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Scene 1
Vishwa says that is why Kali doesn’t have place in my heart that she did. My princess is my first priority and her child. Manjiri leaves. Gauri says I hope she doesn’t create any problem. Gauri says did Kali die? Vishwa says yes. Gauri says but why did she suicide? Vishwa says because Yug acussed her and she was considering herself a sinner and she killed herself. Gauri says what if she comes back. Vishwa says don’t worry princess. Even God can’t stop your wedding now.
Kali tries to stand up and walks in the jungle. She screams with pain.

Scene 2
Manjiri comes to Yug’s house and sees his Haldi going on. Manjiri throws away the haldi. Manjiri says this was your love? One based of this you called yourself Ram and Kali seeta? you know when

seeta was buried Ram never worried. Not even a few days have passed and you are doing mehndi of your new wedding? Leela says that seeta who tried to kill my great grandson. She is evil. She came to kill our heir. We are sad for her but have you thought of Gauri? Its been three months, we had to take a step. People would call my great grandson bastard. Manjiri says you are talking like Kali is dead but she is alive. Chulbuli says how can you say that? Manjiri says this is a mother’s belief.
Kali is in jungle screaming with pain. Yug says I don’t care if she is alive or not. Manjiri says what sin has she done? Give me proof. Yug says I have proofs.
Kali is fainting she recalls Vishwa saying I will get Gauri back everything. You are pregnant with Yug’s child. Kali says I have to go home and tell Yug. Yug says this receipt I found it in Kali’s purse. She bought the contraceptives. I loved her too and I was shocked like you as well. But then I checked at chemist’s store. He told me Kali came there and bought these. Manjiri says a piece of paper and an unknown chemist separated you from her. I feel bad because my daughter loved your more than herself. She trusted you no matter what. Raghu says Mukta is right. Sharmila says taking a hasty decision in anger is not right. Raghu says ma we should wait, she might come back. Manjiri says stop this wedding until my Kali comes back I came to beg this. But when someone has decided then you can’t stop them, it’s like insulting yourself. I am going to find my daughter because I know she is alive. Congratulations on your new wedding Mr. Yug Chaudhary. Manjiri leaves.

Kali is struggling to walk in the jungle. She is screaming.
Leela gives all the jewelry to Gauri. Leela says I fulfilled my promise. I hope I will get to see my great grandson. Why are you not speaking? Gauri says I got Yug but that has none of your contribution. I and my papa did all this. Stop crediting yourself okay? Go. Leela says in heart I have made a mistake.
Kali is running. There are some stags playing in the jungle.
Kali is struggling to walk in the jungle. She is screaming.
Leela gives all the jewelry to Gauri. Leela says I fulfilled my promise. I hope I will get to see my great grandson. Why are you not speaking? Gauri says I got Yug but that has none of your contribution. I and my papa did all this. Stop crediting yourself okay? Go. Leela says in heart I have made a mistake.
One of them sees Kali. Kali comes running towards the road. He brings a cart and Kali falls on it. Kali tries to speak.. she says Azad colony Chaudhary house. Please take me there. He says madam ji? You wanna go somewhere? Shandu should help, Shandu is a nice a guy he helps everyone.

Scene 3
The wedding has started. Yug sits in mandap. Yug says where is Pishima? Vishwa says she couldn’t come.
Manjiri is looking for Kali with police and Neel. Manjiri says my daughter is alive. The inspector says this is her mangalsutra. She fell from the cliff, she can’t be alive. Manjiri says then where is her deadbody? Manjiri says I won’t go anywhere until I see her. He says we are looking for that but you have to go from here. Neel says lets go from here chachi.
Shandu says I will take you to Azad colony Chaudhary house. He is running the cart, Kali is on it fainted. suddenly it slips from his hands and is about to hit the tree. The cart stops. Shandu says thank God.
He runs with it again.

The wedding is going on. Gauri comes and sits in the mandap. Leela says in heart God wont pardon me for what I have done with Kali. Pandit asks Yug to make. Gauri wear the mangalsutra. He recalls when he married Kali.

