Kaala Teeka 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Prohit says this havan will kill all bad eyes on Garui. Vishwa says nothing dark can even touch her.
Leela comes to temple and sees them. Chulbul says don’t you think he is too much into this. Leela says this is not pooja,he is doing this to fade darkness away. But for whom? Whose kundli is that way?

Kali says what date? Garui says double date. You and aryan and me and yug. It will be fun. Kali says I wont go. Gauri says I have planned everything. Kali says i don’t like all this. Gauri says close your eyes. Now open it.She shows her a dress and says how is it? Gauri says wear it. Kali says i can’t. Gauri says I don’t know anything.

Leela asks pandit ji for whom is vishwa doing this? He says he didn’t tell anything. he said he will do everything

on his own.
Gauri says where are they both. Yug comes and says I am here. Kali comes. Yug sees her. Aryan comes and reads a couplet. Gauri says you are poet. Aryan says no I am not words comeout when I see her. Gauri says Kali come here. Kali feels uncomfortable in her dress. She comes. Aryan says looking great. Now I know why they say black is beautiful.

Kali sits with Aryan. Aryan says I can’t get my eyes off you. Gauri says where is your mind?Why are you mentally absent? Yug says I am fine. She says come lets dance. She gets Kali and aryan up to. They dance in couples on ‘kahin tou hogi wo’. Aryan comes close to Kali, Yug doesn’t like it. Aryan gets a call.Yug comes to her and says don’t you feel any mercy on yourself? I can’t see this. How long will you bear all this? Gauri comesback and says what are you discussing. Yug says Aman’s mom is not well i need to rush. He leaves.

Photographer sees is seeing sangeet pictures, in background Yug sees aryan stealing the locket. He says so this is Kali’s husband to be. This is what Gauri has found.

Prohit says to vishwa today is a good day, if Kali gets married today, Gauri’s marriage trouble will wither away.
Kali sees her phone switched away. Vishwa says how is that possible. Prohit says we have to make it possible. It will kill all troubles in gauri’s life.
Kali comes and says what happened? Why are you all worried. Mad says come sit. Mad says prohit said its an awesome day to get married.Kali says for whom? Mad says your wedding. Kali says what? My marriage? Prohit says why delay something good. Mad says if you get married today, it will be good for gauri. Prohit says we can’t let go of such good day. Vishwa says I agree to them. Kali says how is it possible. Gauri says why not? Aryan is on his way. Prohit will read mantra. And we will do your reception well. Kali sits in vishwa’s feet. He says after so many years you called me daughter. Don’t shove me away so soon. Dont do this please. Let me live this happiness please. Vishwa says prohit ji is there so solution to this? Prohit says if there was I wont have forced you. And after today there is no such mahurat for next 2 years. We can fill hairline if she is not ready for complete wedding yet. Kali says please dont do this. Vishwa says I listened to you. Wont you do this for you sister? vishwa says prohit ji prepare for it.Kali says but please.. Vishwa says there is no such day for next two years.

Precap-Kali is getting married to aryan. Yug calls. Kaka picks her phone. He tells yug.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Quite a disturbing episode and annoying precap. I hope Yug can stop this marriage, hate this Gauri and Aryan I want Kayu and Gayan 😛

    1. Gaur I with Aryan ? Really?? That thief with Kali’s Bady papa’s princess ? No.. that’s not good

      1. Areh shrayen I was kidding I just want KaYu I don’t care about Gauri but she is too annoying 😛

      2. Oh great.. me too


      Rightly said…. tbhi guari and mad maa and pure parivar ko akal aayegi….

    3. why is kalyani behind kali n nt gauri marriage..i wonder…cuz sheis the only hope….n fatarjo ur next ff? n dont ut hink all zee tv shows r showing us the sme things or they show once atleast take it kkb satrangi sasuraal,kt,etretr,tht sarojini n jamai raja(onc showed) n even tei. all the shows of zee sme 3 // leads n they dont introduce a bettr one..the third one becomes the biggest antagonist……n the two lovers meet at the end n this is what is crap..i hope kt dosent continue to show tht n atleast show us kayu marriage ie accepted by every1 even though it is not…..
      precap is not tht distrbing bcuz i saw the video so quite sure tht aryan wont marry kali n yug has indirectly unknowingly married kali which wont be considerable acc to me i think

