Kaala Teeka 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Neel and Gauri hear Mad saying that Vishwa will send Manjiri when the kids go to school.
They tell Kali and they make a plan.
Neel asks what is this? Kali says this is Ram’s ring. I’ll return him this time.
The kids go out and look for Ram. Neel says to gaurd that my ring is missing help me find it. Kali is on cycle, she goes out and looks for Ram. She says where is your temple? She hears two men going towards temple and follows the,.

Mad comes to wake Gauri up and sees that she is not there. Mad says someone has kidnapped my daughter. Jethi looks for gauri as well. Vishwa asks neel where is gauri? she was playing with you. Jethi says he is child. Vishwa says i am sure he knows. Jethi says he as asleep all night with me. Jethi says do you know son? He says Gauri is asleep with Manjiri in out house. Vishwa says I said he knew. Jethi she must have gone with kali.

Vishwa comes and sees gauri asleep next to Manjiri in kali’s attire. Kali is near temple, she says I am coming.
Manjiri says where is kali? Mad says why are you wearing black? Neel says kali had to go out so we had to do this. Manjiri says where has kali gone? neel says she has gone to find ram ji.

Kali walks up the stairs. Vishwa says to servant send 4 men and ask them to bring Kali. Jethi says this all you have done. You are responsible for all this. Vishwa says she doesn’t deserve to be my wife. Vishwa drags manjiri out. Manjiri says i dont wanna go anywhere. Kali says in temple please tech my family to love. Give colors to manjiri.
Prohit says why are you doing this? He says this woman is a burden in my life. Kali says make bady papa love Manjiri. Treat his anger please.
Vishwa says shut up everyone. Vishwa says you people are favoring her? She doesn’t care about me at all.
Kali is doing arti A snake comes in the house.

Precap-Vishwa says you betrayed me. Get out he sees the snake and slips.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kaali Guriya u r so sweet as usual. Dont worry ur Manji ma will get colours back and u too Kaali Guriya. Gauri Princess , neel and ur friend ram is wid u.
    I think this is the first show where I m happy to see a snake 😛 the snake really freaked the annoying Vishwa out hope it does it with irritating JT too, so that they think twice before hurting Kaali Guriya

  2. No pundit is this evil, I hate this show. Did evangelical Christians write this show? Will not be watching again!!

  3. bachan what are you saying the word Christian means of Christ so do not associate these evil wicked murdering hateful scripts that these Indians are writing with the word Christian no way a Christian would write hateful serials like what ztv is producing take a good look at the other soaps that are shown on television yes they will have some killing or hate but not in every serial like ztv is doing abusing children in this sort of manner and what I am saying is this is taking place in every serial that is shown on ztv come I say again either show some worthy watching serials or show none at all remember the world is watching and it sure is not a good message to be sending.

  4. and another thing NO it is ZTV INDIANS WRITING THESE SERIALS as if you did not know


  6. I no neel n gauri will help get manjari back

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