Precap-Shandu says to Kali will you marry me? Will you become my bride? Kali is fainted. He picks her up and takes rounds with her around the fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG 😮 god plz save kali.she is hurt and bleed..yug u enjoy ur life wit gauri jha..devil gauri jha go to hell..disgusting 🙁

  2. R u mad writer. May I know who is the hero of this worse serial

    1. It s mayank gandhi

  3. The show really got worst!!!!!??

  4. I hate u yug

  5. Hahaha!!! Very nice!!
    Kali ka mangalsutra usse alag hua aur police ko mili…Yug straightforwardly showed his disbelief in kali…He is marrying gauri,he is least concerned if kali is alive or dead…and The backgroud music for d new pair shandu and kali is that of baahubali music and shandu is a person wd plain mind,also ramji ke moorthu ko dhikaye the wch shows ramji shiwed a way to help kali!!
    By all these it might b possible that gayri-yug and shandu-kali are d pairs!
    I guess Shandu will turn out to b kalis asli ramji hopefully!!

    And it might also b poss that shandu is yugs younger brother… and so kali along wd shandu will return to choudhary mansion… shandus mental state possibly mightv lyk day coz of some incidnt that happened at choudhary house!! Anyways dis is what i feel!! Just an opinion guys!!

    Writers and Cvs all d best…plz don turn it into a bullshit… keep going… since itz shown shandu marrying kali and yug gauri… plz let it b this way till d end… don show shit like tashan e ishq!!

    Kali ko strong bana lo… and kalo-shandu ka rishta ram-sita ki tarah majboot bana lo… waise bhi yug doesnt deserve kali!!!

  6. Wow…. Just what the show needed…. Already it is in its last leg in the TRP charts….. Guess it will vanish now….. Now Yug character has become the villain!!!!! O God!!!! Why can’t Rohan just quit the show?

  7. Hey!! Plz don’t make this serical a crap y can’t it go on smoothly with tug and Kali plz change the story…and 1more request do not drag this serial like others

  8. Yug and gauri must die hate u yug and blo*dy gauri

  9. I wish I could keel this leela

  10. I hate this show I don’t want to see this show anymore.!!

  11. I loved this show when it just started but now ah. The creative team has separated another couple (that is all Zee creative team do with each show) I accept but please don’t reunite Yug with Kali because he doesn’t deserve her, let Kali stay married to her husband of unsound mind and become the successful mother, wife and businesswoman that takes care of her husband and stand by him, I hope guri is barren.

  12. My hatest serial from nw….jindagi me kuch sida acha nahi chal sakta kya…bure log hi hamesha kyu jeette hai…serial aisi mat banao ki u cnt correct ur mistk ltr…world has bcm full evil

  13. Kali should come back and marry to Yug. Yug should not marry to Gauri Gauri.

  14. Gauri should die in this serial. It is becoming boring because Kali has left the home. She should come back and say all truth.

  15. I’m happy for kali.

  16. Its better stay remain marry that new guy…..even if he mentally challenged person his heart is pure….not like Yug…he is disgusting and despicable….I read the spoiler she coming back to yug house take revenge including yug…..manjima going help her take revenge……….yeeeeeeeeeh! YUG doesn’t deserve kali.


    Just spoiled the show….
    Yug is not Ram of Kali Sita… Yug is from those who can marry any girl any tym….??????????????????????
    Bakwas show..

  18. Dunno y but after watching todays episode mayb they wuld portray kali to b a courageous woman and guess this new guy is her real ramji!!
    Anyways am okay with the change in the track….coz i just cant tolerate yug always doubting kali…better kali get this man out of her life!! But then Hope the Creatives stand on d storyline…Not fooling us with these marriages… mean Marriages are for real and again there wouldve no swapping of pairs in the future like kali and yug again!

  19. Can anyone tell me does Leela know that the unborn baby Guri’s carrying is not Yug or she knows that the truth

  20. Wow… Without knowing kali is alive or not yug is going to marry gouri. They are not need to be seprate by divorce. if kali come and see yug and gouri Get married. Can anyone tell me wht is the relation tht time btwn yug nd kali. STUPID SITUATION! That comes in all the zee show. Is this marriage or drama. When want lets play.

  21. Kali will marry a mentally unstable guy(mayank ghandi) maybe he is the new ramji then. But I don’t know I have a feeling that kali will take revenge for sure for those who did Bad to her! 1.Vishwa 2. Gauri 3. Yug 4. That old hag leela

    1. For sure she will take revenge all of them with manji ma help. kali also start hate yug for not trusting her and marry to gauri………I read the article.

  22. Looking forward to Kali taking revenge on yug and gauri cuz they really do deserve each other! The love yug have for Kali was never real if he can let gauri manipulate him so easily! Kali more power to u
    Good luck! I wonder if the baby survive the fall?