      1. Actually amaiyra I m not getting time to write the next episode for my ff as my lessons just began and I have decided ten once I get a holiday I will write one shot for Kaala Teeka which will be considered as episode 3 of my ff too. And I m writing two ff already(I combined some shows for both ff) and I only publish them on only Sundays, that’s why m not able to give time to my Kaala Teeka ff. And when one of my ff will end I will write a new ff in KT and 3 other shows combined.
        Yes zee shows are on separation mood these days :/

      2. i m talking abt other ones also…like ur one mre chance i read tht… kt is doing ok..when it will go worse( i hope it dosent) then ff r must

      3. Oh thanks for reading and happy you liked my one more chance ff 🙂

  2. I hope yug stop Mali’s marriage.
    Ronan and simran r too cute?

  3. I hope yug stop kali’s marriage.
    Rohan and simran r too cute?

  4. Don’t separate kayug!!!!
    I hope yug saves kali and confess out the feeling in front of all specially vishva

    1. KaYu the best!

  5. why prohit push the wedding so soon…poor kali Monday will be suspense

  6. Many morons in this serial… You stupid kali… Hope yug will stop this nonsense…

  7. Today’s episode was very interesting.
    Eagerly waiting for next episode.
    Hope yug will rrach at the time & will stop this marriage.

  8. wrong precap ..kali an aryan get married .phone rings one of t servent pick the call and tell to yug, kali is getting married and yug get shoked…

  9. To hell with gauri…. I hate gauri , viswa, purohit,and mad….I want to kill them.., how can they force her to get married to that guy….. ??????

    1. Bcz they r playing part of evil in this.. this is d script’s demand.. no one in real life should b such n idiot like they r

  10. What they get married???????

  11. Precap is disturbing……can anyone tell me Yug really will be there and stop….pleazzzzzz… If she marry to aryan I won’t watch this show..???????????????


      Me too will not watch if its happen…

    2. there is a video posted of yug stopping her in which he will throw tht sindoor off aryan hand n byechance it will fell on gauris face n kaalis forehead at tht point..though i think tht will be ignored :/ …n then yug will hit…u want the link?

      1. Yes I want to see that ….can u give me the link pls…


        Plz give the link… if that happens kali will stay quite even as after all this drama and she will be the who will realise that yug has indirectly married her but she will not say anything and will let gauri maary yug.. this show is some like going like Chotti bahu season 1 where radhika and dev marriage happens indirectly but her sis was married to dev with full rituals. .

  12. Fans of Zee TV’s “Kaala Teeka” will haveto gear up for a major highpoint in the show with Gauri (Fenil Umrigar) and Vishwaveer (Bhupinder Singh) trying to wed Kaali (Simran Pareenja) to the new guy who has entered, Aaryan (Surya Sharma).Also, Yug (Rohan Gandotra) will find outthat Aryan is a Con Man and will decide to find proof to expose him.Later, there will be interesting drama where Vishwaveer and other family members will decide to do the sindoor daan from Aaryan’s hands to Kaali, which will be an indication to them being married. Since, the day would be auspicious, ritual would be carried out and eventually proper marriage ceremony would take place.So, will Kaali get married to Aaryan? No, Yug would just manage to come in time and save Kaali.It will be seen that Vishwaveer will take the Aryan and Kaali to the temple area in the house, and start to do the sindoordaan ritual. At the time when Kaali will be given the sindoor, Yug will come there and stop the ritual from happening. He will bring the police and get Aaryan arrested.What happens next? What will be Gauri’s reaction? Will Yug and Kaali get married?

  13. I wish, before aryan applies vermillon or does any rituals, yug should arrive and stop this wedding and he should confess his love for her infront of everyone and so should kali. Guari and Vishwaveer should go to hell in this serial??? Kali and Yug will be together?

  14. All dis Zee tv serials frm kaala teeka,jamai raja, ek tha raja ek tha rani, yeh vaada raha, kumkum bhagya, meri saasu maa,tash e ishq as frm next week is so disturbing with all of them going on a negative direction nd seperating d couples making all d villians in their series winning, I dnt knw what dis writers are thinking. Especially d kumkum bhagya track so annoying nd useless.

    1. I notice that too eh!… I don’t know why these writer trying break all the loved one..that sucks!…..and also irritating….they r making this shows to entertains people but not to frustrate…too much frustration…..almost the Indian culture becoming like American life style I guess. No offence but when I compare with American shows they almost showing similar to it….divorce, two marriage and all that.

