everything out. Nandu becomes horse and says I will sing your favorite poem now. Pavitra comes and says didi sit. Pavitra and naina sit on nandu’s back. Devri is disappointed. He says I am done with this drama. Now you will do as I ask.

Scene 2
At night, Kali sees naina’s doll in the hall. It has blood on it. Kali gets scared. Kali says nandu see blood. Nandu doesn’t respond. Kali says why are you not saying anything? Kali sees manjiri as well. Manjiri is statue too. Kali says Yug gauri dadi.. She sees the head on the doll and screams. Kali wakes up. She was dreaming all this.
Someone enters Naina and pavitra’s room with a knife. Naina wakes up and says you.. its deva. He hypnotizes naian. NAian wakes up. She takes the knife form him. He says kill pavitra. Naina goes towards pavitra… Pavitra suddenly wakes up. Naina stabs her, Pavitra saves herself. Deva says don’t leave her. you won’t get another chance. Kali runs from her room towards pavitra’s. Niana is about to stab pavitra. Pavitra’s locket touches her feet. Naina gets back to her senses. She plays the toy. Kali and manjiri come in. Kali throws the sindur on deva. Kalisees his silhouette. deva runs. Kali runs after him. Kali runs she comes to devri’s room. She says I saw a kid coming here. Devri says no I was up, no one came here. Kali sees sindur on the floor. she says this means he came here. I was right since day one.

Precap-Kali says to manjiri we can’t tell anyone. We have to be careful. This is a battle. Devri says to deva we to do this. Deva says we will need naina for that. Devri says I will bring her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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