  23. Yug u don’t deserve Kali love….great going…I respect the writer…why always a girl gives “agniprakisha” for a man who don’t respect her even…m satisfy with the story….& gauri u should pay for what u have done….I wish ur child must die…u get aborted your child by your own…then lella understand what she had done…

  24. I hope nothing happen to Kali n her baby but vishwas gauri n yug will pay for this now wen she return

  25. Kali should come before wedding ends. She needs to treat Gauri and Yug badily.Very bad episode


  27. leslie-ann daniel

    this show has gone from bad to worst,where is all the love yug had for kali,now is hate,i could never understand how gauri get pregnant in the first place when yug was drug, how on earth this happen,kali should really come back for revenge,but i think that kali daughter and yug son will fall in love and some blood test will say they are brother and sister…

  28. Yug has no back bone. Very weak man and believes whatever is said to him. STUPID! Kali should just leave him and build a new life with someone else. Yug deserves a ‘curse’ like Gauri. How many time must Kali proof her innocence to Yug? This drama is becoming so unbelievable and out of the world. Just stop this crapy show. The whole family is involved in a marriage between 2 people and it only happens in indian families. Sigh!

  29. As I read these comments I suddenly realised something….happy that we the audience are not blindly shipping the lead pair Jodi just because they are lead pair!!The comments above shows we the audience have got that piece of mind which can differentiate between whts good and what’s not!!

    And yeah so cvs happy that there is a change in the track and if u show the new man in Kali’s life to be a great husband…it will be a lesson to yug and also to people that there is nothing wrong in choosing whats gud and what’s not…Like Kali choosing yug to be out of her life…a lesson to men who are like yug!! And we the viewers are ready to accept such a kind of change!!

    But if you are planning to imitate tashan e ishq Creative where marriage is synonymous to joke…then I beg u plz don’t do that!! Please don’t turn everything into a shit!!

  30. When I see people commenting in broken English my heart weeps, if you don’t know the language; don’t butcher it please.

    Kali always deserved better than Yug; who wants to be Sita anyway? Sita suffered more than anything, first she was sent to live in a jungle, then she was abducted, had to go through trial by fire and eventually was kicked out by her husband while pregnant because aspersions were cast on her character by some no body! She raised her children on her own and when they found their father, she relinquished her sons to their father and returned to Earth from which she was birthed rather than go back to her husband. Ram may have been an ideal but the actual life they lived was not.

    Gauri can keep Yug.

  31. U are right kalika!!! Actually i used to think just like you…but then when i heard it from my grandmother i understood why ram did that way… Ram knew sita is pure and still insisted her upon giving agnipariksha…coz he knew sita is pur and nothing is gonna happen her…he wanted even people to see her purity and he did so that people wont talk behind there backs!!
    He kept mum when sita was going to vanvaas for the same reason!!
    Coz of all these we still remember sita as the pure soul and lady with utmost purity!!

    The thing is Ram all along knew Sita is pure…he did things to prove her innocence to people around…he never gave a chance to anyone to think Wrongly about sita!!!

    But Yug….he is nowhere before ram…Idiotic character…never trusted kali!! Gauri and yug make a grt pair…so thanks to Cvs!

  32. I truly dont want kali to give birth to cheater yug’s child,when he said he doesnt care if kali is alive or not…
    Writers – u should not have made fun of ram-sita pair, if story is such..
    Gauri with her toilet face,,,,,yuck…
    Again bahubali music and Ram-ji…Wish when kali comes after 7 months ,she should punish gauri, Cheater Yug and her badi paapa plus witch leela

    1. Ur comment is absolutely true pradishma!! Kali shudnt give birth to yugs child…the last thread wch may connect kali and yug is this chikd…if she gets freed from this too ..then maybe she can move on from yug!!

      1. yeah sara, hopefully writers finally did that atleast , kali lost child…wish she take revenge

  33. I wish kali take all the power and money from them and leave gauri in the street…its best punishment for that B***H gauri.

  34. Kali’s character is too weak for her to want to seek revenge. She needs a motivator like losing her child not yug’s remarriage. Who didn’t see yug getting married to gauri jha.

    I hope she has the lot of them arrested for attempted murder.

    Besides the writers have given me more questions than answer since their plot has not logic.

    How can yug remarry without his wife being declared dead? Doesn’t that mean his new marriage is invalid? How did gauri get pregnant? Did she strip and rape yig then redress him?

  35. This is madness

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