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Scene 1
Kali fills her hairline with Nandu’s blood. Suddenly an invisible circle forms around Naina and Devri can’t attack her. It repels Devri. Deva says Devri Kali has filled her hairline with Nandu’s blood. Devri says what.. He is dazed. Kali says it was a mother’s promise to protect my daughter. Manjiri says Kali prohit said do the marriage properly, it will end his powers. Manjiri takes Kali near fire and gives her hand in Nandu’s. They take rounds around fire. Manjiri throws sand at Devri. Deva says get up devri. Manjiri stands in front of him with his won sword. DEvri says you will dare stopping me? Manjiri says I even stopped my husband why wouldn’t I stop you. DEvri is about to attack her. Yug and Leela bind him with chains. Kali and Nandu ar completing

their rounds around the fire while rest of people try to stop Devri. Devri creates a circle of fire around them. Devri says you are all idiots. you don’t know fire is my servant. Deva says Devri you wasted you power there. Stop this marriage or everything will be over. They are just 3 rounds short. Kill this manjiri. Devri takes Manjiri’s sword and throttles her. Manjiri says keep going Kali. your times is over Deva. The dia blows. DEvri falls on the ground and DEva disappears as well. DEvri tries to stand up but he falls due to shocks. Devri is screaming.

Scene 2
Kali and Nandu come home with Naina. Leela says you both are Naian’s parents. You both are daughter and son of this house. You have right on this house. Gauri says you are right dadi we should welcome the new bride with all the rituals. Gauri says welcome Kali with a new identity. Kali looks at Yug. Kali enters the house. Naina starts crying. Manjiri says I think Naina is hungry. Gauri says I shifted Kali’s phone to Nandu’s room. Its your special day. I couldn’t keep you waiting. You must be tired. Let me take you. Yug is seeing all this in anger.

Devri says everything is over. All my powers. Deva says I thought the same. Nandu has taken Naina’s danger on him. Devri says Nandu is my brother. Deva says there is no value of relations in this rage for power. You have to forget he is your brother. Imagine how powerful you will be. Think. devri says you are right. I have to sacrifice Nandu.

Yug sees Nandu’s picture, he recalls his marriage with Kali. Yug shoots Nandu’s picture. Yug says I hate you. You took my heart from me. He breaks a glass at his photo. Yug says I am sorry Kali but I can’t see you with someone else. I accept seeing you as a widow.
Nandu comes in room he says I have arranged everything for Naian here. Kali says Manji ma life complicates it all the time. Leela says you have to sort this out. You believe in God. You married him anyway. Because of this marriage we are out of that danger. Accept it. There must be a reason of God behind this. We can just accept it. Nandu comes and says all done. Leela says we should leave them alone. They all leave.
Yug is peeking in. He says once everyone sleeps..
Naina is crying. Nandu says give naina to me. He sings her lullaby. Naina sleeps. Nandu says I changed the lullaby. Kali is crying. Nandu says did I do anything wrong? Kali says I did wrong. I am sorry. I had to do this for Naina I had no other option. Forgive me. Nandu says I am fine. Kali says thank you Nandu. I assure you I will accept you with all my heart. Just give me a little time. Nandu says I understand it all. Like when you get married the first thing is that you consider each other friends. We are friends already? Kali smiles. He says this smile suits you. Naina is asleep we shouldn’t talk much. You should sleep.

Deva says to Devri do this in a while. You have to look at the bigger picture. Once he is out of way you can attack Naina.
Nandu says will I ever meet brother again? Good night. Yug gets up from his room.He takes his revolver.

Precap-Devri is about to kill Nandu. Nandu sees him. He says brother are you all right? Devri says you have to die Nandu. Kali screams no..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate this serial

  2. Angelk1

    I don’t understand, power, sword, all this Is very creative. It doesn’t suit the series, but at least Kali married nandu. Nandu is such a good person. Kali forget about that joke yug. His nothing


    Yug u are one psyco and gouri is another psyco. now u kept no difference between u and that gouri chudhal. Yug na khud ko ek ayasa insan bana dia hai ki wo ab gouri sa hi perfectly match karta hai Kali as kabhi nahi. And kali and nandu become a good match.

  4. I feel like I want to kill that b***h gauri in the show

  5. kali was against superstitions and now she is a part of it. I thought the concept of show would change but day by day it is becoming more superstiotious. Ridiculous.

  6. Fenil go hell for choosing this digusting character?

  7. Ho kya raha hai,yug ,agar Kali ne tume tukradiya tho kya hua.as per d reports fenil wants 2 exit the show,this means there will b a another girl in u r life.so,don’t b sadddd……kkkk,I love u so much

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