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Scene 1
Yug says to Vishwa I have come to see Gauri. He goes to gauri she hides her food. Yug says I heard you are not eating? Gauri says yes for kali.He says but kali fasts. Gauri says I care for her. I found her aryan and she is not marrying him. I wont eat unless she agrees. He says why are you hurting yourself. Gauri says she is my sister.She supported me solved my problems and now today I think aryan is good for her she has a problem. I thought at least you would support me. Why shouldn’t she marry him? She is your friend. Don’t you want her happy? He says yes I want. She says you have to convince her. He says okay give me aryan’s address first I will meet him and then will make kali meet him.

Aryan has the locket chulbul lost. Yug is on his way.Gauri says at least

I should tell aryan yug is coming. The jeweler is there. He deals for the locket. Yug arrives. he says aryan.. Aryan hides the locket. Yug says I was passing by so thought should meet you. Are you busy? He says no. Gauri says I have to do something.
Aryan says I am not as rich as jha sir but I am self made.Gauri says doesn’t give value to money either. I don’t have parents.

Gauri pretends slipping from stairs. Everyone runs to her. vishwa says open your eyes. Vishwa says It is my fault that I called you daughter,you became so selfish. He says gauri please drink water. Kali says gauri I am ready to marry aryan. please drink water. I will do whatever you want. Please drink it. Gauri drinks the water.
Yug comes home. Manjiri says where were you? Kali has said yes to marry aryan. She is sacrificing her life. Yug says we are all, me you, sharmila.Kali should know what is better for her. She must have something in mind. We can just pray nothing else. Manjiri says come with me.
Gauri says to kali we will shop together. Kali says I am going to temple.

Manjiri and yug are there in temple. Manjiri says enough now its time that you two decide it. Yug says what decision? Kali says one your hearts have taken. the one you know still are pretending oblivion.Kali says I have decided and its final. manjiri says your love is eternal. Yug says manjiri maa please.. Manjiri says you can’t stop fate. Kali says what are you saying. You think wrong of me. Manjiri says you are right. People take you both wrong and part you but i know your relation is as pure as of raam seeta. Confess your love. I know it. If you two don’t become each others you wont be of anyone. Destiny will make you one.
Manjiri says my blessings will always be with you two.

Vishwa calls prohit and says have you matched kundlis. Prohit says okay I will. You should worry more about Gauri though. Vishwa says only happiness will be there in her life.I will fight fate for her.
Kali walks down the stairs,she falls. Yug holds her. Kali waits for rickshaw. Yug makes her sit in the car. He stands in front of her to protect her from sunlight.

Precap-Kali says what date? Gauri says double date. Me and yug and you and Aryan. Kali arrives there. yug smiles at her. Aryan dances with kali and yug with gauri.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. such a drama queen gauri …. hate her …. kali is such a stupid to agree to gauri …. kali should go with manji maa …. kayu should get united and cut the crap gauri…

  2. i read in spoilers that yug will stop kali s marriage at the last moment it seems …. is it true guys….

    1. Yeah.yug will get to know that Aryan is a criminal and stop da marriage.

    2. Kowsy … Could you please give me the details of spoilers 🙂

      1. telly chakkar kaala teeka

  3. I hate gauri!!!bechari Kali!! I want kayug

  4. Stupidity ever. Manji maa best…

    1. Yeah now they know

  5. i wish tht at the time of aryan giving sindoor to kali when yug comes he just puts his hand and accidently something happens like sindoor falling on herhead or some very imp. sacred ritual byechance happens…like typical indian drama …atleast kayu will marry then xD

  6. Why kali & yug behave like that..

  7. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….hate stupid gauri and her mom…so much of acting….please writer get rid of that b***h Gauri from the show…..

  8. This Gauri is too much hate her. Sometimes I wonder who is the antagonist of Kaala Teeka Gauri or Kalyani. Kalyani is better than her. Disturbing precap -_-

    1. lol! yeah..bt she is only like this bcuz she “luvs” yug…n she is clear..other 2 should least lrn this frm her…..
      i feel now they should properly introduce the 2nd main lead..if they dpnt thn tht means its gonna be like every other sjow u guys say ema etc.
      bcuz thn gauri has no1..so she will gt married or disturb their marriage probably

      1. fatarjo ur one mre chance update?

