Kaala Teeka 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Gauri reads ad in magazine about how to bring your husband closer. Leela takes it from her and says leave it. She sees contraceptive’s ad in magazine. Gauri says you need them?Leela says shut up. leela tells her something. Gauri says what an idea. Now we will tell that. Yug will run away from her now.
Yug is on call.
Gauri come to Kali’s room to put contraceptives in her drawer. Yug comes in. She hides under the bed. Yug leaves. gauri comes to Leela says is it done? Gauri says yes mission accomplished. Leela says Yug has to think what Kali has done that she needs contraceptives.
Gauri calls Aryan. leela calls on his other. Leela tells him what he has to do.Aryan says okay.
Manjiri comes in and says whom were you talking to Aryan? Aryan says the cable


Manjiri calls Kali and says I saw Aryan talking on call. Maa ji or gauri called him. Take care. Kali says they can stoop as low as they want. They can’t win against my love.
Gauri comes to kitchen and sees tea in making. She mixes something in her tea.
Chulbul asks Kali where are you going? Kali says I was going to drink tea. Chulbul says maa ji has headache. Kali says oh give this tea to her. Chulbul says I will say that I made this tea. Kali says okay.
gauri tries to stop her but Chulbul does listen. She gives the tea to Leela.
Leela says the tea is so good. Why do I feel sleepy? Chulbul says your head hurts right. Leela is fainting. Chulbul says what is happening to you. Let me take you to your room.
Chulbul takes her to her room.

At night, Aryan comes home. Aryan says where is she? This was the plan that she will come and catch me red handed? Where is she? yug comes and opens the lights.
yug brings him downstairs. Everyone comes.Aryan says I am sorry I thought no one would know like always. Leela says what you mean you come here daily?Aryan says wife calls then I haveto come. Kali says don’t you dare calling me wife. I don’t even wanna see your face. Aryan says you always do this. you always talk with love in person and you change colors in front of everyone. We are being careful. you are eating those contraceptives. Kali says stop lying. I know your reality. Aryan says why would I lie. This key is of this house right? Leela says where did you get it from? Aryan says Kali gave me. Kali says he is lying. I don’t even know what he is talking about. Leela says you think we will trust you? Leela says you have to give fire test to prove yourself. Will you? Kali says what.. Someone will come in and say anything about me and i have to give fire test. Leela says you have to. Go prepare havan kund. Gauri says okay dadi ji. Yug says stop it. It is not needed. Nothing will be proved from this. Leela says it will be proved. Either she gives fire test or leave this house.
Aryan says see what they think of you. Come with me. Kali says leave my hand. yug says stop. Yug says leave her hand. Yug starts beating him. He keeps beating, Garui says yug leave him. Leela says Yug leave him. You have come from hospital. Yug says I think you have forgotten who saved my life. Kali did. The one you are blaming because of this Aryan. What is his worth? He is just a thug. Kali says don’t say anything to dadi Yug. A wife is blamed when her husband doesn’t trust her. The trust you are showing today, if you had shown it on right time i won’t have to see this day, but you never trusted me. Why were you beating Aryan then? Own me or let him do what he wants to. Yug says please don’t say that. Kali says I am tired of all this. I came here to prove my innocence in your eyes. I think fate never wanted this. I don’t want anyone to face the harm. Its better for everyone that I leave this house forever.

Precap-Yug says Kali.. Kali says I can’t stay here as Kala teeka anymore. I can’t have whats mine. Its better that I leave this house. she picks her bag. Yug stops her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What a disgusting plan.

  2. Masz

    Leela n gauri jha u both juz go to hell… both gone mad n became very low n alwayz hve disgusting minded.Plz leave de house kaali!!

  3. Best move of kali finally yug opened his eyes


    1. Tomorrow episode is not going to be that excited cos I saw a video at the location shooting…it shows that ….he still kept complaining to leela what his or something…and gauri try to seduce him again…he looks little mad….but if he fail to understand kali…that’s it….

      1. I meant he still kept complaining to leela what’s his mistake and something..

  5. Yes!…… Way to go Kali … I will deffenetlyfor support ur decision …. It’s not worth stay in that house… U made the right decision….don’t back even Yug stop u…. Leave that house forever…. Yug need punishment for not trusting u….

