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Scene 1

Manjiri says this leaves drink can be used to suck poison out of her body. Mad says you want to give her more poison. Manjiri says you have sent kali to jail, there is a diference between you and me. I don’t see evil in kids. Kali can’t even imagine bringing a scorpion in the house. This will help gauri and you have to trust me. Mad says trust you? Then do something, drink this yourself first. Manjiri says no one can drink it but gauri. Poison will cut poison. Mad says I wont give it to gauri. Kalyani says give it to me. you will come to me when you need it. We will keep an eye on it. Okay?

The kids in the asylum tease Kali. The manager says you are the new one. what have you done? You tried to kill? There should be no fun here. Come out when I whistle. Now go and

sleep. Kali says i wanted to make a call. Please. The manager says dont maku up stories and go sleep. If i see you up i will break your legs.
They lock her up again. Kali says I have to save gauri. I have to tell manjiri maa.
Manjiri says my kali is not a murderer. Mad says she confessed herself that she brought it. what is left? manjiri says i want to talk to her. Mad says you want to go and teach her a false story. Manjiri says what are you saying. Vishwa says enough. Vishwa says you have only one daughter and that is gauri. She is fighting for life. Tomorrow the injection will arrive and till then sit here and pray for her life. You wont step out of this house. He leaves. Kalyani says i will asks swami to talk to him. Manjiri says kali is totally alone there.

Scene 2
Next morning, the corrier arrives. Manjiri receives it. Kalyani says between gauri and her life saver injection there is me. Manjiri says vishwa the injection has arrived. She has placed a toy car in her way. Manjiri slips and the injection falls from her hand. vishwa is dazed.

Gauri is drawing on the walls. She says Ram ji please help me out. Gauri’s life is in danger.
Vishwa says to manjiri says you have done this delibrately. Manjiri says why would i do this. Vishwa says you want to kill gauri because i didn’t let you meet gauri. why are you doing this to my daughter. What is your enimty towards her. Kalyani says please leave her. Swami says is this how you treat your wife. Mad says i never thought that you would do this to my daughter. Manjiri says i made a mistake. I can’t do this deliberately. Kalyani says i know manjiri. Manjiri says what if something happens to gauri. Both of my daughters are in trouble. Kalyani says nothing will happen to both of them trust me.
Kalyani laughs in her room. She says poison cuts poison. She says i defeated you vishwa.
I will take your most important thing from you. Fight from God now. She laughs.
Now i will add poison to that drink manjiri made.

Precap-The kids at the asylum hit kali. Kali screams for help.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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