  15. Ohhhhhhhh prs interesting!

  16. This is not at all fair with Kali.They are emotionally blackmailing her to get married.It is a force marriage!Why does Kali have to sacrifice everything?Doesnt she even have right to choose her own life?Kali should bring Manji Maa in the house then everything will be settled in Jha Parivar.And Yug is so dumb he doesnt even confess his feelings to Kali.But Kali n Yug are made for eachother.Vishwa had taken Kali’s kundli to get matched and not Gauris.;)

  17. http://www.india-forums.com/tv-show/1212/kaala-teeka/video/403467-wedding-drama-on-kaala-teeka.htm here is it guys…so yug will stop thts for sure…bt sindoor falling on kaali forehead will be counted as marriage or ignored tht is not..since it falls on gauri face to bt not on forehead…… i feel tht they r married i hope kayu also feel tht..n leave everything

    the link credits for posting here is to me..n for actual posting is to all the fan pages(idk the 1st one so..)

    1. wait the sindoor did fall on kali head all over her face actually….i hope they dont consider that marriage….dont disappoint us cvs

      1. Please don’t scare us!?

      2. i hope they consider else there is no way to show kayu marriage

  18. Yug will have Aryan arrested(u)

  19. Loved the role of Fenil(gauri) in BFF,she could go to any extent for her friends, but now in this show she is so much disgusting,so much self-centered.hope KaYu get united soon

    1. Gauri’s role reminded me of Fenil’s role as Pihu in bade ache lagte gain who can go any extend to gain her love pigs and gauri both were cute and lovely in their childhood but when tey grow up they change so much I hope Gauri changes like pihu but soon not in the end

      1. I mean pihu

  20. My god that stupid kalyani send Aryana to spoil Kali life along with mad and gauri…. What did that kali to them…. Those people doesn’t deserve to live…gosh I feel like I want to kill them..?

  21. Guys can anyone tell me what happened to Gauri’s kundali? In one of the episodes leela was about to see it right? couldn’t see later episodes. reading only updates here but couldn’t find anything about it.

    1. Leela about to look at that kundali…bulbul crap that from her and put that kundali on the table…since than no one didn’t bother looking that.

  22. Can anyone translate ramji song for me… It’s so sweet music but cant understand. Pls help me…

    1. Jal rahi hai raah ka bankar diya(she is being lit/ignited being the “diya”{source of light/ which indian put on diwali}
      Jaane kitni raaton se teri siya(ur sita from so many night)
      Khoke baithi khud mein tumko Ram ji(she has forgotten herself in u,ramji)
      Apni khatir toh main hun bas naam ki… (i have just a name for me)
      Aakhein meri raat din barsa gaye(tears flow our from her eyes day and night)
      Ik jhalak paane ko bas tarsa gaye(to get one look of him her eyes r _____)
      Kaali raaton ki subah bhi aayegi(there will be a morning to these dark nights)
      Ek din jeevan mein khushiyan chhayengi(one day there will be only happiness in life)
      Aas maine tujhse bas yeh baandh li (this hope i have tighten with you)
      Ik mannoti dil se maine maan li…( i have agreed with a ________ heart)
      Aaoge tum aaoge ik din kabhi (one day u will come definately)
      Sunlo meri ilteza o Ram ji( please listen to my request ramji)
      Pyaar apna main dikha sakti nahi( i cant show my luv)
      Aur dil mein bhi daba sakti nahi(neither can i hid it in my heart)
      Raat din bechain dhadkan kisliye(why is the hertbeat restless day n night)
      Ishq hai toh hai yeh uljhan kisliye…(if there is love then why is there complication)
      Kaisi hai yeh dhund, kuch dikhta nahi(how is this fog/dew/smoke tht nothing is visible)
      Raah kuch dikhlao mujhko Ram ji(show me a path ramji)
      Aaoge tum aaoge ik din kabhi(one day someday u will come)
      Sunlo meri ilteza o Ram ji(listen to my req, ramji)

      i hope this helps

      1. Tq tq tq tq thank you very much dr aamaira… Thanks alot… It helped a lot.???

  23. In the spoiler video the sind our didn’t fall on gauris fve

  24. Sindoor didn’t fall gauris face


    I want kali and aryana to get married. i know aryana is a criminal but after marriage aryana can be a goog man. i like that… pls yug don’t stop this marriage.

    1. Haven’t u see that Aryana send from kalyani…. He wii never change… And Kali in love Yug from childhood…she deserve to marry Yug not Aryana… Y not gauri marry Aryana and change him… They r best couple cos they both r evil mind?

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