    1. Exactly. You wrote what I thought…

  6. Good job kali

  7. Nazia Tabassum

    So dammit… this serial is crossing its limits like other serials … I am getting to hate this serial like other…

  8. Kali takes good decision iam waiting for tomorrow episode guys.yug deserve that pain.he never trust kali. Kali said correctly

  9. This Yug doesn’t even have common sense…. Aryan is pretend to fall from the stairs and making looks like Yug is beating him….that moment he should realize that something is not right… But he didn’t … Kali made right decision..

  10. It’s nice to see kali standing up for herself…. It’s time for yug to support kali

  11. Yes it was a very disgusting plan! Yug now u want trust her when I should have done that from the beginning

  12. Update looks great. Hopefully yug will start seeing the truth. He wants Kali around and with him and glad that he will stop her from leaving the house. Be a man yug, not a puppet. Leela n guari’s antics, make Leela look like a 5yr old child, doing childish things…beating gauri with a stick, she looked so not adult!!!! Plotting with an airhead like gauri jha!!!!!

  13. Yes..leave this house kali…where there is no respect…no meaning of any relation there…n yug plzz now u understand otherwise u hv to regret with ur own decision….gauri jha u r vry cheap…jst go to helllll…u don deserve anyone and wants yug…huh..wash ur face with nirma powder…

    1. Haha! Wash ur face with nirma powder… Lol????????? for sure gauri should do that

  14. Good to hear that Yug did not think negative about her for now…hope so he will stop kaali by leaving the house..

  15. Great episode. Thanks writers, keep it up

  16. AAYUSH

    I hate that gauri jha and how could leela stoop so low.she should atleast think about her age.

  17. I hope Kali leave that house.

    1. No please.
      I hope gauri and leela leave that home.

      1. don’t worry…it will happen one day…

  18. Best move Kali ever made since she’s in that house bravo….the sick way CVS portray women on these serial is demeaning….why always show a woman stooping so low to get a man and on top of it they showing his beloved grandmother enabling it too madness….I feel sorry for the actors who playing gauri and leela I know it’s a job but in the back of their mind they must feel some type a way acting in roles that belittle women……anyhow as they say it’s just entertainment could be real annoying at times but I still support the actors especially those I like if not by watching when it’s bad I just read wu till things improve

  19. Dadi on one hand talks about samaj, ghar ki izzat n all and on other hand, wants a girl to stay with her son in law without marriage n wants her to also bear his child ( kept that apple wala puja).. does it make any sense.. on one hand she says Kali is Aryans wife, n on other hand, she is telling her to give agnipariksha bcoz she is having relationship with Aryan.. wat the hell

  20. Sruthi

    kali is realy super…..aryan nd gauri should unite, devils

  21. That’s just nasty to do something like that I won’t watch this show anymore. The writers r taking this too far now bye kaala teeka

  22. Finally Kali get some sense! Let Yug do the begging now and realise his stupidity!

  23. Kali is rite just leave

  24. Uhhhhh! I feel like I want to fry that gauri leela in the boiling oil….. How could they??? Asking Kali to do Agni parisha……they both disgusting and I hate them…

    1. What is agni parisha please? I’m not indian that’s why I did not understand

      1. to prove she is innocence…she has to step on the fire….if she is pure fire will do nothing to her…..

  25. Hey guys…. I watch the OLVs for tomorrow episode… Kali did leave the house… He kept thing about Kali… This stupid gauri try close with Yug… How disgusting…. Seems like he is not going go out and find about the truth guys…..I don’t know how they going reveal the truth guys…

  26. Wth you are gauri.
    She save you and cares you every times but you do this to kali.
    Go fire truck your self ???


  28. It.s good that kali finally made the decision to leave. However, yug is so unpredictable he may just listen to daadi and accept Gauri…. please don’t

  29. Yug, Abhi.. All Zee hero’s are Dumb.. Writers are dumb actually.

  30. RANdomfANCreationz

    I am just so irritated with all the zee shows mainly because of all the male leads except for one or two

  31. Bids

    Kali should forget and move on in life

  32. Any body know new spoiler of kaala teeka

    1. Masz

      So far not yet anu… guys do fast update us if anyone knows on new spoiler of kaala teeka!

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