      2. Hello noname…. Gauri doesn’t love Yug…. If She like someting she only want to buy him and keep it herself. That doesn’t call LOVE.. She is so much jealous on Kali… ONLY SHE YUG TWO TIME AND SAID SHE IS IN LOVE WITH HIM…HOW CAN SOME FALL IN LOVE Like that… That’scall infatuation.

      3. tht is why i wrote “luv” it meant like it is luv acc to her bt nt…so-called

      4. Oh… Get it now!

  9. Best show….more love scenes of kali and yug…..please!!!! We r waiting

  10. All shows of zee r samr…love triangle ..it irritatets..chbge it kt

  11. Even though manji maa tells kayu that they are destined to be together,it feels like nothing happened and kayu tend to behave awkwardly towards each other

  12. Gauri is soooo pretensive… Kali is dumb to agree to marry aryan… why cant kali and yug realise and confess their love for each other.. there should be a mix up for that wedding.. kali and yug should marry each other without even knowing….

  13. Drama queen gauri and she can not force kali to get married! !!I hate you gauri! !!????I want kali and yug to get married and gauri with aryan but aryan but he is sooooooooo ugly and irritating! !!??Double marriage! !!??????


    Gooing to far….. shadi na ho gyi pta nhi kya ho gya… kl tk sangeet ho gya or shadi ka drama or kuch din jhelna padega….

  15. I wish double marriage would get mixed up

  16. Kayug should unit plz get rid of that stupid gauti

  17. Gauri is so terrible!hoping kali and yuh gets married instead of the other way around!I’m sure things will happen for them hoping it won’t take too long!!!??

  18. why this stupid gauri can’t understand that yug is not interest in her…she has to move out of the way and let kali and yug marry….

  19. Can u please someone tell me from one of the previous show viswa gave Kali kundili to match with Yug…. But today viswa asked purohit see if Aryana and kaali kundili are matching… But purohit said she orphant and how can he get kundili…… I just don’t get it?????

    1. I am also confused in this but may be they have copy for it or they haven’t given it to anyone .. Maybe 🙂


    I want kali and aryan to get married…I like Aryan….

    1. he is a criminal

      1. I agree with nonamw .. He is a criminal and even stole the jwelery of someone .. I forgot the name but he shouldn’t get married with Kali.. Kali deserves better and I mean yug

    2. Eewwwww… How can u say that Kali should marry Aryana…. First of all he has s criminal and it all gauri plans to spoil kali life and that gauri knows that he stole the jewlery … Gauri is the one should get marry to Aryana… Not Kali…. Kali and Yug r the perfect pair….

      1. yeah! idk does gauri know? i think she knows he is a criminal..n at the time of finding she said kali i will find u some1 like yug..we thought finally a // lead wud come n wht we got– nothing

  21. u guys READ THE NEW SPOILER ON LATESTGOSSIP.WU it says tht kaali will confess her luv in front of every1 n gauri will tell her tht she will take revenge of snatching away her luv

    1. I read that too…but this gauri is such annoying…. She is the one try to snatch Kali love but blame everything on Kali… Stupid gauri.

    2. Sometimes the spoiler is not all true.
      For example,the Yug dadi will stop the marriage because of the kundli.
      So,what’s happen now?

  22. interesting serial. full of twists.

  23. Hey guys … Please anyone can telll me spoilers of Kala teeka daywise … Please 🙂

    1. hey mayuri , i check spoilers from 3 sites u too can
      1.telly chakkar(it is most genune)
      2.serial gossip

      n else there is one pg ‘kayu fc’ on twitter just search tht on google..or there r a few pg. of fb on which u cn do so…(i check 3 for all stuffn all)

      i hope u find it helpful

      1. Thanks dear … 🙂
        I will see …. Thanks for telling 🙂


    I don’t like yug married kali because boring……..


    after kali married with aryanA. AryanA can be a good man. I like that…………


    yes…….I know aryana a criminal……..


    why a criminal cannot be married???????

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