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Baba says you aregone. Yug claps and says wow. First you added smoke in it and then broke now saying it ran away. What a drama. Leela asks him to shut up. Baba says when there is God there is evil when there is a human there is a devil too. Can’t you understand that. Baba does pooja. His hands are ded. Leela is dazed. Leela says what does this mean? Baba says I was scared of this. There is someone in this family because of whom I can’t cut powers of that shadow. We have to send that person away. Leela says who? Baba says because of whom I can’t captivate the pahntom. When that person is in the house my doings are useless. That phantom is gainin powers. Then everything would be ruined. Leela says please do something I beg you. Baba says I am here I will fix everything. Baba places a

needle in a plate. He says place it in the center of the cirle. He reads a mantra.Baba says now everyone sit in the circle. Leela says sit down Yug please. Baba says I am giving you order needle because of whom my mantras are going useless? The needle points at Yug. Everyone is dazed. Baba says he is the one. Keep him away from this house. I am telling you that phantom will rule the house otherwise. and then there will be destruction. Yug stands up and throws his stuff away. Yug says enough. I wont let this start again and dadi you would listen to any drama baba. Baba says you are calling me drama? I will show you. Yug says I said enough. Get out of here. Kali says you are saying yug who loves dadi so much is harming her? Baba says no because of weaknesses in his kundli someone else is taking advantage. Leela says he is my son how is that possible. Baba says if you are calling me a liar then I will give you another proof. He shows her a thread. And says tie it in his thread for thirty seconds. yug says dadi please I won’t do this. Leela says for me please. She makes Yug wear the thread. Chulbuli says nothing happened. Baba says wait. Baba says give me the thread? If his Kundli has weakness then this thread will be burned in Leela’s hand. Leela takes the thread from him. Chulbuli giggles and says nothing happened. The thread burns, Leela throws it away. Yug says enough, I have seen so many babas, I can prove there was something with this thread. Baba says you are the first person to doubt me. I proved twice you are responsible for all this. Now your turn, prove that I am wrong. Leela says how? Baba says go 30KM away from this house then lets see in your absence what happens to Leela. Will you go? Yug says okay I will go. If after all this nothing happens then you will go to jail. Baba says jail can’t stop me.

Yug is leaving. Kali says Yug please stop. Please forgive me. Yug leaves, Kali says enough. There is someone who is doing this and I have to find out who. Kali says please help me God. Leela starts crying. Baba says calm down, the far he goes you will feel better. Leela faints, baba says as much as he goes away she will be okay.
Yug calls Kali and says 21KM. Leela gains consciousness. Kali says I can’t believe when you left, dadi fainted but now she is better. Yug says thats because of the medicines. I am coming back home. Baba says now you see. Gauri says but how was that possible? Leela faints again, baba says he is coming back. Call him and ask. Chulbuli calls yug and asks where are you? He says I am reaching home in 15 minutes. Kali picks Leela up. Kali gives Leela water. Yug comes home. Yug picks Leela. Baaba says you will all suffer.

Precap-Yug says being son of this house, I have to protect this house. I have to leave this house. Yug says to Leela why have you packed? Leela says I will find an asylum. Yug says this house needs you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope yug comes back in some other disguise to find out the truth

  2. Watt bullshit is this baba saying lmao Leela is surely up to something again

  3. I’m 100% sure it’s all leela plan to keep a part kayu. Or else why he is pointing to Yug?????this is bullshit… What a crap ?…. Please writer cut the crap….50% of viewers stop watch this show because of stupid storyline.. If it’s keep continue everyone will be stop watch this show….watch urs elf writer..??????????????

    1. I meant pointing at Yug????

      1. It’s all rubbish… Sick to watch this show…but I don’t hat KaYu?… It’s all that magic man all tha trick… He is controlling everything and making everyone to believe… They all watching like some exciting thing happening except Kali and Yug.

  4. As for me… itz juz interesting… cant wait to watch KaYu next actions after all de crap scenes created by dat baba… Keep support diz serial for all de hardwork by ppl involved..???????

  5. I thought after yug and kali’s marriage everything will be ok but things are worse now. What’s happening to leela?is she pretending just to separate yug and kaali or what? If so that’s too low even for her amd is that baba for real?? I used to love this show. I was always eager to watch it everyday but now everything is falling apart… I just hope all this ends soon and show us yug and kaali living a happy married life even for sometines, happy moments before a new drama starts again. I love yug and kali alot to lose hope ????

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