Kaala Teeka 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Naina says to Pavitra I want to spend this time with you. Pavitra says your bus is nearby. Naina says what happened on your forehead? Badki says nothing. She says I am leaving. Naina says to krishna can we go now? They sit on the bike and go.
Badki comes to village and says my naina didi is coming back.

Driver says to Chulbuli this bus won’t go back to find your daughter. Chulbuli says I win’t let it go farther. She lies on road and says either it drives on me or drives over me. Passenger says what drama is it? Chulbuli says I won’t let it go. Naina and Krsihan come there. Chulbuli hugs her. sHe says where were you? I was so worried. Naian says sorry. she says he helped me. chulbuli says thank you so much. Driver says sit in the bus. Naina says bye to

Krishna and goes in the bus.

Mahanj says to Badki kajri’s chunri was left in the boat. So it came back here. My woman talked to kajri. She is happy there. Thakru says its better that she shouldn’t meet people. She has left this world. Badki says you are right. I was just worried. Badki starts the work.

The thugs come back. He tells mahanj ji that she is repenting what she did. She is here to become part of the ritual. Badki was there too and she was talking in naina’s favor. So I left her.
Badki says I will go home and make something good for NAina didi. She is doing dusting.
Pavitra is going from palace. She breaks a vase by mistake. Thakurain comes. Pavitra says I am sorry. I didn’t see. I am very sorry. Thakrurain holds her hand and says your hand is bleeding. Thank God its not very deep. Sit. She brings first aid and dresses her wound. Pavitra says I am sorry. I did your loss. It must be ancient? Thakruain says not every old thing is precious. She asks how is your mom? Pavitra says everything is well now. I am chosen for Goddess of river. Thakruain gets silents. she leaves.

Naina, Chulbbuli and dimpy reach koshipur. A vicotria comes. Naina tells him the address. Krishna is sitting in it. Naina is dazed. He says take them well. Guests are here. Naina says why wa she calling you choty? Krishna says I have so many names. They sit in the victoria.

Thakur is doing pooja. He says so Mahanj we have to do something about it and no one should know.
Naina tries to sit in the victoria. She falls. Krishna gives her his hand. She holds his hand and stands up. Krishna says to Naina they are very stubborn people. You would go back from here in two days. You don’t know people of village. Naina says I won’t go unless my mission is achieved.

Precap-Naina says when will God listen? Pavitra comes and says naina didi stop. Naina says that’s badki’s voice. Chulbuli tries to see her face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i just want to see the expression on Chulbuli’s face when she sees Pavitra i do hope they will not prolong that

  2. Naina remembers that she had a sister pavitra…… But Don’t remember Kali’s face…… Unbeliveble.

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